Steven Universe: Crystal Infinity is a Steven Universe spin-off series taking place in an alternate universe, created by GCBomniverse. This series takes place 2 years after the main series and following an alternate timeline, where GCB's favorite gems, Lapis and Peridot, are now Crystal Gems, And, Watermelon Tourmaline, or as you might know as, The Giant Pufferfish, is a Crystal Gem, as the pufferfish in a cured form, and at the same time, GCB's OC. Meanwhile GCB's friend IRL's OC, Sardonyx (Not the Garnet Pearl Fusion) is also in this aswell.

With so many gems, and not being able to add new rooms to the Temple , Lapis, Peri, Tourmaline and Sardonyx, (and even Steven on occasion) live in the Crystal Sanctuary on Mineral Island . During this series, the Crystal Gems, Team A and B, are on a mission to find and capture all of the Corrupted gems and de-corrupt them all and restore the glory of the Crystal Gems and make a comeback on Homeworld.

This series alternates between episodes with the Crystal Sanctuary, and the Crystal Temple, depending on where Steven is staying.

Season 1  Edit

Season 1A Edit

No. Title Title Card Description
1 Dragon Danger
Pilot. An Evil Dragon is attacking the temple, and its up to the Crystal Gems to save the day!
2 Sanctuary Tour
Tourmaline takes Steven on a tour through the Crystal Sanctuary.
3 The Cool Kids The cool kids take Steven out for some fun, but during the fun, they stumble upon something bad.. very bad.
4 The One That Got Away Jasper attacks the temple with giant gem mechs after a failed attempt to blow up the Sanctuary.
5 Double Trouble Trouble comes to beach city when evil versions of the gems are created from a gem artifact.
6 Tournament of Gemkind The Gems get called in to a fighting tournament, and the only way to get out alive, is to win!
7 Hybrids A Human using gem powers on the news causes Steven to believe he is not the only half gem.
8 Fuse Blues Steven accidentally fuses with Peedee, who came to Mineral Island to hang with Steven, But after Fusing with Connie, and now Peedee, The Crystal Gems are becoming paranoid that Peedee and Connie are Gems...
9 Citrine After an accident, Amethyst becomes Citrine, so the gems have to get used to the temporary "Citrine" and fight a new threat
10 Feeling Blue Lapis is Captured by Homeworld spy, Bloodstone, and Tourmaline is in shock, so its up to Steven to help Tourmaline get her back.
11 Infinite Gem The Gems reveal a secret power.. that Steven instantly wants to master.
12 Galactic Gem A Large gem ship arrives in beach City, the ship of the Galactic gems, who bring a warning of a war, soon to come.
13 Mindswap

After collecting an ancient gem artifact, Lapis, Connie and Steven switch bodys! and don't know how to switch back.

14 Guys Night Out Sardonyx, Tourmaline tag along on Steven and Greg's trip to Amusement World.
15 The Alternate Alternative The Gems chase a Homeworld Commander through the future, past, and even alternate universes, and as they go through time, they take on the forms of their alt. counterparts.
16 TBA
17 TBA
18 TBA
19 TBA
20 Fusion Crime All of the gem bubbles go missing, and right after, a corrupted gem fusion surfaces...
21 Homeworld Hunt Homeworld is shocked at how the Crystal gems defeated the fusion, so Homeworld retreats, but the Crystal Gems had hijacked a ship to infiltrate Homeworld and learn their next move.

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