This is the 3rd episode of the fire gems

Jade Topaz and B. Zircon entered the cherry tree field temple

when they entered the door closed there were lots of doors and 1 sign that said 1 of theese doors leads to Black Pearl if your a guardian of this place you will know which one it is

Jade: lets stick together this could be hard

Topaz and B. Zircon: Ok

they entered each door but one they were hard there was lava floors , spikes ...

there was only 1 left they entered that one and in there was a gem scanner (which scans if your a guardian or not)

it scanned that they were not guardians and pushed them back to the main room where a powerful gem monster appeared

its gem was dark blue the Fire gems pulled out their weapons and attacked Jade leaped towards the monster and hit him a few times it had no effect , the monster was big so it punched them

and they all slammed into the wall

Topaz: Ouch!

Jade: Dont give up there's got to be a way to kill this thing

Topaz shot a few fire arrows but it had no effect

B. Zircon Punched the monster a few times but it had no effect

B. Zircon: It all has no effect we will probably have to fuse!

Jade and Topaz : Ok!

B. Zircon: Jade , you and Topaz fuse while i keep this thing away from you!

Jade and Topaz preformed a dance and fused into Moonstone

Moonstone had white skin and long orange hair a green shirt , green pants

and she/he had 4 arms

she/he had green boots and was tall as 2 gems

Moonstone quickly pulled out her/his double sided scythe , bow and arrows and merged those weapons into a big sharp spiky whip

Moonstone quickly attacked the monster it had effect this time but the monster hit moonstone really hard

Moonstone jumped over the monster and hit it in its back a few times , the monster hit Moonstone again

but Moonstone didnt give up she/he hit the monster with the whip more and POOF!

the monster returned into its gem and B. Zircon bubbled it

B. Zircon: Good Job Moonstone!

as they go on further they find Black Pearl

Dark Pearl: I was expecting you to come , Your already too late my robot has already been built!

The robot came out it was really big and strong

Moonstone: bring it on!

The robot attacked Moonstone pulled out her/his scythe , bow and arrows

with the scythe Moonstone slashed the robot and with the other 2 hands Moonstone

shot fire arrows at it!

while they were fighting , B. Zircon pulled out his gauntlet and jumped on the robots back he pulled

out the wires and the robot fell down.

Moonstone: Good work!

B. Zircon: Thanks!

Black Pearl: No!

Black Pearl escaped in a escape pod

(at the fire island temple) Moonstone unfuses into Jade and Topaz

The Fire gems returned back safe with the mission

completed succesfully.

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