Stardust Diamond

A person named Gold is a space traveling gem who gets stranded on earth when trying to find legendary space treasure. More info added later.

Characters(Main Characters)

Gold- A gem that is special because he has no identifiable gem, but rather has a strange hidden golden metal-like crystal within him that can regenerate if given time. Gold can also purify corrupted gems, absorb gems, and able to activate inactive gems. He can also create other bodies with their own mind or a link of his mind. He can do this multiple ways, including creating holograms through his eyes.

Jade- Gold's "sister". She can make herself into a fusion by either transforming into a fusion through her memory of it or fuse herself with a memory of other gems. She'll keep her normal mind during it. She can also fail, if she doesn't have a strong enough memory of the fusion or gem.

Allen- The first human Jade and gold meets on earth. He decides to help them out of his nice guy personality, and subconsciously, he likes Jade. He also wants to adventure to see what's out there in the world. His body has super human speed,strength,stamina, and reflexes because of gold and Jade giving him a potion that'll make non gems stronger.

Stephen- Gold was goofing around near a rose quartz crystal while trying to create a hologram of Steven from the info on the ship's libraries. He messed up and accidentally created a half gem being that is not controlled by gold that looks like Steven at the start of his adventures. Gold named this guy Stephen because even though he has the personality and looks of Steven, he doesn't have the boy's memories. Stephen, unlike Steven has all gem abilities.


Season 1:

Episode one Hi Earth!: Gold,Jade, and Stephen crash on earth and meet Allen, where he is attacked by some rock monsters.

Episode Two El Mexico De Earth: The gang go to Mexico to find some treasure and then meet a person that doesn't know she is a gem. Then they are attacked by some kind of android trying to capture gems. Meanwhile, someone steals the treasure they were looking for.

Episode Three Beach City of earth under attack?: The gang are alerted of a corrupted gems presence in beach city by their ship and go there, only to find two giant white hands with cracked rocks in the middle of their palms attacking the city.

Episode Four So that's earth's defense: The team meet an organization that is responsible for fending off corrupted gem attacks on earth. The gang and the organization dubbed Alien Defense Initiative have some conflicts which starts a fight.

Episode Five Earth's hunters: They still fight A.D.I. But they start losing because of A.D.I. reinforcements and so the team retreat. When they return to their base, they decided to give themselves a name; The Crystal Hunters.

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