Stronger Than You Think
DDG Ep 20 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 20
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Air date May 2nd, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Friendly Visit Experiments (Pt. 1)
"Stronger Than You Think" is the 20th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, the 20th overall episode of the series, and is the 2nd part of the season finale.


Jace and Lucia have to navigate through the gem warship in order to save the Dawn Dusk Gems.


The scenery is pitch black. Nothingness. Simply nothing can be heard, seen, or touched. It was quiet for a while. But suddenly, a roar. Just an imaginative vision, perhaps? No; it happens again, and now it’s louder. It grows louder and louder and louder… Until an ear shattering growl is heard from all around. Then suddenly, green. Color, touch, just any sense; it’s all available now. Jace opens his eyes and rubs his head. His cheek hurts. It’s bruised quite badly. Jace is confused. He looks to his left, then his right. He sees Lucia, who’s lying down next to him. She growls again, but not nearly as loud as before. He pets her. She purrs.

Jace: Ow… My cheek…

He rubs his right cheek. Then he looks to the right a bit. It’s a yellow frame. He raises an eyebrow. He’s about to touch it, moving his hand slowly towards it in curiosity, only to be stopped by Lucia’s warning roar. Jace turns to the tiger.

Jace: It’s okay girl… It’s okay…

He pets her again. He slowly reaches out his hand, touching the frame and wincing his eyes, afraid to get injured. To his surprised, it didn’t affect him at all. The screen was like laser lights. He opened his eyes, surprised. He waved his hand around the screen and nothing happened. The lights just went around his arm. He smiled when he realized he could escape. He ran out the cell with no problem. Lucia stared at him. Jace crouched down and crawled towards the cell he just escaped from. The floor was cold and bright.

Jace: It’s okay, girl. Just come outta there.

Lucia slowly went through the cell frame, getting shocked a bit. But that didn’t stop her. She managed to get through the frame without injuring herself, but getting a slight shock instead.

Jace: Pretty stupid to have cell doors that don’t even work, huh?

Lucia growled as a response. Jace climbed up on top of Lucia and rode her throughout the hallway.

Jace: Okay, now to find our friends!

Lucia walked through the bright, yet eerie and silent hallway. Suddenly, they could hear banging. Clashing. They went to a cell door and found Idocrase.

Idocrase: Let me out!

Lucia let Jace off her back. Jace stepped up to the yellow frame.

Jace: I can help!

Surprised, Idocrase jumps back. He starts to pant. He looks fatigued.

Idocrase: Wait… How the heck did you get out?!

Jace: Well, I just, uh…

Jace stuck out his hand slowly. Idocrase was shocked.

Idocrase: Wait, no no no wait!

But it was completely fine. Jace stuck his hand through the frame and he wasn’t shocked, better yet injured. Idocrase sighed. He smiled. Jace went in between the cell frame and held out his hand.

Jace: Come on! Let’s get outta here!

Idocrase slid out quickly. He petted Lucia. Lucia growled at him. Idocrase laughed it off. Both Jace and Idocrase hopped onto Lucia’s back as they ventured throughout the mysterious cold and green futuristic area. They got to know each other a bit.

Idocrase: Your name’s Jace, right?

Jace: Yeah! What’s yours?

Idocrase: I’m the one and only Idocrase! Super cool name, right?

Jace: I guess so?

Lucia went left when she reached a corner.

Jace: Where’s everyone else?

Idocrase: How should I know?

Jace: Just askin’...

Fortunately for them, they didn’t need to search the entire ship. They heard sobbing. The crying was getting louder as they approached it.

Jace: Huh? Who’s crying?

Idocrase: Larimar…. It’s Lari! Lucia, go! Go find her!

Lucia dashes through the green lit hallway. They pass a window quickly, but Jace was able to get a glimpse of it. He saw that they were in space. The ship was taking off? It was most likely to late to do anything now. When they reached the end of the corridor, they saw a single cell. A girl was crying, head down and hugging her knees. She looked so frightened.

Idocrase: LARIMAR!

The girl looked up.  She wiped a running tear.

Lari: … I-Idocrase?

Lari got up from her crouching position and looked a bit more happy, smiling as her hopes went up. She didn’t even ask how they were able to get out; she was joyful to see her friend come and rescue her. She noticed the human boy.

Lari: Is that Jace?...

Jace: Yep! That’s me!

Lari: Wait… H-how did you get past the field?

Idocrase: The cell doors don’t hurt him!

Jace went in between the yellow frame and stuck his hand out, creating a bigger opening for Larimar. Larimar was shocked, but in a good way. She shapeshifted into a small dove.

Jace: Ooooh! Pretty!

Lari flew out of her cell quickly and shapeshifted back into her humanoid form. Jace got out of the cell door and hopped back onto Lucia, as did Idocrase. Larimar walked barefoot on the possibly ceramic cold floors. They walked through a small hallway that lead into another huge one. But they heard footsteps. Larimar covered her mouth and gasped.

Larimar: *whispers* W-what do we do…?!

Idocrase:  *whispers* Don’t worry! I got this!

Idocrase controlled the volume of the group. They were all silent. Jace mouthed at Idocrase “What are you going to do?” when he realized that he couldn’t hear his own voice! He was a bit confused, but then astonished when he realized that Idocrase had the ability to control sound and volume. They hid on left side of the small hallway. Then, a tall red gem and a short yellow gem about the size of Lapis Lazuli (maybe a bit shorter) walked from the left side of the longer hallway to the right side. Jace, Idocrase, and Larimar listened to their conversation.

Yellow Gem: But why, Almandine?!

Almandine: I’m not helping you fix the circuits! Go get Sapphire for that, you Lemon!

Idocrase mouthed at Larimar “Lemon?...”. Larimar understood this and shrugged her shoulders.

SLQ: It’s Star! Star Lemon Quartz for your information! I want you to fix the circuits now!

Almandine: No, you brat!

They continued to walk down the long hallway and turned the corner. Idocrase restored the volume of the group to its normal level. Lucia growled. Jace took a deep breath and-


Idocrase: Shush!

Jace: Sorry… But you can control sound?!

Idocrase: Yep! I’m awesome, right?

Larimar giggled.

Larimar: That’s adorable!

Idocrase: Hey!

Jace: Haha!

The group continued to travel through the ship in secret. When they reached on particular room, they found 4 cells with active yellow frames. Idocrase and Jace quickly hopped of Lucia and ran to the cells. Larimar stayed with Lucia and stayed put in a fair distance away from the cells. The 4 gems looked up and turned to their cell doors. They were very surprised.

Apatite: Idocrase…?!

Rhodo: Jace?!

Malachite: Woah!

Jace runs over to Apatite’s cell.

Jace: I can get you guys out!

Apatite: But Jace, how can you possibly-

He stuck his hand through the yellow frame. Apatite was a bit shocked, but she nodded in understanding.

Apatite: Of course… You’re organic..! Apatite transformed into a sparrow and flew out of her cell, shapeshifting back into her humanoid form. Jace was getting Moonstone out as she spoke to Apatite.

Moon: Pretty idiotic for the Praelior gems to let a human AND a half tiger onto a prison ship.

Apatite: I agree. You think they would know that they’re organic, right?

Moon: I don’t think Green Star Sapphire is as smart as we thought she was!

The two both laugh as Moon crawls out of the cell. Jace runs to Malachite’s and Rhodo’s cells and got them out. Malachite shapeshifts into an owl and Rhodo shapeshifts into a falcon. The both squawk and fly out of their cells. Jace ducks. Malachite and Rhodo laugh and shapeshift back into their normal forms.

Apatite: That wasn’t very necessary…

Malachite: You gotta admit it was kinda funny!

Jace: Yeah!

Apatite and Moonstone sigh. Jace and Idocrase hop onto Lucia and the rest of the group continues to walk. The Dawn Dusk Gems continued walking, when Jace saw an active cell in another hallway. He quickly runs to it. Apatite reaches out her hand.

Apatite: Jace!

But he’s already off. Apatite sighs and the group walks after him.

Idocrase: He’s not gonna listen to you!

Moon: It’s a shame, really.

Jace runs to the cell and, to his surprise, it’s Rosaline. She crouching, but she sees Jace and stands up.

Rosa: Jace, what are you doing?

Jace: I can get you out!

Jace was about to put his hand through the yellow cell door, when Rosaline stopped him.

Rosa: Stop!

Jace: It’s fine, I can-

Rosa: No! I don’t want your help, Jace… Things are already bad as it is. I don’t want it to go worse. If we listen to their orders, maybe they can go easy on us!

A shout comes towards Jace and Rosa. They turn towards it.

Rhodo: Jace! Over here, kid!

Jace turns towards Rosa again.

Jace: But they’re mean! We have to stop them!

Rosa: We can’t…

Rosa turns away and crouches again. Jace is saddened. He puts his hand away from the door and slowly walks away.

Jace: I’ll come back for you…

Jace runs back to the Dawn Dusk Gems and gets hugged by Rhodo.

Rhodo: What was that about?

Jace: I saw Rosaline…

The group looked at each other, then back at Jace.

Apatite: LIsten… The main goal here is to get out of this ship and back to Rise Island. I’m sorry, but if we don’t have the time, we’re going to have to leave Rosa behind…

Jace: What?

Apatite: I’m sorry, but it’s the only way…

Jace looks down in sadness. The hallway is silent as they slowly walk through it. Then, Apatite remembers the important question she had to ask.

Apatite: Hey, Malachite? Rhodo?

The two turn to her.

Rhodo: Yeah?

Malachite: What’s up?

Apatite: Back when they arrived onto the beach… Why did Kyanite call you two traitors?

Malachite: We’re ALL traitors!

Apatite: But why did she specifically glance at you two and point you out?

Malachite sighed and Rhodo looked a bit distressed.

Rhodo: So you DID lose your memory.

Apatite: What?...

Malachite: I’m from Homeworld, and he’s a Praelior kindergarten gem… I thought you knew this!

Apatite: I…. I can kind of remember when we met… But barely…

Apatite holds her head.

Malachite: Something happened to you…

Apatite: What did?

Rhodo: We’ll… We’ll tell you soon.

Apatite nods her head and understanding.

Larimar: Wait… H-how are we going to get out again?

Apatite: Everyone, huddle up.

The Dawn Dusk Gems form a circle and discuss their plan to get out.

Apatite: Okay… Idocrase, you go to the circuit room and use your blade….


Kyanite walks into the circuit room. She sees Green Star Sapphire fixing what appears to be cut wires. She glares at Sapphire.

Kyanite: Sapphire…. What exactly is going on here?

GSS: Some imbecile cut the wires!

Kya: What?!

Kyanite looks around. When she turns to the door, all she can see is Almandine and Star running towards her.

SLQ: Kya! The prisoners have escaped!

Kya: You have got to be kidding me..

She sighs in frustration, then looks back at Almandine.

Kya: Well don’t just stand there! Move!

Almandine: Yes ma’am!

The red gem and the yellow gem run out of the circuit room, only to see a tiger turning a corner. They had blank faces and turned towards eachother.

SLQ: Did… Did you see-

Almandine: Yeah, I did! Let’s move!

Almandine and Star Lemon Quartz chase Lucia’s tail and dash towards it in great speed. Once they turned the corner, they spotted the Dawn Dusk Gems, who stopped running and turned to them. The Dawn Dusk Gems were a bit worried. Lucia roared. Star and Almandine stepped back, but they both summoned their weapons. Almandine summoned his katar from his left forearm and Star summoned her flail. Almandine twirled it around, switching from hand to hand, and grabbed it with his right hand as Star twirled the flail around. Apatite looks at Division B.

Apatite: Listen! I need you 3 to hold them off! Lucia and Jace stays with you! Rhodo, Malachite, and I will figure something out!

Rhodo: Wait, what?!

Moon: Got it!

Moonstones summoned her traditional fan gracefully through her gem. Larimar summoned her bow and arrow, shaking only a little, and pulled back the sturdy string, aiming a dust arrow at Almandine and Star Lemon Quartz. Almandine rushes towards Lari with his katar, but Lari shoots the dust arrow into his shoulder, injuring him.

Almandine: Agh-ow!

He holds his shoulder in pain while coughing, due to the cloud of dust being created from the arrow. Star Lemon Quartz coughs as well. Lucia roars and pounces at Star Lemon Quartz, causing her to shriek and drop her flail. She pulls out a gem destabilizer and tries to destroy Lucia, but it shocks her only a bit. Lucia scratches Star’s face and she cries in pain. Green Star Sapphire comes out, shocked, and powers up her gem.


Apatite, Rhodo, and Malachite rush into a circular room. They start panting, but Apatite has an idea. After they stop panting, Apatite tells them her idea.

Apatite: We fuse into Fluorite!

Both Rhodo and Malachite and shocked.

Rhodo: Woah!

Malachite: Really?!

Apatite: This is an emergency! Of course we’d have to! Now remember to be in sync, got it?

Rhodo: How is she going to fit on the ship?!

Apatite: She won’t! That’s the idea! The only way to make this ship go a crash course to Earth is to cause lots of damage! We already did that with the circuits, but that isn’t enough. When Kyanite, Sapphire, or whoever walks through that archway arrive, we’ll be ready. And remember; we’re stronger than them in every way.

Malachite and Rhodo nod. They all took a couple of steps back and get ready to dance.

Apatite: Synchronize…

Apatite’s gem started to glow, as well as Malachite and Rhodo’s. The started their dance off with pirouette, then hip shaking, then moshing. It was an interesting, yet strange dance. They continued to shake their bodies, waltz, and bang their heads while jumping up and down. They finished off their dance when Rhodo twirled Malachite around as Malachite embraced Apatite and Rhodo kissing Apatite’s hand. They started to glow and they phased into each other. They turned into a gigantic woman with 6 arms and bandages around her eyes. The ship was barely big enough to contain them. They summoned their gigantic cylindrical battle mallet, which had 3 spikes on each side (the two bases and the top of the mallet). She started to destroy the the walls with the battle mallet, causing great destruction. The debris was everywhere and the green walls were still showing signs of yellow electricity flowing through them. Kyanite walks into the room, only to see the gigantic 3 armed fusion standing before her. She steps back, a bit shocked, but she stands her ground and summons her rapier.

Kyanite: Great… The 3 of you fused?..!

Fluorite swings her mallet at Kyanite, causing Kyanite to try to counter the mallet. Surprisingly, she defends herself with her rapier for quite a while as opposed to just being thrown through the entire hallway. But it stopped there.

Fluorite: We are the Dawn Dusk Gems! We are stronger than you think!

The 6 armed fusion finally overpowers Kyanite flings her across the hallway. Moonstone and Jace are seen running to the control room while being chased by Star Lemon Quartz. Kyanite’s body flies into Almandine, causing him to fall over. Lucia keeps an eye on them while Larimar fights off Green Star Sapphire. She dodges nervously every time an energy blast comes towards her. It aggravates Sapphire.

GSS: Why won’t you just die you imbecile?!

Lucia pounces on GSS before she can shoot another another energy light beam and scratches her gem, making GSS unable to shoot lasers from it. While Lucia isn’t watching Almandine, he uses his speed controlling abilities and dashes away rapidly without anyone noticing. Lucia and Larimar run to the control room to see that Star Lemon Quartz is all tied up with green wire and Almandine using an escape pod, causing it to blast to an unknown location on Earth.

SLQ: Let me go you losers!

Moonstone glares at the escape entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Kyanite comes rushing to the control room, only to be stopped by a gust of wind created by Moonstone’s traditional fan. She flies through the hallway once more, struggling to get up. Moonstone tries to access the control panel so that she can set a course to Earth, but she’s unable to since the ship already went through too much damage, and now it’s crashing into Earth’s atmosphere. An unfusing sound can be heard from a far away room. A couple of seconds later, Apatite, Rhodo, and Malachite run into the control room. As Division B, Jace, and Lucia pay attention to Division C, Star struggles away and uses an escape pod to fly down to Earth. Green Star Sapphire is seen in the hallway doing the same. Idocrase tries to catch Star’s escape pod, but he fails.

Malachite: Great… They got away!

Apatite: This ship is going down! Brace yourselves!

Jace is worried.

Jace; B-but Rosa!

Rhodo: Sorry Jace, but there’s no time!

Jace looks down in fear. The ship enters the Earth’s atmosphere and lands on the Rise Island beach, but it doesn’t crash into the temple’s statue. It crashes into the cliff and explodes into green dust. The parts of the ship are scattered across the beach floor. The Dawn Dusk Gems are no where to be seen. Suddenly, a roar can be heard from the rubble, causing the rubble to scatter away from the roar’s origin. It was Lucia, who was protected by an air barrier, as well as the rest of the group and Jace. Apatite high fives Moonstone and they both smile.

Apatite: Nicely done, Moon!

Moon: Heh, thank you!

Jace: Wait, how did you guys beat the blue girl? She was suppah strong!

Apatite: Well-



The 11-year old boy got starry eyed.


Apatite laughs off the interruption.

Apatite: Yes, we can!

The group all laughs, until they see a hand pop out of a pile of rubble from afar, and it’s blue. The Dawn Dusk Gems all watch in silence. Kyanite slowly gets up. She knocks the debris out of her way and struggles to walk. She holds her arm in pain. She steps forward towards the Dawn Dusk Gems. Her hair is messy and her clothes are tattered.

Kya: Don’t think you’ve *cough* won this fight! I only fell to my defeat because you were fused! If I had someone else to fuse with, I’d oblige in a heart-

Suddenly, a piece of green ceramics is lifted by a mysterious figure. It’s Rosaline. She struggles to get out. Once she does, however, she quickly summons her spacial wings and tries to fly off, only to be grabbed by her right leg by Kyanite. She pulls her down and grabs her by the neck. Kyanite glares at her.

Kya: Rosaline, fuse with me!

Rosaline is surprised.

Rosa: W-what?...!

Kya: They kept you in that Fortune Teller for so long… How does that make you feel?

Jace: Rosa, no!

Kya: What do you say?...

Kya lets her go and Rosa gets up slowly. The Dawn Dusk Gems watch silently. Rosa looks at Jace with sympathy, then closes her eyes and looks down. She lays out her hand for Kyanite. Kyanite smirks and grabs it, starting the fusion dance. Jace is scared.

Jace: Noo!

Rosa is twirled around a bit, then embraced gracefully by Kyanite. Kyanite turns to the Dawn Dusk Gems and smiles angrily. The two gems phase into each other and glow. The glowing figures erupts into a gigantic glowing figure, much bigger than Teal Zircon. The figure stops glowing and takes its form. It’s a monstrous fusion with 4 arms and 2 pairs of eyes. It blinks and cocks its eyes at the Dawn Dusk Gems. She smiles as the Dawn Dusk Gems step away, mortified. Charoite, their fusion, begins to laugh maniacally.

Charoite: Hahahaha… Hahahaha!

Charoite summons an incredibly huge gladius with a long blade. She uses her four arms and swings it into the air. The slash creates a circular portal that shows an image of the moving cosmos. The Dawn Dusk Gems feel like they’re about to get sucked in. The portal acts like a black hole, only less stronger. Out of nowhere, the portal summons gigantic spacial chains that latch onto Charoite.

Charoite: W-what?!

The chains forcefully try to drag Charoite inside the portal. Charoite struggles to escape from the chains’ forceful tension. Kyanite’s voice is being heard. Charoite: What are you doing you idiot?!

Then, Rosa’s voice is heard.

Charoite: This is the end, Kya! If I’m going down, you’re coming with me!

But it wasn’t enough. Charoite struggles to unfuse, and it worked! The Dawn Dusk Gems calm down abit, but they still tried to escape the gravitational pull of the portal. Rosaline is fatigued on the floor. When her back is turned, Kyanite glares at her and summons her rapier. She slices Rosaline’s gem, creating a crack, and throws her into the portal. Rosaline’s horror echoes throughout the portal and the island. The portal vanishes since Rosaline’s gem can’t keep it open anymore. Kyanite holds her arm and hobbles to the Dawn Dusk Gems. The gems, Jace, and Lucia step back. All except for Lari, who summons her bow confidently. She fires an arrow of light at Kyanite, hitting directly at her gem. Her pupils shrink. She reverts back into her gem as Lari quickly bubbles it.

Lari: There. It’s done.

The gems are shocked that Larimar was able to shoot her, but they were happy, nonetheless. They all walk up to Lari and give her a big hug as the debris continue to burn.




  • Kyanite's Gem


  • Gem Warship
  • Rise Island
  • Praelior (Mentioned)
  • Homeworld (Mentioned)


  • This is the first time a three-way fusion is seen in the series.
  • It is revealed that Malachite's from Homeworld and Rhodo is a Praelior Kindergarten Gem.
    • it is implied that Apatite lost her memory by an unknown cause.
  • This is the 2nd time Jace saves the day, the 1st time being in Lucia and Jace.
  • Rosaline is able to summon her spacial wings at will.


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