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Hello everyone!!! VultureKing here with a new Fanon coming up! This one is the Legend of Sapphire which branches off from my other Fanon called the Legend of Onyx. Get ready to go deeper into the story with new characters, locations, and shocking new secrets.


After their fight against Ruby, things have seemed peaceful in the universe. But when a new threat arrives which threatens to destroy the universe, they must join together to fight back again. But when things get worse, they must join forces with an old enemy to fight back but things get even more crazy when there greatest enemy joins forces to stop an even greater threat

You included!!!!!!!!

If you haven't seen my last season I gave people an opportunity to send ideas to me and have them appear in the episodes. This is going to continue in this series and hopefully we get tons of new and interesting ideas.

Main Characters


Legend of Sapphire

  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Carnelian
  • Labradorite
  • Lepidolite
  • Jade
  • Purple Topaz
  • Jasper
  • Peridot
  • Amber
  • Dragon Opal
  • Tiger Eye
  • Ella
  • Sean
  • Charoite
  • Hematite

List of Episodes

  1. The Frozen Quest (Part 1): Still heartbroken for her loss, Pearl goes on a journey to a place that has a deep connection to Sapphire.
  2. The Frozen Quest (Part 2): Pearl arrives at Sapphire's cavern were the most incredible thing happens.
  3. Political Date: Mayor Dewey tries to get Pearl on a date, unaware that she is engaged to Sapphire.
  4. The Dragon Gem: When Sapphire starts hanging out with a beautiful new gem, Pearl begins to grow jealous.
  5. A Deadly Song: Sapphire teaches Pearl his deadliest attack.
  6. Garnet's Secret: When Garnet reveals herself as a fusion, her relationship with Emerald is on the line.
  7. The Myth Gem: After Garnet and Emerald split up, Emerald tries to take his mind off it by going on a mission with a new gem.
  8. The Galaxy Gems: When one of Emerald's inventions goes wrong. The gems are warped to another dimension.
  9. Enter the Dragon: A new threat arrives in Beach City which sparks a rivalry with Jade.
  10. The Labyrinth: Lepidolite and Emerald go on a mission to a gem labyrinth were they get even closer than ever before.
  11. Amber's Wrath: A powerful gem arrives on The Earth who works for Dragon Opal that may put all of Beach City at risk.
  12. The Dragon's Heart: When Jade makes a move on Sapphire, things get a bit crazy with Jade and Sapphire.
  13. Around the Town: Steven tries to show The Brothers around the Beach City.
  14. Friend or Foe: Dragon Opal has kidnapped and brainwashed Steven and only Lapis Lazuli can bring him back.
  15. Musical Madness: Steven with the help of Sapphire tries to write a love song for Lapis Lazuli to get her back.
  16. The Three Sisters: 3 gems come from another dimension and are familiar to the brothers in a strange way.
  17. The Multiverse Games: Sapphire, Steven, and Lapis Lazuli compete in a survival tournament with gems from different dimensions going against them.
  18. Forever One: In a risky attempt to get Emerald back, Garnet decides to no longer be a fusion but instead to be one whole gem.
  19. Old Enemies, New Friends: When Amber returns to Beach City with backup, The Crystal Gems rely on two unlikely allies.
  20. The Ice Wedding: Pearl and Sapphire are finally getting married but things turn to the worst when Dragon Opal returns to take her vengeance.
  21. The Voodoo Gem: Jade makes a deal with a smooth yet evil gem in order to get Sapphire to like her.
  22. Tech vs Magic: When Charoite returns with more tricks up his sleeve, Peridot must stop him before he can do any harm.
  23. Hex of Love: Peridot learns a new side of Charoite on a search for him at the kindergarten.
  24. Dragon Jinx: Dragon Opal and Charoite return to Earth and when Dragon Opal wishes to kill Peridot, Charoite must make a risky choice.
  25. The Crystal Dragons: Jade attempts to teach The Brothers and The Crystal Gems how to use the powers of the dragon.
  26. The Wind Gem: When Amber plans on returning with a secret weapon, the Gems turn to a new ally to stop her.
  27. Cursed: Steven, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and Charoite go on a mission to the Voodoo Temple and must overcome many challenges to complete the mission.
  28. The Way of the Sword: Pearl tries to teach Sapphire how to fight with a sword.
  29. To Charm a Gem: Carnelian begins to have feelings for Labradorite but doesn't know how to tell her.
  30. Birthday Mission: It is Steven's birthday and Lapis Lazuli and Rose go on a mission with Steven to a special surprise.
  31. The Dragon's Fire: Jade loses her dragon powers and must go with Pearl to regain them.
  32. Ruby's Return: With Dragon Opal getting stronger, the Gems decide to bring back an old foe in order to stand a chance.
  33. The Stone War: The Gems must stop an army of stone creatures that are coming from the church.
  34. The Ice Imposter: When people begin to disappear in Beach City, they blame Sapphire for it. So, Ruby Sapphire, and Pearl must find the real culprit.
  35. Eyes of the Basilisk: When a basilisk attacks Beach City, Onyx and Amethyst must try to stop it from doing any more harm.
  36. The Royal Rumble: Onyx and Amethyst go to Homeworld in an attempt for Onyx to regain his throne.
  37. The Empress (Part 1): Things get bad when Dragon Opal manages to kidnap Onyx and only Amethyst can save him.
  38. The Empress (Part 2): With Dragon Opal now taking control of Homeworld, Amethyst and Onyx must decide what to do about her.
  39. The Golden Heart: When Amber arrives in a massive war tank, the Gems rely on a new human ally to stop her.
  40. The Bounty Hunter: Dragon Opal hires a bounty hunter to go after the Gems which causes huge distress for them.
  41. The Silver Soul: Ella begins to fall for a strange but charming young man but things get crazy when the two must fight off Tiger Eye and his soldiers.
  42. The Phoenix Queen: Pearl begins to have strange dreams and sightings about a phoenix and tries to find out what it means.
  43. Future Path's: The Brothers and the Gems go to the Temple of Brotherhood to find out how to beat Dragon Opal.
  44. The Black Panther: Steven and Amethyst begin wrestling again but their title is at risk when two new wrestlers are obliterating the competition.
  45. The Party: Steven and the Gems get invited to a massive party hosted by Sean and things get a little crazy when Amber and Tiger Eye crash the party.
  46. The Mainframe: Peridot invents a device for Steven that warps him into video games which traps her, Steven, Lapis Lazuli, and Charoite into the game.
  47. The Date: Dragon Opal goes undercover in order to get Sean and Ella on their date but things get crazy when she falls in love with a certain rich boy.
  48. The Earth Gem: 2 gems arrive on Earth to help the Crystal Gems unaware of their true intentions.
  49. The Silver Beauty and The Dragon Beast: After an intense break up with Ella, Sean spends more time with Christine which makes a bond of true love.
  50. The Haunting: Paranormal activities begin to happen at the Crystal Temple and Steven, Amethyst, Onyx, and Ronaldo must try to find out why.
  51. The Heart of the Centipeetle: When the Centipeetle's gem is finally healed, she ends up having feelings for Steven even if she doesn't know about Lapis Lazuli.
  52. The Reveal: Dragon Opal accidentally reveals she is Christine which causing great tension with her and Sean and causes even more tension between her and her bounty hunter.
  53. The Cluster Bride: In a romantic Halloween special, Emerald practices proposing to Garnet in the forest but things get crazy when he ends up getting engaged to a Cluster Gem.
  54. Prank War: When Charoite and Carnelian pull a prank on Steven and Hematite, it turns into an all out prank war.
  55. Do You Remember: When a mission goes bad, Pearl ends up losing her memories including her memory of Sapphire.
  56. The Ice Daughter: Pearl and Sapphire are having a baby but when Sapphire finds out what will happen to Pearl, it is a race against time to save both his wife and his new daughter.
  57. The Dragon King (Part 1): The Gems find out that Tiger Eye and Amber are trying to release and ancient gem that may cause great destruction to the world.
  58. The Dragon King (Part 2): With much at stake, The Crystal Gems set out to stop Amber and Tiger Eye from releasing The Dragon King.
  59. The Dragon King (Part 3): With the Dragon King released all of Homeworld, Earth and the universe itself, rests on the shoulders of Sean, Dragon Opal, Sapphire, and the Phoenix Queen, Pearl.



  • This is a continuation of The Legend of Onyx.
  • Sapphire comes back to life.
  • Sapphire marries with Pearl.
  • Peridot and Jasper join the Crystal Gems.
  • There is a crossover episode with a fanon made by marie568 known as Steven and The Galaxy Gems.
  • Ruby will make a return.
  • Garnet will reveal to the others she is a fusion.
  • Emerald and Garnet break up but will come back together.
  • Jade begins to have feelings for Sapphire.
  • Steven is 15 but turns to 16 in the series.
  • The episode "Friend or Foe" was made to honor a close friend of Vultureking named JinxBinx.
  • In the episode "Forever One", Garnet becomes a regular gem instead of a fusion.
  • Dragon Opal ends up falling in love with Sean.
  • Sean and Dragon Opal's relationship is a reference to Rose and Greg.

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