Lily is a fanon character in Steven Universe. She is Lapis Lazuli`s sister and a member of the Crystal Gems. She is also voiced by Jennifer Paz.


Stacy Lazuli

Lily`s appearance is similar to her sister`s except she has purple and blue highlights in her hair and wears a blue and purple outfit matching her hair. 


Lapis Lazuli

She and Lapis appear to get along they both respect each other However Lily felt upset with her sister when she tried to destroy Pearl Garnet and Amethyst but Lapis soon apologizes to her sister for hurting Lily`s only friends and Lily accepts her apology.


Stacy and Peridot`s relationship is very antagonistic as in Stacy despises Peridot for hurting and placing her sister Lapis and Pearl and Amethyst trapped in a prison cell.


Stacy is revealed to despise Jasper just like she despises Peridot for trying to destroy her friends known as the Crystal Gems when Jasper calls Stacy`s sister Lapis a brat Stacy becomes furious towards Jasper and promises to destroy Jasper and Peridot.

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