Steven And Friends
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 24th May 2015
Written by FinnManusia
Directed by FinnManusia
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"Steven's Walk" "Fun Is Over"

"Steven And Friends" is the second episode of the first season of Steven's Life, and the second overall episode of the series. This is also the second episode in FinnManusia's SU Fandom.


After he look at a group of kids at the Funland, he decided to join them.


The episode begins with Steven walks pass by Onion. He walk with boreness around him. He feels something empty in his body. He finally at the Funland. Mr. Smiley seems operating the Teacups. Steven remembered that he was banned from the Funland forever but he still want to enter the fun fair. He thought about how he want to enter the theme park undetected by Mr. Smiley. He got an idea to change his outfit to something that no one knows that he is Steven Universe. He goes to a shop and buy some stuff. He changes his outfit in restroom. He gets out from the restroom with his new outfit. He wears a black shirt with a white dragon on it with a brown jacket. He also wears slacks, round-shaped sunglasses and a cap. Now for his further idea to enter the fun fair, he must join a group of kids to make his disguist better.

He look for the group of kids there. There is many kids at the Funfair at that day because it is in school holiday which Steven do not know. After 2 minutes, he found a group of kids which seems the same height as him. He then join the group. He asks to join them and they accept him. Steven introduces himself as Thomas Rail Galaxy. They introduce theirself as Edward, Henry and Emily. Edward is a boy aged 14 years old and he is cheerful guy. Henry is a boy aged 15 years old and always mad at Edward if he doing something wrong. He seems always flirting Emily which Emily do not like it. Emily is 14 years old girl and she seems a caring and lovely girl. He always protects Edward from been bully by Henry. They tells Steven that they are from a place that far from Beach City. They are here because they knew that Funland is the most rousing fun fair in their range. Steven tells that he lives here and glad to see them here.

After some intros, they enter into the Funland. They amazed with all the rides at there. Steven still cautious for Mr. Smiley from been caught. Steven and his new friends gets on some rides at the amusement park. They have a good time at the park. Meanwhile at ten temple, Garnet informs to the gems that she senses a creatures at the Becah City. Amethyst asks Garnet what is the creature. Garnet then answered that the creature is a form of a tadpole with 4 legs. It's height about 5 metres. The gem was located on it's back. garnet said to be prepare with the chaos. Garnet then asks Peael where is Steven and Peael answered he was outside to talk a walk. Garnet said that they must find Steven before the monster came out.

[End of "Steven and Friends"]


Major Characters

  • Steven Quartz Universe
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Emily

Minor Characters

  • Mr. Smiley
  • Connie
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst



  • The title of this episode is a reference of "Thomas & Friends".
    • Edward, Henry and Emily are also characters from "Thomas & Friends".

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