The "Suite Life Gems" are a group of Gems who,

unlike the rest of their kind, seeks to protect the outer space instead of invading it and are the self-proclaimed guardians of humanity.

Current Members

  • Jet: The leader, being coarse and rough.
  • Ametrine: The brain, being automatically smooth and perfect.
  • Diamond: The backbone, being mysterious with just a little bit of red peeking through hidden inside.

Fusion Gems

  • Angel Aura: A fusion of Ametrine and Diamond, a teenage-looking fusion.


=== Jet's Armor Boots ===

When using her boots, she often jumps high or high kicks the opponent. She can also store energy with a energy beam attack and releases it when she charges, creating an dark aura around her for the duration of the attack.

=== Ametrine's Destabilizer ===

An golden, thin weapon about the size of a dagger with a gold orb as its power source and an electric like current pulsing through it. It's purpose is to destabilize the physical manifestation of gems, forcing them to retreat to their gems to regenerate.

=== Diamond's Marbles ===

The "Marble Robonoids" are spherical robots. They assist Diamond, but receive no kindness in return. A marble robonoid's function is to repair warp pads using a special liquid that they squirt through a small, concealed nozzle. This liquid can be used to attack enemies. They can also compensate for lost legs. Flask Robonoids can also double as Diamond's hand print signature in her absence.

Fusion Weapons

Angel Aura's Tennis Racket

It is a weapon combined with Ametrines destabillizer and Diamond's marbles. The racket also seems to be rather heavy despite its size and thickness, given that while Steven and Connie fall into the ocean they sink rapidly.

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