This is the 22nd episode in the Legend of Sapphire series and the second episode in Voodoo Week.


After there last fight with Charoite Peridot, Lapis, and Steven try to look for him even if they dont know the power their messing with.


The episode begins inside of the Temple with Steven on the couch shaking as he cowers in fear still affected by Charoite's voodoo. Emerald tries to do all he can with his life magic but it seems to be uneffective against the powers for Charoite's voodoo magic. Lapis walks in and asks Emerald if Steven is getting any better but Emerald tells her that he was unsuccessful after his attempts to reverse the voodoo's affect. Lapis begins to worry about Steven and tries to comfort him by holding him in her arms as he shakes in Lapis' arms. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Sapphire, Peridot, Jasper, and Onyx then enter the room to talk to Lapis about a mission for her. Garnet explains on how they need to find and defeat Charoite for his crimes against the Gems. Lapis asked how they would find such a sly gem and Garnet told her that they would split up into groups in order to find Charoite and bring him to justice. Garnet then told Lapis and Peridot that she wanted them to check out the gem swamp to look for Charoite but Lapis didn't want to go and wished to look after Steven since he is still affected by the illusions. Garnet then told Lapis that she could bring him along the mission and see if she could find a way to help him with his issue. Lapis didn't think it was a good idea since Steven wouldn't be able to fight if Charoite challanged him again but it would be best if he came along just in case she could find a way to heal him. Peridot joined Lapis and Steven on the warp pad as they warp off to the gem swamp to start their search.

Steven looked into the deep dark swamp frightened by it's appearance and began to hold on tightly to Lapis for comfort. Peridot checked her scanner and detected a massive amount of magic coming from the interior of the swamp and told Lapis that it could be Charoite who is producing the magic coming from the swamp. Lapis told Peridot to keep a sharp eye out for Charoite while she tries to focus on Steven which she agrees to as they begin to enter into the swamp. They traveled through the thick swamp still trying to find Charoite as they also try to helps Steven with his illusions. Lapis asked Peridot if she could find out what was going on with Steven and the illusions he keeps seeing. Peridot then runs a quick scan on Steven and found out that the only way the illusions will stop is with Charoite's anti-hex dust which would be very difficult to get. Lapis then told Peridot that if any chance Charoite would be able to reveal his anti-hex dust she needed to grab it so they could cure Steven. They continue to walk through the swamp with Steven still terrified from the illusions he sees which seem to have no end to its power. Lapis became extremely worried for Steven sense he was still cowering in fear even with Lapis to comfort him but continued there search for Charoite. Unknown to them, Charoite follows them into the swamp prepared to attack at the right moment and plans on starting with Steven. Peridot had a strange feeling inside of her, sensing that something or someone was following them during their search. She looked around to see if she could find anything that was following them but she couldn't see anyone so she just continued with Lapis and Steven. They then approached the center of the swamp and find a large magic symbol on the ground with something in the center. They slowly approach and find two dolls that look exactly like Peridot and Lapis which sent chills down their spine. Lapis picked up the doll that looked liked her and tried to figure out what it was. Charoite who is secretly hidden noticed that they found the voodoo dolls he made but thankfully, he still had one which was one of Steven. He pulled out a purple pin and stabbed it in Steven's arm which made Steven experience an excruciating pain. Lapis tried to find out what was wrong but it looked like there was nothing wrong with Steven despite the pain he was in. Charoite began to laugh which the gems were able to hear and remember who it was. Peridot and Lapis summoned their weapons and demanded that Charoite would show himself but instead Charoite created a purple fog to lower their sight. He then took another needle and stuck it in the Steven voodoo doll's leg which made Steven experiance more pain then ever before. Charoite then decided to add a little more fear to them by tossing the voodoo doll to Lapis seeing the needles in it. Lapis picked it up and took the needles out which took the pain away from Steven after his constant agony.

Charoite then made the fog disappear and prepared to fight agenst them. Peridot prepared to fight Charoite but it appeared that he had no interest in fighting against Peridot but did have a desire to attack Lapis and Steven. Lapis demanded that Charoite would restore steven to normal but Charoite just laughed at her attempt to order him around. Lapis then told Steven to hide which he did behind the trees in the swamp. Peridot then summoned her laser blaster and prepared to battle against Charoite again which Charoite didn't want to do. Peridot then charged at Charoite firing her laser gun at him which made Charoite have a desire to fight back against Peridot. Charoite then created a purple fog again in order to increase the chances he had against Peridot and summoned a group of his shadow creatures from his cane in order in increase the odds. The shadows attack Peridot and couldn't see them coming because of the fog and even when she tried to fire at the shadows creatures they couldnt get hit. Charoite then pinned down Peridot and made the fog disappear. Peridot began to blush a dark green from Charoite pinning her down and demanded that he would get off and tried to fight back. Charoite then giggled and summoned a green orb of voodoo magic with what looked like tortured souls in the orb about to fire it at Peridot. Steven noticed that Peridot was at risk and with all the curage he had, he charged and tackled Charoite managing to get him off of Peridot. When Charoite got back up, he was enraged by Steven interfearing so he fired a beam of voodoo magic from his cane hitting him directly in the face. It cause mind numbing fears to enter his head including of an illusion were Charoite kills Lapis. Steven screams and cowers in fear making him useless to the mission. Charoite then walked over to Peridot who was still on the ground and was prepared to finish her off. But when he looked into her eyes, he saw much fear in her eyes for him which made Charoite not fire. He then throws a small bag at Peridot and vanishes in a puff of purple smoke. Lapis tried to attack with her war fans in the smoke in order to damage Charoite but he was gone before she could land a strike. Peridot got up blushing a little and looked at the bag Charoite left for her. Peridot then began to scan it to see what it was and it turned out to be the anti-hex dust they needed for Steven. Lapis and Peridot ran over to Steven and took a small amount of the sparkling green dust and threw it at Steven. It created a green puff of smoke from it which had its affects on Steven. The smoke disappeared and Stevem then looked around to see if there was any of the illusions that plagued his mind but they were gone.

Steven then saw Lapis and hugged her tight saying that he though he had lost her which was actually the illusion she saw. Lapis hugged him and told him that she would never leave Steven behind which made the two blush. They were about to share a kiss but Peridot interupted it and told them that they must return to the temple and tell the Gems about Charoite. They walked back to the warp and went back to the temple and find the other gems returned from their search mission. Peridot told Garnet that she found Charoite in the swamp and managed to heal Steven which made Garnet relieved that Steven was safe. She then told Peridot that they needed to stop him so eventually they will need to search again in order to find him. Peridot agreed then walks outside and pulls out the ice rose she caught from Sapphire and Pearl's wedding. Steven walked outside and asked Peridot if she was alright which she told Steven she was. Steven then asked why she interupted his and Lapis' kiss back at the swamp and she responded by telling that she never felt love before and feels like she will never find someone. Steven then tells that there is someone for everyone and sometimes they seem like people you may like or even hate at the moment then walked back inside. Peridot looked at the rose and kissed the bud of it then put it back as she walked back inside which ends the episode.


  • steven
  • lapis
  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • pearl
  • onix
  • sapphire
  • emerald
  • jasper
  • peridot
  • charoite
  • shadow creatures


  • this is the second episode of voodoo week
  • this is the first time charoite uses voodoo dolls
  • peridot still kept the rose from the ice wedding
  • steven is cured from the illusions

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