The Steven Chronicles is a series about the Crystal Gems and this is episode one called "Pilot"

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Basic Summary

Steven and Garnet go on a mission to get gem shards like the ones seen in "Secret Team" and find a crashed gem ship with a big secret.


It opens with Pearl and Amethyst arguing about the clenlinesss of Amethyst's room and Pearl is winning.Things start heating up as Steven and Garnet walk into the room.Both Pearl and Amethyst summon their weapons and look prepared to fight,until Garnet tells them to stop.Then the mission alert sounds and Amethyst gets excited.But Garnet tells them that Pearl and Amethyst have to stay home and work things out.Amethyst groans as Garnet and Steven are warping to the island from "Island Paradise".Garnet starts looking around as Steven gets distracted by something glittering.Steven tries to mention it to Garnet but Garnet tells him to follow her.As Steven follows along it goes through a montage of them capturing the shards with some struggles while Steven hums "Wherever You Are".Then they come upon a broken piece of gem technology and Steven mentions the glittering thing.They realize it was probably where the technology was from.Garnet giant leaps them over there.As they clear the bushes they see a broken gem ship ruff and ragged.Then from the ship emerges a beaten up gem who asks for help.







Next Episode: Steven Chronicles Episode Two

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