Sub-Zero is Sapphire's pet Wendigo in the Legend of Sapphire series.


He is slightly taller than Jasper and has a pair of black eyes, with red pupils in the center, and a pair of massive antlers. He is extremely thin with dark brown fur, and the legs of a goat, wearing remains of human skeletons as armor for it, with a necklace made of 3 small human skulls. He also wears a deer skull on his head as a form of mask that he wears.


At first, he was a cannibalistic creature that hungered for the people of Beach City with a gluttoness hunger and a very hot temper. He at first wanted to feast on the people of Beach City, but when Sapphire showed him kindness by healing its scars from battle it had a much more gentle side to it and decided to stop feasting on people. He is extremely defensive of his master Sapphire and his wife, Pearl and is known to do whatever it takes to protect them. He is also shown to have a great hunger for stake once Sapphire became his master and sometimes gets a little gluttonus with his stake.


  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Unstoppable hunger
  • Ice controlling abilities
  • Sonic roar when threatened
  • Superior vision
  • Ice Breath


  • The wendigo is a creature from native american mythology which is a evil moster that is said to feast on human flesh and control the ice and snow.
  • Sub-Zero becomes Sapphire's pet in the episode, The Ice Imposter.
  • Sub-Zero is fed 30 steaks a meal.
  • Pearl named his pet Sub-Zero because of his ice powers that he had in battle.
  • Sub-Zero is the only one of the brothers pets that can actually speak.