Space suits

Petschite and Ussingite's space outfits.

This story was written by Boygemgirlgem.

This is a short story about Ussingite's mission which Petschite tags along on.

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The green slime monsters started to slide up from the cliff, and the other ones chewed on the pod ship. They surrounded Ussingite and Petschite

One of them attempts to slide onto Ussingite, but she punches it, flinging it away into the dark sky. "We just have to find that thing and get out of here. Come on Petschite."

Ussingite grabs Petschite hand, and jumps off of the cliff, with Petschite holding on. Petschite grabs daggers out of her gemstone, and throws them at the green slime monsters, which explodes. They land on a large rock, surrounded by the green slime monsters. "Oh great." Ussingite says.

Petschite takes out one dagger, and makes it gigantic. "Stand back, Ussingite!" she says. She raises the giant dagger up high, and gets ready to throw it. 

"Stop right there..." a voice is heard. A giant rock lands next to the rock Ussingite and Petschite are on, making a loud crashing sound and blasting away a few slime monsters, and crushing some too. A mysterious humanoid with ragged clothes and markings lands on the rock. They have a brown hood on, and have their eyes covered with the shade of the hood.

"A gem?" Ussingite mutters. "There can't be a gem here... The Jury told me they were destroyed.." she thinks to herself.

"What are you doing here?" they ask. They hold a giant battering ram in their arm.

Ussingite looks at Petschite, and looks back at the gem. "We're on a mission. We can't have anyone interfering right now. How many gems are here?" Ussingite trys to keep a straight face.

"Only me." The gem looks down. "I'm guessing you tresspassers need to get these slime creatures away." A slime monster crawls onto the gem, seeming to be friends with them.

Petschite backs up. "Watch out! It's going to eat you!" The gem does a low snicker. "They wont hurt me. I'm not like you. I've trained them to know who is who..." the gem smiles, and the battering ram vanishes. 

"Who are you?" Ussingite asks. The gem takes off the hood, and smiles. "I'm Phlogopite." The rock moves closer to them, and she holds out her hand, motioning for Ussingite to shake it.

Ussingite shakes her hand. "Can you just move this slime, so we can get back to work?" She asks. Phlogopite laughs. "Sure, why not..." She looks down at the slime and begins to motion for it to move, but hesitates, then stops. "But first... who are you, and who sent you on this mission?"

Ussingite crosses her arms and scoffs. "We don't have to tell you that." Petschite looks at Ussingite, then back at Phlogopite. "We're from the Ancient Artifact Collectors Group." Petschite says, then she takes out a AACG badge, and shows it to Phlogopite. 

Phlogopite looks closely at the AACG badge, and smiles. "Well, I guess you're legit." She then looks at Ussingite. "Where's your badge?" Ussingite quickly makes an excuse.

"I left it on the ship." she points at the cliff, which has a hole in it from the explosion Petschite made. Ussingite smiles and stands on her toes. She does that when she lies.

Phlogopite motions for the slime monsters to clear the area. "If you're looking for an artifact, I think I know where you need to go." Phlogopite motions for them to follow her. They jump back onto the ground from the large rocks. Ussingite looks at Petschite, looking very unsure.

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