This is a character from the series Time & Space by Redwearsahood. All drawings of characters are drawn by her.



Star Sapphire is a very loyal friend. She never lies, and always is always there when you need her. Her personality is pure; she would never change who she is. Unlike her sister and fellow Guardian of Space, Star Sapphire has no secrets, and tells her four friends everything.


Star Sapphire's color scheme consists of different shades of blue. She has light blue skin and a small pointed nose. She has blue hair with navy blue tips pulled into a side braid. Her body shape resembles Garnet, however her outfit does not. She wears a blue tank top with a 6 pointed star coming from the side. She wears navy blue denim shorts. Her shoes are blue boots with wheels, (so pretty much roller blades.) and knee high navy blue socks.

Weapon and Abilities


Star Sapphire's gem is on the back of her neck. She summons a giant sledge hammer. Its is navy blue with a six pointed star on the front and sides.

Psychic Abilities

As the Star Sapphire gemstone was believed to help people see into the future, Star definitely incorporates that into her magical abilities. She can see into the future and predict what will happen. Since she never lies, this power is an obvious advantage. But, this is probably why the rest of the team gets mad at her on movie night.


Star Sapphire's roller blades give her the ability to get places quickly. Since she is skilled with her skating, so it is uncommon for her to trip or fall.



Star and Onyx are not the best of friends. Onyx often taunts her and she finds him extremely irritating. Onyx tries to playfully bother her whenever he gets the chance, hinting that he has a slight crush on her. Their fusion is Osmium. Their fusion weapon is a mace


Moonstone is Star Sapphire's Older sister by one hour. As children, they were very close and the best of friends. As they aged, Moonstone started to accept who she was, meaning she got quiet and secretive. She got very distant from everyone, but didn't completely shut them out. Their fusion is Moissanite. Their fusion weapons are ninja stars.


Star Sapphire and Aquamarine are as close as they can be. Star has once described him as "The sibling I never had!" Star Sapphire is aware of his crush on her sister. Their fusion is Pentagonite. Their fusion is the only one of Star Sapphire's fusions that has bright colors. This is mostly based on the positive relationship between them. Their fusion weapon is a harpoon.

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