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What's up, everyone!? Vulture King Here, I have a NEW SERIES!!! This series is called the Legend of Onyx, and it is going to be one season you do not want to miss. Not only will you get to see new episodes, but if you send ideas for the season in my blog, your ideas may appear in the episodes!


Steven and the Crystal Gems are still protecting the world, but soon, new gems appear targeting to destroy the world. Unknown to the gems, they are trying to destroy the Earth because of an enemy from the past destined to return. Only Steven, with the help of two new gems and a returning gem, can save the world, but things in this universe are not what they seem

Main Characters


"The Legend of Onyx" cover.


  1. The Life Gem: A new gem comes to Earth whom causes a threat to the Crystal Gems.
  2. Trial by Fire: Steven, Emerald, and Garnet go to the Inferno Spire to get a rare artifact.
  3. Connie's Secret: Steven discovers a secret about Connie that will shock you!
  4. The Ice Gem: In a special Valentine's Day musical episode, an evil ice gem comes to Earth, but Pearl falls in love despite what his mission is, which is unknown to Pearl.
  5. The Tournament: Steven and the CG's compete in a Gem Survival Tournament where Steven is forced to fight an old friend.
  6. Fire and Ice: Sapphire, Steven, and Pearl go on a rescue mission to save Lapis from the fire gem Ruby.
  7. Heart of Water: Lapis begins to fall in love with Steven on a mission to the Sea Temple.
  8. Love and War: Connie tries to separate Lapis and Steven in her jealousy.
  9. The Tale of Three Brothers: Sapphire tells Steven about the legend of the three brothers and why he was trying to destroy the planet before.
  10. The Half Gem Quest: Steven learns a huge secret about Rose on a mission with Lion and Lapis to Rose's shrine.
  11. Love in the Galaxy: Lapis and Steven go on a date into outer space find out something about Onyx's return.
  12. The Rise of Onyx: Onyx has returned and things seem bad for the Crystal Gems.
  13. The Alpha Gem (Part 1): In an attempt to stop Onyx the Crystal Gems set out to find the other 3 gems to form Diamond.
  14. The Alpha Gem (Part 2): The gems now fuse into Diamond with Steven taking control in a final attempt to stop Onyx once and for all.
  15. Old Brother, New Fusion: Onyx, Emerald, and Sapphire try to fuse into an old fusion when Ruby's battle ships arrive at Earth.
  16. The Moon Gem: When the gems enter a nightmare by a gem only Onyx and Amethyst can save them from the Dream Realm.
  17. The Storm Gem: A hurricane hits Beach City and Pearl with Sapphire must try to stop it.
  18. Love in Darkness: Onyx and Amethyst begin to reveal how they feel for each other on a mission to the Kindergarten.
  19. The Dark Date: Onyx and Amethyst go on a mission that was set up by Amethyst.
  20. The Prophecy: The Crystal Gems go with the three brothers on a mission to an ancient temple were they learn about an ancient prophecy.
  21. Ruby's Empire (Part 1): The three brothers teach the CGs their magic but it put to the tests when Ruby invades Earth.
  22. Ruby's Empire (Part 2): The three brothers have been captured by Ruby and the Crystal Gems along with a new allies must rescue them.
  23. Ruby's Empire (Part 3): Ruby has taken control of the entire universe and only the three brothers can stop her now. But one brother will not make it back.

You Included!

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, a new episode will be released to the public. To make this more interesting, send your ideas for the episodes to VultureKing and you might see them in the next episode!

Legend of Sapphire

There is a possability that there will be a new series called Legend of Sapphire which goes deeper into the story.

Send messages to me to tell me what you think of another season.


  • The Ice Gem was a preview episode.
  • This is Vultureking's first fanon series.
  • Steven is 15 years old in the fanon.
  • Steven begins dating Lapis.
  • Connie and Lapis have a rivalry.
  • Emerald will date Garnet.
  • Sapphire will date Pearl.
  • The new gems introduced in the first 12 episodes are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Onyx.
  • There are new fusions in this season, including Topaz, Diamond, and Obsidian.
  • Ruby is the real main antagonist of the season.
  • Amethyst and Onyx fall in love with each other.
  • Amethyst becomes the new queen of the Universe.
  • Rose Quartz returns.
  • Sapphire dies at the end of Ruby's empire.
  • The appearance of the three brothers hinted who they were shipping with:
    • Emerald: Although he is the youngest of the brothers he is the tallest equaling the high of Garnet.
    • Sapphire: He wears a white mask covering his deformity which is the same color as Pearl.
    • Onyx: He is shown to have purple detail on his armor hinting Amethyst.

Fan Art

File:IMG 3242.jpg

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