Steven Universe:Rising of Elements is series by Iulix Master.


Season 1

Season 1
Name Released Date
Water Army is back 14/08/2015
Finding new home TBA
Molten Word TBA
Sandstorm TBA
Electrify joke TBA
Powerful Blizzard TBA
Assault of armys TBA
Shock Pt.1 TBA
Shock PT.2 TBA
The Day of Destroy Beach City TBA
Master of Stolen TBA
Sticky Webs TBA
Peak-A-Boo TBA
Elements Weapons TBA
Dark Force Unleashed PT.1 TBA
Dark Force Unleashed PT.2 TBA

Season 2

Season 2
Name Released Date
The New Dawn TBA
The Wave TBA
Big Force,little rebels TBA
Jungle Adventures TBA
Alpha Code TBA
Return of Fishi-Rex TBA
Art of Shadow hide TBA
Pearl Versus Amethyst TBA
Energy Staff TBA
Grave Words TBA
Ninja VS Samurai TBA
Toxic Touch TBA
Return in City TBA
Day of Darkness part.1 TBA
Day of Darkness part.2 TBA
Day of Darkness part.3 TBA

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