the alpha gem (part 2)
Season legend of onix, Episode episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date 3/15/2015
Written by vultureking
Directed by vultureking
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the alpha gem (part1) old brother, new fussion
this is the 14th episode in the legend of onix series


the gems have finaly fused into diamond and with steven takeing controle of the fussion that fate of the universe is in his hands


the episode starts off with the crystle gems and the other gems flying through space to find rubys battle station. they were still un easy about trying to get her to help them ever sence there battle agenst her on her battle ship. they keep flying for a wile and finaly reach into the sunstone star system and sees a massive red space station behond any natural size of a space ship. it was rufly the size of the moon back on earth but not in its sperical shape like a moon is. garnet then activated a cloaking device on the ship in order to get close without detection to aviod another conflict. they begin to fly into one of the hangs and they see a massive army of red soldiers and in front of all of them the gems see both ruby and her ultimate fighter bloodstone. the gems begin to land and the soldiers get there gens reddy to fire but ruby ordered them to hold there fire. garnet was about to go out to confront ruby but sapphire told her that he is the one that must go out. he walk outside of the ship and confonts ruby and blood stone. ruby asked why did they come to her battle station and why did they distroy there battle ships. sapphire told her that onix has returned and that they need the ten main gems to fuse into diamond and that they were attacking the ships in defence. ruby looked angry and told him that he would never work with him agean and she would never work with the gems at all. sapphire then tells her that if they dont help the universe will be gone and that means ruby has nothing to conquer any more. ruby gets an angry look and tells his soldiers and blood stone to leave. ruby tells him for the day she will help them but once it is done there aliance is over and she will go back to her work like it never happened. sapphire reaches out his and to shake hands and ruby dose the same to make the deal. the two enter the ship and begin to take off. garnet noticed something strange on the radar, there was literally an entire planet missing on the 5th secor of the galaxy. sapphire knew what this was it was onix who must have gotten his weapon back. garnet then noticed two other planets go out and begin to nitice something. onix was following a line of planets that eventually lead to earth. there was two planets that was in its way for onix to reach there star system. garnet tells them to make a hyper jump but pearl warns them that if they do the space ship will not be able to fly anymore. garnet tells pearl to activate it and pearl although try to hesitate she activated it and entered into hyper jump.

they reached to on of the planets that were in onixs way but then the engens begin to fall. they find a small moon from the planet and prepare to land the ship befor it completely crashes. they land and garnet asks for a status report on the ship. pearl informs them that they are traped because the ship will not be able to fly agean because of the damages. they all get out of the ship and sapphire tells them to stand in a circle. they do so and then he tells them to make there gems glow for the fussion wich they all do. then each gem launched a beam in the coler they have all joining together to form a white orb. sapphire then asks to the orb who will control the diamond and who will save the universe. the white orb slightly desend and ends up in front of steven. steven asked what was going on and sapphire told him to grab the orb it was steven who is destined to end this now. the crystle gems were woried but sapphire told him that he can do this and that he would not be alone, that he will have all of them to back him up in battle as a fussion. steven agrees and lifts the white orb into the air. the other gems begin to do an anchent fussion dance that would combind them all into diamond. each of the gems then got to steven and finished the gem createing a massive eluminating light. the light then stoped and when it did steven they looked around and saw no one was there. he looked at himself and saw him in silver and white armor with his gem now a diamond. he stands up and looks into space and begins to see onix. diamond then takes to the air and confronts onix. onix was suprised to see diamond agean after there fight last time. diamond then told onix that we are the gems of the universe with steven universe in controle there were going to stop him once and for all. onix remebered who was steven and remebered there fight. onix tells diamond that his atempts would not work and that this fight will end quickly. diamond then tells onix that this fight will deside the fate of the universe and who will survive. diamond then summons a masive sword of light and then begins to rap that onix will not survive the fight and and begins to fight as they sing so lets go with diamond singing about how they would stand stong agenst onix no mater how powerful he was. onix then sang about how diamonds antempts will not work and how unlikely it was for him to win. onix then bashes diamond and makes him land on the moon that they landed on. onix then tells diamond directed to steven that once the fight was done he would finish off lapis lazuli next and prepared to fire a shot from his staff. diamond began to rise into the air singing that no mater what happens steven will always love lapis. diamond and onix continue there fight and diamond sings on how onix has never felt love for passion in meleniums so diamond summons two orbs of light and combines them together and fires a massive beam of light that hits onix. sudenly a massive flash of eluminating light is veiwed and as the light ends the gems are unfused and see onix on the ground apearing to be knocked out.

when they unfuse the congradulate steven for beating onix in combat and lapis thanks him with a kiss. they then see onix still moveing and they all summon there weapons. onix then opens his eyes and they see his eyes were not the solid red that they were back to his normal eyes. sapphire in shock droped his scythe and walks over to give onix a hug. onix then hugs sapphire and then asked what happened and why were they all hear. sapphire told him that a few meleniums ago he turned evil and tried to distroy the galaxy and that steven saved him by restoring him to normal. sapphire then helps onix up and tells them that the war was over and that the universe is safe. the others were happy but pearl asked how they were going to get home. onix then useing dark mater creates 4 diferant ships for the crystle gems and the three for the other gems to return. the other gems load up and leave the moon they were on to return. onix befor the crystle gems prepared to get into the ship thanks them for saveing him from his inner evil. garnet then asks him if he want to be a crystle gem along with his brothers. onix agreed and entered the ship with them to return to earth. they land outside of the temple and once they left the ship it vanished. they go inside to find rose quartz still in the nightmare from when she got shot by onix. he sommons his staff and restors her to normal. she wakes up and sees everyone fealing releaved that they were alright. she then runs to steven and hugs him tight fearing that she would have lost him. the gems stay inside welcomeing rose back but onix gose outside to watch the sun set. amethyst notices this and gose outside to check on him she asked him if there was somthing wrong. onix told amethyst that he could believe that he turned evil and that he almost killed his brothers. amethyst tells him that it all in the past and that he is good once agean. onix then thanks amethyst for telling him and was about to give a handshake to her but amethyst jumped up and kissed him on the cheak walking away blushing. onix then looks at the sunset once agean blushing and for the first time sence the begining of time he actually simled wich ends the episode.


  • steven
  • rose
  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • pearl
  • emerald
  • onix
  • sapphire
  • lapis lazuli
  • zercon
  • peridot
  • ruby
  • bloodstone


  • the song so lets go is based on the song stronger then you in the steven universe tv show
  • this is the episode were onix is back to normal
  • rubys space station is a referance to the death star in star wars

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