"Temple Thief" is the 3rd episode of the 1st season of The Ice Guardians, and the 3rd episode overall in the series.

Temple Thief
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 6/24/15
Written by Mr.Napcakes

Ember the Ember dragon NeonClovers Darktriggerhappy SapphiretheCrystalGem

Directed by Mr.Napcakes

Ember the Ember dragon NeonClovers Darktriggerhappy SapphiretheCrystalGem

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Hawk steals somethings from the rest of the Ice Guardians and they have to go though the temple to get them back.


Light snowfall fell outside the Ice Guardian temple as there was peace and quiet within it. Carnelian then screamed breaking that peace, and was frantically looking around her warm room. Sphene was standing there, watching Carny look through her belongings, looking around every possible spot in her room. Her room was similar to a canyon, with burnt orange-colored dirt for the flooring and with burgundy and orange crystals surrounding the entire ceiling, shining luminously. In the center of the room was a circular pool of lava that kept the room lit and made the crystals on the ceiling different colored lights everywhere. The hard walls were a dark maroon color.

Carny: WHERE IS IT?!

Sphene: Where is what?


Sphene: Your necklace? You have a necklace?


Sphene sighs.

Sphene: Fine, bu- wait. 

Sphene felt dirt on her gem and started searching her pockets.


Carnelian stopped her search for a while, then looked at Sphene.

Carny: You don't think something was taken from Ruby, do you?

Suddenly, they heard a shriek above them that sounded like Ruby. The two gems were alerted. Carnelian ran to the temple door and tried to activate it, but it failed. Sphene ran up to her.

Sphene: The door's broken, remember? We're in the middle of fixing it.

Carny: Damn it!

Carnelian runs to the center of the room at the edge of the circular pool of lava, ready to jump in. Sphene runs towards her and places her right hand on Carny's shoulder. Sphene's left hand hovers over the lava pool. As she does this, an opening starts to form in the lava pool. Carnelian and Sphene both jump through it, avoiding the lava. The pathway is long, but they make it to Sphene's room quickly. Inside her room, it was engulfed in beautiful flames, but they didn't seem to cause any harm to both of the gems. The lava from Carnelian's room seeped into Sphene's, creating a waterfall of sorts and creating a river of lava. They both looked around for the pathway to Ruby's room, but they heard another scream from the ceiling, but closer to a certain patch of flames. They ran towards it, and the flames turned lime green. Suddenly, the flames lowered, and they appeared to be in a stone room. There were levitating chunks of stone floating upward, forwing a staircase. There appeared to be a some sort of heart beat coming from the top of the staircase. Ruby screams once more.

Carny: Good, we're close!

Sphene: I forgot about how much those heartbeats creeped me out.

Carny: Come on, you big baby. It's just music!

Sphene: W-well it's music that creeps me out, okay?!

Carny: Let's just get going, okay?

Sphene nods, and the two of them start jumping from floating chunk to floating chunk. When they reached the top of the stairway, the ceiling lighted up in changing neon colors that were in a sychronized pattern with the music, and the entire room lighted up. Sphene and Carnelian were transported to Ruby's room. There was techno-music playing, even more drawings on the wall than on the hallway, and neon lights as the only source of light. The walls were a deep indigo and the floors were white and magenta colored, but the colors were still very hard to see. Ruby was seen running frantically around the loud room. He doesn't seem to notice Sphene and Carnelian.

Ruby: Aw man, France is gonna be angry when she finds out that the art supplies she gave me were stolen!

Carny: Wait a minute, you've been seeing France?!

Ruby jumps and shrieks like a little girl, turning around.

Ruby: W-what are you guys doing here?! You.. Y-you scared me!

Ruby seems very nervous and tense, sweating from places you probably didn't know sweat could come from. XDDDDDDD

Sphene: We heard you scream like a girl eariler!

Ruby: Uh, um.. Er, H-how much did you hear?

Carny: Oh, you know, all of it! Your lucky stuff was stolen from us, too, or else I would've beat you up so hard you would be feeling it for YEARS!

Ruby steps back from Carnelian, frightened. Carnelian moves her fist in a punching motion, making Ruby flinch, blocking his face with his hands, eyes closed with a scared expression on his face. She laughed.

Carny: Two for flinching!

Carnelian punched Ruby's left arm two times. He jumps back, squealing and tearing up a bit.

Carny: Now let's go, you bigger baby. I need my necklace!

Sphene: And I need MY handkerchief! I can't go around with a dirty gem!

Carnelians walks off into a different section of Ruby's room. Ruby wipes his tears, inhales, and exhales. Ruby and Sphene follow Carnelian. Carny walks towards a certain drawing of Hawk. The Hawk portrayed in the picture seemed happy. Sphene rushes towards her and Ruby walks quickly and nervously. Carny taps on the sketch, causing it to glow. Carnelian, Ruby, and Sphene started glowing as well, and they were sucked into the sketch. They were transported to Hawk's room. The room glowed a faded yellow color with posters of Sphene and other female gems all over the walls. In the middle of the room was a dark blue and green bed. Near it was a gray computer on a green desk. Hawk's Eye was sitting on a shiny blue chair. He was wearning Carny's necklace and took out Sphene's handkerchief and cleaned his mouth from the meal he just had. He was painting a sloppy picture of Sphene winking with Ruby's art supplies. Waterfalls filled the room. Hawk didn't noitce Sphene, Carny, and Ruby. Food was coming out of the walls in holes like in Kindergarten.

Sphene: W-what the hell just happened?!

Carnelian turns to Ruby.

Carnelian: I knew those drawings were freaky on purpose! They're like portals to our rooms!

Ruby: Y-you didn't know about that?... I told you about my sketches the other day..!

Carnelian: No, you didn't!

Ruby: O-okay, if.. If you say so!

Hawk realized they were there and saw them.

Hawk: Uhhh......hey guys. H-how ya doin?.....Bros?

Carnelian slowly glared at him. Ruby turned to Hawk with a slightly angry expression, but more disappointed than angry. Sphene just stared in shock, mostly at the pictures of her.

Carnelian: What're you wearing?!

Hawk: I'm wearing a necklace.... I bought it. Yeah! 

Carnelian: No, you idiot! That's mine!

Hawk: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. BAI! 

Hawk gets up from the chair and runs into one of the waterfalls, dissapearing. Ruby and Carnelian ran after him as Sphene did not move an inch, still staring at the posters of her in Hawk's room. They go through the waterfall and see a cave behind the waterfall with Hawk in the corner, eating a sandwich and hypervenilating.

Carnelian: You're a slob, you know that?

Hawk then spoke with his mouth full.

Hawk: No I don't know that. Sorry for stealing. You guys have better stuff than me, that's all.

He whispers.

Hawk: And I totally wasn't going to use them for my shrine to Sphene...

Carnelian: I forgot to mention creepy.

Hawk takes off the necklace and throws it at Carny. He drops the handkerchief and takes the painting of Sphene before running away. Carnelian walks over to the handkerchief and angrily picks it up. Then she proceedes to walk out of the cave, dragging Ruby along in the process. She drops Ruby and the handkerchief next to Sphene, as she walks over to the art supplies and picks them up as well. She tosses them to Ruby and he catches them carefully. His art supplies were contained in a magenta colored pencil case. He brushed off the dirt and fire sparks off of the case. Sphene carefully picks up her handkerchief, tucking it away in a pocket.

Carnelian: Let's get out of this place before he starts another one of those Sphene paintings.

Ruby nods, as well as Sphene. Carnelian then looks at Ruby in particular.

Carnelian: Don't think you're getting off the hook that easily, either! You need to explain those France visits!

Ruby looks down at the cold floor.

Ruby: O-okay.. I will... I'm, uh, I'm sorry...

Carnelian: You think sorry is a good word?! You've been seeing someone that walked out on us!

But Ruby snaps.

Ruby: Is that necessarily a bad thing?! She's a good person and she had her reasons, unlike you, you heartless idiot!

Hawk pokes his head into his room and sees the argument.

Hawk: Hawt.

Carnelian gains an extremely angry expression, picking up Ruby by the collar of his jacket.

Carnelian: What did you just call me?!

Ruby: L-let go of me!

Ruby struggles and kicks Carnelian's shin. She falls and Ruby runs off. Carnelian chases him down.

Carnelian: You aren't getting away!

She tackles him, as the two tumble back into Ruby's room. Carnelian pins Ruby down onto the ground.

Carnelian: I want that explanation NOW!

Ruby: O-okay! Get off of me and I'll explain!

He pushes her off of him and stands up, brushing off the dirt marks left on his hoodie. Carnelian gets up and crosses her arms, waiting.



  • Sphene
  • Carnelian
  • Star Ruby
  • Hawk's eye


  • Carnelian's necklace
  • Ruby's art supplies
  • Sphene's handkerchief
  • Hawk's weird painting of Sphene
  • Hawk's posters


  • The Ice Guardian Temple

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