Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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"Fusion Crime" "Fragmented"

Synergy is the 3rd episode of Season 1 in The Last Of Us, and the 3rd episode overall.


Mage joins the Crystal Gems on a mission.


[Open. Warp Stream]

Citrine: Get ready, Mage. This is your first mission. You need to be ready.

Mage: Yes! I’m ready, I’m so ready!

Ivory: Like how...?

Mage: I've been practicing my stances all night!

Ivory: Ah.

Jet: Mage, until you learn to control the powers in your gem, we’ll take care of protecting humanity, okay?

(The Gems successfully warp to the Sky Spire.)

Ivory: Man, I haven't seen this place in ages!

Citrine: Apparently, it's infested with Crystal Shrimp.

Ivory: The sharp and deadly kind?

Citrine: Yes, Ivory. We must do away with them at once.

Mage: Yeah, let's spilt up!

Citrine: (smiles) Alright then. Jet, come with me.

(Jet and Citrine jump off-screen.)

Mage: Aw, what?!

(A Crystal Shrimp is seen crawling toward Mage. He attempts to touch it.)

Ivory: (smacks Mage's hand) Hey, don't touch that! You wanna get lacerated? (tethers monster and throws it off a cliff) Problem solved.

(A faint glow is seen in the distance.)

Ivory (whispering): The gem.

Mage: Huh?

Ivory: Let's go get it!

[Trans. Int Pyramid Temple]

Mage: Whoa, this place is sick!

Ivory: I know, right? It was an ancient-

Mage: (touches a pedestal, activating it)

(The two begin to float upwards, and then fall straight down a hole, leading to an inner chamber. Ivory lands gracefully, while Mage lands on his stomach.)

Mage: (gets up) Ugh... What happened?

Ivory: You happened.

(Citrine and Jet run out of a door.)

Ivory: What are you two doing here?

Jet: That is of no importance.

Citrine: We failed.

(Ivory laughs so hard she falls over.)

Jet: Ivory, be mature.

Citrine: I think it's best to give Mage a little experience.

Jet: What?

Citrine: Mage has never endorsed a true mission. He needs us to show him how to be a Gem, and now seems like a great time.

Ivory: That's fair.

Jet: I object. It's simply too dangerous.

Citrine: (picks Mage up) Come on, let's go.

(Citrine and Mage walk into a chamber. Ivory has her hands clasped together and a huge grin on her face.)

Jet: No.

Ivory: Aw, come on! Let's solve the mystery!

(Ivory drags Jet into another chamber. Mage and Citrine are seen navigating throughout several rooms before returning to the central chamber.)

Mage: We’re back where we started?

Ivory: (running out of a door) Get me out of here! (runs into another)

Citrine: Yikes.

(Jet runs out of a chamber, panting.)

Jet: Citrine, there you are! The doors and rooms make no sense, they all bring you here!

(Ivory returns, with a bear-trap on her head, which she removes, and runs through another.)

Jet: There are sixteen doors, and we entered from the northeast and went through three consecutive rooms in a straight line... But arrived back here through the southern most door, which means...well I don’t know what it means!

(Ivory slides in, frozen in a block of ice.)

Jet: This place is a death trap! (attempts to break Ivory free)

Citrine: Okay, that's enough.

(Citrine punches through the center of the room, breaking the floor. The group falls into a lower room filled with spinning upside down pyramids, orbiting around a central floating obelisk, embedded with a gemstone.)

Jet: This is unbelievable! (projects hologram) This Gem-powered mechanism is manipulating the rooms above. Every room we entered spun us until we came back to the central chamber!

Ivory: (points to gem) You got this, Mage!

(Citrine winks, and throws Mage. Mage lands on the obelisk, and tugs at the gem in the center, causing it to glow then eject. Once the power source is removed, the pyramid’s energy becomes absorbed back into the gemstone, causing it to explode, creating a massive crater.)

[Trans. Ext. Sky Spire]

Jet: Mage?! Oh, where is he?

Ivory: He’s in there.

(Jet, Ivory, and Citrine jump into the crater.)

Mage: (holding gem) The gem...

Jet: (bubbles gem) I’d say you handled that adventure very well. (ejects it)

Ivory: Yup.

Citrine: (smiling) Good job.




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