Successful Search (Series Premiere)
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date July 6th, 2015
Written by Boygemgirlgem
Directed by Boygemgirlgem
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"Successful Search" is part one of series premiere of Lost Gems.


When a Homeworld gem uses a device to find regenerating gems on Earth, she is lead to a cave with a vase with gemstones inside of it.



Important Objects


 The earth shook as a large pyramid shaped space ship landed in a mountain valley. The pyramid ship's exit door opened from the front. An escalator extended from below the door, and it stopped extending when it neared the ground. A gem, with a light blue body and outfit walked out. They held up a locating device, and used it to scan the area. Her gemstone, on her torso, emitted a blue light. 

Her expression was flat, she stayed silent, and she was only focused on her job. She looked up, at a mountain, which was completely iced, and emitted a cold fog. She pointed one of her arms down at the ground, shooting it with a blast of energy, which made her blast upwards. She only blasted high enough to where she could turn around and latch onto the mountain. She then climbed the mountain very quickly, still not changing her flat expression. She put the locating object near her face, and spoke into it.

Kinoite: This is Kinoite checking in. I've climbed a large mountain, which the regenerating gem locator says has more than one gemstone in.

She put her head onto the solid ice, to hear inside. She heard small snoring sounds coming from inside. She then used her finger, circling the wall, while also using energy lasers, which created an opening. She quietly slipped into the entrance, trying not to disturb the sleeping creature. She looked at the source of the snoring, and it seemed to be a large canine. She put the locating object up to her face again, and spoke into it, whispering this time.

Kinoite: A large canine gem monster is near the regenerating gems, but I don't see them.

The gem monster made a small growling sound, and kicked it's leg, which was right infront of Kinoite, but didn't hit her. She looked around the room quietly, still trying not to disturb the large dog. She walked infront of the dog, and saw that it was holding a vase in its paws. She used the scan mode on the locator, and it was positive there were gems inside of the vase. She spoke into the locator quietly.

Kinoite: The gems have been found, I repeat, the gems have been found. But this canine creature is holding a vase containing them.

The gem monster kicked around and sniffled. Kinoite reached for the vase. It rolled over, clenching the vase in its arms. Kinoite sighed, and walked around, and tried to grab the vase. Kinoite, focusing only on the vase, didn't notice the gem monster staring at her. It opened it's mouth slowly, then snapped at Kinoite. She stumbled back, and the monster stood up. It growled at Kionite and swung its paw at Kionite, but she slid under it. She threw a gas ball which knocks out the opponent, and kicked it at the monster, which in return kicked it with its foreleg. The gas ball hit the wall, bounced off, and went towards Kinoite, who dodged it. Kinoite went under the monster, and on the icy floor, she slid towards the vase. The monster turned around, and it crouched, while it's scorpion tail aimed at Kinoite. It shot out poisonous glowing blue oozing liquid. After Kinoite dodged that, the monster just got tired of it, so it jumped at the vase, and shot a sticky green liquid onto Kinoite, making her stuck to the floor. The green sticky ooze then hardened.

Kinoite: What a silly tactic. I would think that a 'big scary monster' would know a little more tricks.

Kinoite cracked out of the green shell, and the pieces blasted onto the walls, crackling the ice. Kinoite then summoned her sledgehammer, and ran towards the monster. It swinged it's tail at her, but she jumped over it, and smashed the monsters head. It dropped the vase, and Kinoite grabbed it in her arm. She crouched down, and the sledgehammer increased in size. The dog laid there on the floor, until Kinoite threw the giant sledgehammer at it. It then retreated into it's gem. The impact of the sledgehammer to the gem monster shook the floor, making the inside of the mountain begin to collapse. Kinoite grabbed the vase and ran out of the opening. She then stopped. She looked back at the gemstone from the monster, but it was too late. She slid down the mountain, holding the vase. 

Kinoite: How are these gems still regenerating...?

She stopped at the valley, putting the vase on the ground. She picked up the locator, which is also a GCD, or 'Gem Communication Device' and spoke into it.

Kinoite: I have the gems in my hands, although, they may be broken, because they aren't regenerating inside of this vase. But that wouldn't make any sense because the locator only detects regenerating gems...

She took the vase, and poured the gems out, onto the ground. They looked perfectly normal. 

Kinoite: They still aren't regenerating. Kinoite kneeled down and rubbed the frost off of the gemstones.

The gemstones then began to glow a bright white, then stop glowing. Then glow again. They began to float into the air. Kinoite's flat expression turned into a surprised gasp.

Kinoite: How long were they in there..?


  • Successful Search is the first episode of Lost Gems.
  • Kinoite is introduced in this episode.

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