Steven's Child is the first episode of the "Gem Future" series of "Gem Tales ".


Steven and Connie learn the difficulties of having a child.

Extended Plot

( Set - Beach House Living Room )

( A 20-something Connie and Steven are sitting on the couch )

Steven: Connie, I was wondering...

Connie: Yes Steven?

Steven: Well,... do you want chocolate donuts or glazed ones?

( Connie playfully pushes Steven )

Connie: I thought you were going to say something serious.

Steven: Haha, donuts are a serious matter.

( Steven and Connie laugh )

Rosie: (Tiredly) Mother? Father? What's going on?

Connie: Oh Sweetie, sorry, we were just joking around.

Steven: We aren't joking around, donuts are a serious matter.

Connie: Steven, stop being silly.

Rosie: Well, dad is right, donuts are serious.

( Steven, Connie and Rosie all laugh )

Steven: Well Sweetie, you better get going back to bed.

Rosie: I can't sleep.

Steven: Do you want me to read you a bed time story?

Rosie: Yes please daddy!

Steven: Okay. I'll be there in a second.

( Rosie rushes away to her bedroom )

Connie: Steven, please don't get her too excited, I don't want her to be up all night.

Steven: It's alright, I won't get her that excited.

( Steven walks up to the door but doesn't open it, he puts his hand on the door and sighs )

Connie: Steven, are you okay?

Steven: It's just, this used to be the door to the temple, the Crystal Gems would come here, just so many memories.

Connie: Steven, c'mon sweetie, you know you don't want to get yourself upset

Steven: You're right... I better read her that story.

Connie: Okay, I'll just be here. *Takes a sip of her tea*

( Steven opens the door and walks through )

Connie: ( Under her breath ) I hope that girl doesn't give him much trouble.


( Set - Rosie's Room )

( Steven opens the door and Rosie is lying in her bed )

Steven: Hey tiger, ready for your story?

Rosie: *Nods* Yes dad

Steven: How about "The Crystal Gems Versus Lapis Lazuli"?

Rosie: Oh yes please!

Steven: Okay so, The Crystal Gems had just drove up to Lapis' ocean tower with your Grandpa Greg, your mother and I. We jumped out and Lapis told us to leave, I wanted to talk to her but she just wanted to fight, she sent out clones of ourselves made out of water.

Rosie: Really?

Steven: Mhm, then we started fighting, Garnet's one copied her moves exactly but managed to throw Garnet around a bit, Pearl was fighting her clone using her spear in a sword fighting fashion and Amethyst was throwing rocks at hers.

Rosie: What about you daddy?

Steven: Well, Lion was fighting my clone and then my clone knocked him back, so your mother and I ran straight at my clone but he trapped us in bubbles, we almost drowned but th-

Rosie: Dad, why aren't you telling your story the way you normally do?

Steven: Well... to be honest, your mother doesn't want me to get you too excited.

Rosie: That's so lame.

Steven: Come on Rosie, don't be rude, you better get to sleep now.

Rosie: Okay, goodnight dad.

Steven: Goodnight Rosie.

( Steven kisses Rosie on the forehead and leaves the room )


( Set - Beach House Living Room )

Connie: Oh you're back, I'm thinking of heading off to bed

Steven: *Rubs eye* I think you're right.

Connie: C'mon Steven, let's get some rest.

( Steven and Connie walk up the steps next to the couch and onto the bed )

Steven: Goodnight

Connie: Goodnight

( A loud crash noise comes from the kitchen and then a loud growl)

Connie: Steven! What was that?

Steven: Sounds like a wild animal, I'll check it out.

( Steven grabs the flashlight and walks down the stairs )

Steven: Who's there? What are you?

Rosie: It's me dad!

Steven: *Points flashlight at Rosie* Oh, you gave me a heart attack. What was that growling noise?

Rosie: *Holds up her pink lion toy*

Steven: Ha, oh that. Now, what are you doing up?

Rosie: I can't sleep remember.

Connie: What's going on Steven?

Steven: It's just Rosie, she can't sleep/

Connie: Rosie, you know you shouldn't be up.

Steven: Oh come on Connie, Rosie how about you sleep in our bed.

Rosie: Yes please! *Rushes up the stairs*

Connie: You've made a grave mistake mister.

Steven: Connie, don't be silly.

( Steven and Connie go back upstairs, lie down and close their eyes. )

Rosie: Dad, can you move over?

Steven: Okay...

( Steven shifts over and bumps into Connie )

Connie: Ow, Steven!

Steven: Sorry Connie.

Rosie: Dad, move over more.

Steven: Rosie, I can't.

Rosie: I need a better pillow.

( Connie and Steven groan, it starts a time lapse of the rest of the night with Steven and Connie trying to get Rosie to sleep, it becomes morning )

Steven: *Groan* I have to go to work

Connie: *Tiredly* Is it that time already?

Steven: Uh-huh...

Connie: Rosie has to go to school soon then as well.

Steven: How about we skip school today? You both need your rest.

Connie: That sounds good.

Rosie: Dad! Where are you going?

Steven: Oh Rosie, you're up... I'm just going to work.

Rosie: Can I come with you?

Connie: No sweetie, daddy needs to work and you need to rest.

Rosie: Oh come on!

Steven: You heard your mother, now go to sleep.

Rosie: Ugh! I hate you!

( Rosie jumps up and runs out of the front door )

Steven: I'm getting real tired of that girl...

( Steven and Connie run out of the front door)


( Set - Beach )

Steven: Rosie! Come back here!

Rosie: No! I'm never coming back! You can't stop me alr- AAGH!!

Connie: Rosie! What was that?

Steven: We have to find her! We need you know who...

Connie: *Nods* Let's do this

( Steven pulls out his phone, plays some music and lies his phone on the ground )

Steven: *Smile* Connie, what I'm asking is, will you dance with me?

Connie: I'd love to

( Steven and Connie start waltzing, Steven spins Connie around and fall over into Connie's arms, Steven's gem starts glowing and Stevonnie appears )

Stevonnie: Now let's go get our daughter.

( Stevonnie summons a sword out of her gem and leaps away from the house )

Rosie: Dad! Mom(/Mum)! Help!

Stevonnie: We're coming Rosie.

( Stevonnie finds Rosie hiding behind a rock, looking scared )

Stevonnie: Rosie, what's wrong?

Rosie: T-t-the monster!

Stevonnie: Uh-oh...

( Stevonnie turns around and sees a giant dog-like gem monster with multiple legs and tongues )

Stevonnie: It's... a gem monster!

Dog Monster: Ruff, yes, ruff!

Stevonnie: And it speaks?

Rosie: Just kill it!

Stevonnie: *Looks back at Rosie* Huh?

( Dog Monster shoots out a poisonous tooth at Stevonnie and Rosie )

Rosie: Dad! Mom(/Mum)! Look out!

( Rosie summons a bubble around Steven and Connie, the tooth bounces off and back into the Dog Monster )

Dog Monster: Ruff, ow! Ruff!

( Bubble pops and Stevonnie pushes Rosie back behind the rock, charges at the Dog Monster )

Stevonnie: Stay back Rosie!

Rosie: But-

Stevonnie: I said stay back!

Rosie: FIne then!

Stevonnie: Look out dog thing!

( Stevonnie runs under the dog and slices along the stomach using their sword )

Dog Monster: Ruff, I'll get you! Ruff!

( Dog Monster tries to step on her and shoot poisonous teeth at Stevonnie )

Stevonnie: I... don't think I can do it Steven, what do you mean Connie? Steven, I can't fight him...

Rosie: Look out!

( Rosie leaps over to Stevonnie and summons her shield, chucks it to Stevonnie, takes the sword and runs at the dogs legs )

Stevonnie: Wait! RossssiuGEh!

( Connie and Steven unfuse and hide behind the shield, Rosie slices at the Dog Monster's legs causing it to collapse, she slices at it's teeth )

Connie: She's better than I thought...

( The Dog Monster vanishes and leaves its gem lying on the ground, the shield disappear, Steven and Connie run up to Rosie )

Steven: Rosie... you..

Connie: *Smiles* you did it.

Rosie: *Pants* I did it!

Steven: I'll take care of this *Bubbles gem*

Connie: Now come on, I think we all need some breakfast.

Rosie: But school...

Steven: But work...

Connie: But together breakfast.

( They all smile and walk back to the door )

[ END ]


  • Steven
  • Connie
  • Rosie
  • Stevonnie


  • This is the first episode of the series "Gem Future".
  • This is the first time Rosie defeats a gem.
  • This also marks the first time Rosie uses another gems weapon.
  • Stevonnie makes her first appearance in this series.

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