5 months later after the Lapis incident....

Steven and the Galaxy Gems
Season Season 3, Episode no.1
Vital statistics
Air date December 28, 2016
Written by Marie568
Directed by Marie568
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Unknown Bubble Buddies 2:The wand
Pearl:Steven, we are going on a space mission.

Steven:Cool! Will we meet any new gems?

Garnet:if all according goes to plan, no.


Amethyst:We're going to destroy stuff that ruins tv though!


Pearl:This Might be on the home planet (Shudders) I hope not..


Garnet:Lets just go.

Pearl:For safety reasons, I'm staying. Plus I need a break from all the missions.

Amethyst:Ok P!

The 2 gems and half gem exit the temple, leaving Pearl by herself*

Pearl:Well, this means-

Door bell rings*

Pearl:To answer the door...

Pearl opens the door to find Connie in a salmon summer dress*

Connie:Hi Pearl! Can Steven come out?

Pearl:Not right now he on a-

A Note is on a teleportor*

Pearl:Reads: Dear Pearl we are trapped on a unknown planet! Pease come for backup!

Love steven


Pearl: Connie, you might want to go home. Im leaving and no one will-

Connie: Pearl, I want to come and help!

Pearl: But the-

Connie: I want to help Steven!

Pearl: thinks* well ok knight, but don't say a word to your parents!

Connie: Don't have to tell me twice!

The two teleport out of the temple*

Steven is seen surrounded by wolf like creatures. They all have yellowish gems on them*

Steven: Easy!

Steven prepares for the blow, but it never comes. He looks around and finds that the wolfs are dead. But his luck only lasted for a minute, as a bullet from a gun Hits his leg and a ball of energy strikes his head causing him to pass out*

Connie and Pearl arrive on the planet to find Garnet and Amethyst surrounded by a bunch of sulfur gases

Pearl: Garnet! Amethsyt! Wheres Steven?!

Amethsyt: Wait! Stevens GONE!?

Garnet: If he is, I hope hes being careful!

Pearl: Ok. Ill cover the dark side of the planet while you to take the light.

All: Nod*

Steven wakes up to a new area. He hears voices screaming at each other.

?: If it wasn't for you recklessness, we could have prevented hurting him!

??: Sorry, but Ms. Musical had to distract me with her amazing singing!

???: At least missions have more exitment when a song is put in it!

????: Um guys....

?: We don't need any dangerous distraction, and yours is one of them!

????: Um guys...

???: Distractions!

??:Shes right


The three girls turn thier head to the last one*

????: He woke up!

All three: Ok now lets see if he's healed!

Steven: Who are you?

?: I'm Titanium Quartz

??:Im Moldarite

???: The name's Turquoise

????: I'm Fire Rubellite, *looks at her friends* the sane one.....

Other three: Rolls eyes*

Steven: Are you guys Crystal gems?

Fire Rubellite:No.

Emerald: duh..

Titanium Q.: Emerald! No Steven we aren't your friend or foe. We just try to survive.

Moldarite: Just call us the Galaxy gems!

Steven: Why?

Rubellite: Because we-

Turquoise:travel the galaxies~with RAINBOWS~

Titanium:face palm*

With the gems and Connie,

The gems meet up in the same area*

Pearl: Found Steven?


Connie:What if he's...

Pearl:Connie! We'll find him.

All off a sudden a bunch of sulfur wolves attack them*

Pearl:While prying wolfs of her* Whats with all these wolves!

Connie: Examines them while fighting* They might have been summoned by one sorce, since they all have the same gem.

Pearl:Realizes something* No, It can't be her!


Pearl:Shakes head* Don't worry about that*

Back to Steven

Turquoise: sees something* Guys, someones coming.

?:A translusent yellow skinned gem with yellowish green hair with a black streak and a jumpsuit with a diamond on it walks to the group. She has a yellow gem on her hands.

T.Q.: Aww great its Sulfur....

Sulfur: Summons fumes and a electric saw* I thought my beatifful wolves would have killed you. I guess not

All others coughing*

Turquoise: Steven give me your water bottle!

Steven: Ok!

Turquoise: throws bottle in air and makes ice crystals out of it*

Steven: Wow!

Turquoise: Throws them*

Titanium Q: Throws out a prism to a star making a rainbow. The rainbow hits her gem and she creates a hazy rainbow power ball and throws it at sulfur.

Sulfur: Deflects Turquoises attacks, but is hit with the power ball*

Sulfur:you will pay gem!

Titanium: charges with sickle. When charging she trips on a rock and falls toward the electric saw. When she is hit she finds only her leg stabbed*

Sulfur: Bu-bye gem...

Steven uses shield to block attack*

Moldarite: Summons a gun and starts shooting at Sulfur*

Sulfur:Gets hit a few times then dissapers*

Moldarite: Dam-

Fire Rubellite: Language! Points to Steven*

Emerald: Sorry...?

Titanuim Q: Ow...... *The gem on her leg is cracked*

Fire Rubellite: Shes going to die!

Steven:Hold on! I can try to heal that!

Steven puts spit on her leg*

Steven: Come on work!

Titanuim legs is healed*

Steven: Yay it worked!

Connie Garnet Amethyst and Pearl: Steven!

Steven: dont worry I'm fine!

Garnet: smells air* What happened?

All: Sulfur

Pearl:Well we get home.

Amethyst:Thanks whoever you are..

Garnet:yeah thanks..

Amethyst:you're not of the hook! You said we're not going to meet any new gems!

Garnet:if the mission goes according to plan, it didnt..

Steven: Wait! These guys need somewhere to stay!

Moldarite: Its fine Steven..

Steven:No its not! You never rest and your in rough shape!

Rubellite:we have a place-

Turquoise:ten plants away...


Moldarite:I'd rather stay with Steven


Moldarite, Steven, and Turquoise: The temple, the temple, the temple-

Rubellite: while other are cheering*Guys, help me out her Titanium.

Titanium:Steven. If you want us to stay, we'll come.

Steven: yay!

The gems start walking home.

Connie:So, whats that? Points to bubble mixture and wand*

Titanium: Oh its a bubble wand thing. When I was watching earth I saw these bubble wands. I wanted one so I stole a bar of soap some plastic and made the toy. I also added Titanium quartz bits to the wand.

Connie: Can I borrow it?

Titanium: You can have it! I lost intrest in bubbles.


T.Q: you're welcome!

Titanium:Thinking* Also, you might need it....

The end.... I hope you guys liked this. Leave a comment below.

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