Space suits

Petschite and Ussingite's space outfits.

This story was written by Boygemgirlgem.

This is a short story about Ussingite's mission which Petschite tags along on.

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"Ussingite!" Petschite ran towards Ussingite as she walked to the ship. "I want to help you on your mission!" Petschite yells, grabbing onto Ussingite's shoulder.

"Well.. fine. But remember, we may have to beat up something to retrieve whatever it is." Ussingite says.

"You don't have to say 'retrieve', because I know we're basically stealing." Petschite says, rolling her eyes while smirking.

Ussingite sighs and nods. They walk into the ship and put on their outfits. Ussingite sits down as the small pod ship begins auto launch. It starts slow and lifts like a helicopter. It goes warp speed out of the atmosphere, then slows down.

"So, why did you want to go today?" Ussingite asks.

Petschite smiles. "Well, I just wanted to come since I have nothing better to do." she says. Ussingite nods and looks up.

They both just stare at the stars as the ship flies its way to the planet. Petschite points at a planet in the color of purple and pink. "Hey! It's the colors of us!" Petschite says to stop the silence.

"That's just like you. You always have something to say to start a conversation. Even the smallest thing fascinates you, Petschite." Ussingite says, smiling.

Petschite giggles. "Well, I just don't want things to be awkward with my friends." she says. "So... where are we going anyways?" she asks.

Ussingite points to a glowing dot. It is a small green planet that seems to be a star. "That is Muxas. It is a stone planet, but it is infested with green slime monsters. It's disgusting." Ussingite shudders.

"I think the glow is beautiful. A completely stone planet would be simple, although interesting as it is. Maybe the green slime monsters had no where else to go." Petschite says.

Ussingite scoffs. "Stop." she says. "Not everything is beautiful. Not everything is good. Petschite, the green slime monsters ate the living beings on that planet." Ussingite says.

Petschite's smile turns into a small frown. She looks at the green planet they were approaching. The green glow seems to flicker a little.

"Ugh. This is taking too long! Time to kick up the speed." Ussingite pulls a lever on her left side. The ship starts to excell in speed, then it goes full speed. It has pink fire, with dark violet smoke tracking behind. The ship soon stops near the green glowing planet.

"Woah... it looks so different." Ussingite says. The ship lands on a stone cliff. The door opens, and a escalator extends from it. Ussingite walks out and Petschite skips out from behind. The escalator vanishes and the door closes. Ussingite pulls out a Gem Communication Device with the mission's plan on it. Petschite looks up, and then at the ship.

"Oh no! Ussingite!" she yells. Ussingite turns around and looks at the ship. Slime monsters begin to climb onto the top of the ship and eat it.

"Stop! Don't touch that!" Ussingite runs towards the ship as the monsters chew.

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