Temple Tricks (Part 2)
Season Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date July 20 2015
Written by JinxBinx and ShadowStarGem.
Directed by Unknown
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Temple Tricks (Part 1) The New Recruit

This is the second Episode of the Mystical Gem's fanon.


The gems get separated, finding something more than they expected.


Each of the gems fall down, two each landing into different rooms.

Teal Zircon falls with a thud, and gets up, holding her head. Agate falls on top of Teal Zircon, and is passed out, but is holdinga sphere shaped gem though. Chrysoberyl lands near Rose Cat's Eye Quartz.

Teal Zircon smacks Agate awake. Chrysoberyl looks nervous, and also aggravated a bit.

Teal Zircon : Get up, Sandy.


Teal Zircon hears loud yelling, and facepalms. The sphere shaped gem then starts to glow.

Teal Zircon wakes Agate up, and looks at the gem. Agate wakes up, and looks at them as well. The gem looks around.

Agate : Who...are you?

Teal Zircon hides by Agate. The gem then looks at Agate.

?: Why should I telll you...? I have been trapped here for a long time, and you can stay here too!

Agate stands up, as the gem starts to summon their weapon. The weapon is a rifle, which has two diamonds on it.

Agate : Whoa! What's with the violence?

?: It is because I don't trust you two!

Agate just stands there, calm.

Agate : Of course you don't, we just met, but we aren't harmful gems.

Teal Zircon nods.

?: Then show me you aren't!

Agate nods, and blinks.

Agate : How would I do that?

?: Just show me it!

The gem then drops their rifle, and it shatters into pieces.

Agate : Your weapon...

Teal Zircon stands up, looking at the weapon.

?: How about trying to repair it!

Back at where Chrysoberyl and Rose Cat's Eye Quartz are.

Rose gets up, and blinks.

Rose : Ugh, what happened?

Chrysoberyl is just blabbering on and on about Agate, not answering back.

Rose : You sure like talking about Agate.

Chrysoberyl stops, then looks at Rose.

Chrysoberyl: I am just angered at him!

Rose giggles.

Chyrosberyl: ....It is his fault we are seperated!

Rose stands up.

Rose : Yes, but Agate also got the job going faster.

Chryso: What?! How?!

Rose : If it were up to another gem, we would have sat there stairing at the gem.

Rose : While I don't agree with Agate's rash decision, I won't scold him.

Chrysoberyl: But-

Rose : Should we go look for them?

Chrysoberyl: ....Yeah....

Rose summons her battle axe, and walks with Chrysoberyl.

Now back to Agate, Teal Zircon, and the unnamed gem.

Teal Zircon and Agate are piecing the gun together.

Teal Zircon : more piece.

Agate puts the last piece in the gun.

Agate : And there we go!

It then disappears.

?: Now I seeee...I guess I can trust you a bit!

Agate : As a notice, there are two other gems on our team.

?: Then tell me their names, and maybe I will tell you mine!

Teal Zircon : Rose Cat's Eye Quartz, and Chrysoberyl.

?: names, I guess. I am Bismuth by the way.

Agate : Nice name!

Teal Zircon : Yeah!

Bismuth: Oh...Umm....thanks....

Teal Zircon : No problem!

Bismuth: Are your f'riends' somewhere here...?

Agate : Somewhere in here!

Bismuth: Ah....Maybe I could help you find them!

Agate : Of course!

Teal Zircon : Whoop!

Bismuth: I said MAYBE. Not definitely!

Agate : Oh.

Bismuth: I don't even trust you all that much yet!

Agate : Alright, well...Teal and I are going to look, if you want to come with...

Back at where Rose, and Chrysoberyl are.

Rose looks down the different halls.

Rose : Odd.

Chryso: Let me see!

Rose moves so Chryso can see.

Chryso: ...Weird!

Rose nods.

Rose : Very.

Chryso: Should we them?

Rose : Of course.

Chryso starts walking, and Rose quickly gets ahead of her.

Now back to Agate, Bismuth, and Teal Zircon.

Agate looks down a deep drop.

Agate : Hello?!

Teal Zircon : I don't think there is anyone there.

Bismuth: ...There was....I mean more gems were imprisoned here...

Teal Zircon : And lemme guess, you were one of them, Bismuth?

Bismuth: Yeah....

Agate : Well, your not gonna be trapped here anymore.

Bismuth: I guess not....

Teal Zircon: Also, where's Chryso and Rosie?

Bismuth: Those gems are probably

Agate looks around and points to a hall.

Agate : Lets look there.

Bismuth nods.

Now back to Chryso, and Rose.

Rose looks around.

Rose : This place is quite confusing.

Chryso: Yeah...Should we fuse?

Rose : Probably.

Chryso nods, and starts to dance.

Rose starts to dance, as we go back to the other three gems.

Teal Zircon : Hey, I think I hear something!

Teal Zircon runs down a hall, but a cut out of the floor reveals spikes pointing up, Teal Zircon nearly falling in.

Teal Zircon : Whoa!

Bismuth: You shouldn't have done that....

Agate pulls Teal Zircon back.

Agate : Watch out.

Teal Zircon : okay..

Bismuth summons her rifle.

Agate : Why are you summoning that?

Bismuth: Just watch.

She shoots something with it,, which causes the cut out to disappear by a spike (or something) landing though it.

Teal Zircon has starry eyes and smiles

Teal Zircon : Whoa!

Bismuth: I glad you like that!

Agate : That was awesome!

She smiles, as they start to go back to Rose, and Chryso.

Rose blinks, and looks around.

Chryso: Are we...done?

Rose nods.

Rose : For now we don't need a fusion.

Chryso: Oh...

Rose : Now we need to focus on finding our team.

Chryso: Yeah....wait....

Rose: What?

Chryso: ...didn't Agate grab something that looked like a gem...?

Rose : Yes, he did.

Chryso: What if that gem reformed, and it is trying to hurt them right now?!

Rose blinks, and looks a little worried.

Rose : I'm sure our team can handle that but right now, we need to find them.

Chyrso: I guess....

Back to the other gems.

Teal Zircon blinks.

The gems are in the center of the temple or whatever.

Agate murmurs.

Agate : so, how do we find Rose and Chryso?

Bismuth: ...what?

Teal Zircon : Ugh, we had to get lost.

Bismuth: Oh....So we are looking for them? Hmm....

Agate : Hmmm...

Back to the other gems.

Rose looks around.

Chryso: UGHHHHH! This is taking forever!

Rose listens carefully, watching for movement.

Chryso: We have hardly gotten anywhere!

Rose : I know, but we still have to keep looking.

Chryso: I give up! Let's just fuse into Sunstone, and find them!

Rose : Do we really need to fuse?

Chryso: Yes!

Chryso starts to dance, just before voices can be heard. Rose hears the voices.

Rose : Do you hear that?

Chryso stops, trying to ignore the voices.

Chryso: N-No....

Teal Zircon, Agate and another voice can be heard, as we go back to where they are.

Bismuth: Tell me, where were those gems located?

Agate : Like, in this place?

Bismuth: Uhh...yeah.....

Teal Zircon : Well we're all in the same place, until these trap doors opened up.

Bismuth: Oh....

Agate hears what sounds like Chryso.

Agate : Was that...

Teal Zircon : Our one and only nerd!

Bismuth: ...what? Who are you talking about?

Agate : Our friend/family, Chrysoberyll.

Bismuth: Ah. where is she though?

Teal Zircon's gem glows, and her hand glows.

Teal Zircon : Their close, I can feel it in my gem.

Bismuth: How close....?

Teal Zircon points to a bright flash of light.

Teal Zircon :That close.

Bismuth: Oh.

Agate : Dont tell me Chryso is doing that AGAIN.

Bismuth: what do you mean...?

Agate : Chryso probably fused with Rose.

Bismuth: Oh....Do you not like her to fuse with Rose?

Agate : It's not that, Rose takes fusion very seriously, and Chryso doesn't fuse for the right reasons.

Teal Zircon claps.

Bismuth: Ah. Just wondering, what is the name of their fusion?

Agate: Sunstone.

Bismuth: name!

Teal Zircon hears Sunstone.

Teal Zircon : Well, it's better now then later.

Agate nods, and they walk down the hall. The gems are in the center.

Teal Zircon : Hey nerds!

Sunstone unfuses in front of Teal, and the others.

Teal Zircon laughs.

Agate : Hiya!

Bismuth steps forward, Chrysoberyl looking at them.

Agate smiles, and Teal looks at Agate and Bismuth smiles.

Agate : Meet Bismuth.

Chrysoberyl: Why did you bring her with you guys?

Bismuth: I prefer they/them, mam.

Agate : Because they needed help.

Chrysoberyl: With...what?

Teal Zircon : It's a looooong story.

ChrysoberyL: Tell me it then!

Chrysoberyl, and Teal Zircon start to argue until Rose stops them.

Rose: This is no time to argue.

Agate facepalms, and sighs. Chrysoberyl stops as well.

Teal Zircon : Hmph.

Rose looks at Bismuth then.

Bismuth: Uhh....yes?

Rose extends her hand to bismuth.

Rose : My teammates seem to trust you.

Bismuth smiles, as she shakes Rose's hand.

Bismuth: Do you want help? Are you looking for anything here?

Rose : If you could help us get out, that would be great.

Rose : And you were what we were looking for.

Bismuth: Oh.

Bismuth smiles even bigger, as they start to lead them out.


  • Rose Cat's Eye Quartz
  • Chrysoberyl
  • Teal Zircon
  • Agate
  • Sunstone (No speaking lines)
  • Bismuth


  • Strange Temple




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