This is a story.It is in the point of all gems but this one is Steven.

I woke up and opened my eyes hazily.I sat up in my bed and looked out the window.These cool seagulls were hanging out on the beach.I think they were making a nest.I looked at the TV.It had a pink sticky note on it that read,"Dear Steven we had to leave early on a mission but we'll be back.From Garnet."."Awww,they went on a mission without me."I complained.I changed into my clothes and walked downstairs.I was about to make a sandwich but the door opened and Ruby stood in the doorway.She looked spooked and slammed the door."Ruby?What's happening?"I asked."No time to explain,help me block the door and all the windows."Ruby said pushing the couch to the door.I grabbed blankets and pillows and crowded them at the windows."Where are Sapphire and the other gems?"I asked."They've been captured.But Sapphire has made a plan for this."Ruby replied."What's the plan?Who captured them?"I asked.There was banging at the door.Ruby pulled me into Garnet's as a gem knocked the door down.She had a massive hammer and started charging at us before we made it in the room."Initiate Crystal Code Alpha."Ruby said as we teleported to an abandoned place."What's that code?Tell my what's going on,tell me what to do!"I exclaimed."Wait for now."Ruby said frowning.

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