Tale of Warriors is based off of the roleplay on the Steven Universe Wiki.

Created by: ShadowRoseWarrior


  1. Xeonus (Aka: Great Gem Dragon)
  2. Tourmaline (from Kingdom Hearts)
  3. Naho
  4. Topaz
  5. London Blue Topaz
  6. Ice Blue Topaz
  7. Hiro Hamada
  8. Baymax


Tale of Warriors is a series based off of the SU Wiki roleplay and is told from the perspective of Xeonus the dragon.


  • Tale of Warriors uses a few characters from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Rose Quartz has been brought back.

Season 1

  1. busy day : after expanding his blacksmith room, xeonus finds a spring of glowing water
  2. on the market: xeonus and his friends hang out at the equestrian market
  3. chi-crazy: monsters start showing up at the temple, craving the chi orbs that xeonus makes
  4. murry-birphmus: xeonus upgrades diamonds DVD transporter as a birthday gift

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