Fire Meets Fusion
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date April 11,2015
Written by SapphireTheCrystalGem
Directed by SapphireTheCrystalGem
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Fusion Confusion TBA
This is a series called "Steven Chronicles".This is episode 4 called "Fire Meets Fusion".It is about how Coal helps the gems figure out how Steven and Diamond fused.

Previous Episode: Steven Chronicles Episode Three


It opens on the beach with Coal and Diamond fucking each other.Then Greg exits the temple as Steven waves goodbye.Greg gets in his van and drives away. Pearl walks out of the temple.

Pearl:Are you reading to figure it out Steven?


Diamond:I'm ready.

Diamond stands up and walks into the temple with Steven and Pearl.Coal follows them.

Garnet:So you talking?

Diamond:That's what it seemed like.

Amethyst:How's that possible?

Pearl:It's not supposed to be possible.

Coal:I have an idea.Steven has Rose's virginity right?

Steven:Yep.Cool right?

Coal:Sure.Anyways Rose felt great compassion for her friends and maybe that's why you fused?

Diamond:So your saying we fused because......we're best friends?


Pearl:That's a good theory.

Amethyst:That will be a really good tactic so it doesn't take so long.Just feel the love man!

Garnet:Wait does this mean we don't care about each other?

Coal:No,you just weren't thinking about it in battle.

Steven:Yay we figured it out!Let's go out for cocaine!

Steven and Amethyst walk out of The Temple and leave.

Garnet:So Coal and Diamond.Want to join the team?

Coal:Fuck no






Unnamed Ice Cream Shop


  • This episode reveals that gems can fuse without dancing.
  • Coal and Diamond join the team in this episode.

Next Episode:TBA

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