Steven Chronicles is a show about the Crystal gems and their adventures.This episode is called "Initiation."

Previous Episode: Steven Chronicles Episode One

Short Summary:Steven shows Diamond around town.

Plot:We open in The Temple with a game of chess between Pearl and Amethyst.Pearl is winning so Amethyst gets mad and turns into a chess piece and starts chasing Pearl.But then Steven,Garnet,and the gem warp back and Amethyst stops.Pearl asks who is that and Garnet says the same thing.The gem replies Diamond.Diamond then summons her crossbow and starts shooting everywhere.The gems duck and Garnet tackles Diamond.Diamond retreats her weapon and explains she's having trouble with her powers lately.Steven tells her he is having trouble too and she smiles.Garnet suggests Steven shows Diamond around town.Pearl suggests they should question her but Garnet shakes her head.The camera opens at Fish Stew Pizza as Steven is ordering a pizza.Steven sits down in a booth with Diamond and start talking.Diamond likes Steven's friendliness and then their gems start glowing(by the way Diamond's gem is on her neck).Then suddenly a pull happens and they fuse into Tanzanite.Steven's voice asks how they fused.Diamond's voice doesn't know and sounds nervous.They head back to The Temple.










This is the first episode featuring a non-gem related place.

This is the first episode featuring Fish Stew Pizza.

This is the first episode with Kofi and Tanzanite.

The un-dancing fusion will be explained next episode.

Next Episode: Steven Chronicles Episode Three

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