Steven's Walk
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 9th January 2015
Written by FinnManusia
Directed by FinnManusia
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None "Steven And Friends"

"Steven's Walk" is the first episode of the first season of Steven's Life, and the first overall episode of the series. This is also the first episode in FinnManusia's SU Fandom.


After some missions with the gems, he takes a walk at Beach City with his leisure time.


[Open Ext. Warp Pad]

~Steven and the Gems warping in~

Steven:Finally, HOME!!!

Pearl: We just go for eleven minutes.

Amethyst: Do you mean eleven missions???

Garnet: *Coughs* Who Cares??? *Coughs*

Steven: *Hand up* I... care... *Answering with exhausted tone*

~Steven then sleeps on the Warp Pad for 1 hour and wakes up~

Steven: *Looks around and saw Pearl reading newspaper on a coach* Pearl...

Pearl: 2015... a year that fuel's price become cheaper... *Realized Steven* Ohhh, Good Morning!!!

Steven: Morning???

Pearl: No, now is 4:30 in this wonderful evening!!!

Steven: Then, why you using morning instead of evening???

Pearl: Because I like how the character of my favorite show say "Good Morning" repeatedly. And... how about you take a walk at the Beach City??? The scenery is beautiful! It always make me to release my stress.

Steven: Huh??? Do you really go to the Beach City for a walk or you want to meet with my fath...

Pearl: *Blushing* STEVEN!!! Huuu... Just... Go out, please...

Steven: Okay...

[Trans. Int. Beach City Walk]

~Steven walks on the Beach City Walk and sings "On The Beach City Walk"~

Steven: *Sees Peedee* Hai, Peedee...

Peedee: Hai, Steven!!! How was your day???

Steven: Tired...

Peedee: *Gives some fries to Steven* Have some fries. Makes me better.

Steven: No thanks.... I have some diet now... *Walks away*

Peedee: Huh??? Steven has some diet???

Steven: *Sees Connie with her tennis outfit* Hai, Connie...

Connie: Ohhh, Hai Steven!!! How your mission???

Steven: Just a same thing. Fighting, jumping and something else.

Connie: Ummm... Do you want me to show you some tennis technique???

Steven: No thanks... I will see it tomorrow, Bye... *Walks Away*

Connie: Bye... (Poor Steven...)

Steven: *Sees Onion* Hai, Onion...

(Steven walks and suddenly here a noise. He looks at his back and...)

Amethyst: (In dragon shape) RRROOOAAARRR!!! I WILL EAT YOU!!!

Steven: Ohhh, you Amethyst. How are you???

Amethyst: Fine???

Steven: See you later at dinner. Bye... *Walks Away*

Amethyst: Bye...

Onion: ...

Steven: ???

Onion: ...

Steven: Okay... I will go now... *Walks Away*

Onion: ... (There is something wrong with Steven???)

[End of "Steven's Walk"]


Major characters

  • Steven Quartz Universe

Minor characters

  • Pearl
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Peedee
  • Connie
  • Onion


On The Beach City Walk


  • The news that Pearl read is true.
  • Pearl's "Good Morning" is a reference to Uncle Grandpa's quote.
    • It is also possible that Pearl's favorite show is Uncle Grandpa or similar.

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