>Story From the Past/Transcript

Story From the Past is the 9th Episode from Season 1 of LB Fandom . It is the 9th Global Episode in the series.

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Calim talks about the Gem War of 5,000 Years ago to Steven.

Creation Date

Creation Date: 8 of march 2015


  • Pearl
  • Garnet (on history)
  • Amethyst (on history)
  • Calim
  • Rose (on history)
  • Pity (on history)
  • Onyx (on history, just voice can be listened and just arm, gemstone and weapon can be see)
  • Jasper (on history)
  • Lapis (on history)
  • Malachite (on history)


  • Peridot is on her debut suit, since the war happened before the events of The Weird "Temple".
  • Jasper and Malachite has a longer hair on this episode, soo the shorter hair could be after his regeneration.
  • Onyx is the first gem to just appear gemstone, weapon, voice and arm.
  • This episode is Aragonite's debut.

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