>Survive The Night/Transcript

Survive The Night is the episode 2 of Season 1 of Cube Universe. Is the second global episode in the Series.

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Season 1 Episode 2

Creation Date: 8 of Fabuary 2015

Writed by: LikeBrony

Directed by: LikeBrony


The first night on Minceraft.


  • Amethyst says with garnet "STEVEN!" but saves pearl not steven.
  • Maybe she knows garnet will save steven.
  • Pearl is discontinued two times in this episode. First by steven when she is about to show a hologram of Emerald, second by Calim when she asked what they gonna do with TNT.


  • The name of the Episode is the same name for a Music from MandoPony named "Survive The Night"
  • One of amethyst's quotes, "FINALLY THE DAYLIGHT!" is a reference to the part of the same music.

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