Strawberry's sanctuary
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Season 1a, Episode 01#
Vital statistics
Air date April 19th 2015
Written by Akechidoge
Directed by Akechidoge
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None. An unpleasant surprise
 Strawberry's sanctuary is the 1st episode of Season one of Moonlight gems


The moonlight gems go on a mission to an abandoned palace where Strawberry tended to animals.


The episode begins with the gems warping into a pale pink greenhouse, filled with overgrown weeds and plants. Viri is briefly shown stabbing one before it kills a bunny. Afterwards,they enter the subsections of the sanctuary, being followed by a shadow. 

Viri and Hess appear to have some problems with destroying an extreme overgrowth that's choking one of the generators. Before they can destroy it an odd, mutated monster lumbers out of the shadows. It appears to be a menagerie of gem body parts, to be expected because Strawberry's palace contained most of the gem bubbles collected by the team. After a fairly long and tiring battle, they manage to defeat it and return home. However, something else tries to lumber onto the warp right before it disappears. When it fails, it lets out a loud wail that eerily sounds like someone crying. 


  • Episode begins*

Celest: Ah... sure nice to be here again *Stretches*



  • Viridine
  • Ussingite
  • Celestite
  • Hessionite
  • Gem shard monster
  • Shadow

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