This is the 4th episode of The Fire Gems!

It was a normal day at the Fire Gems temple Topaz , Jade And Zircon were talking about

an old member of the Fire Gems his name was Spinel

He had dark red hair and red skin his weapon was a gauntlet (similar to Zircon's).

Jade: So B. Zircon you were with Spinel during the war for earth?

B. Zircon: Yeah i was with him fighting the gems from Homeworld but they killed us, you guys found me

but i dont know where Spinel is , he can be anywhere

Topaz: he was a great member of the Fire Gems

A Giant Gem Comes Down on the island's beach

B. Zircon: What was that???

they rush outside , the gem regenerates into a giant white fusion

(the fusion had 3 gems two on his forehead and one on his right palm)

Jade: Summon your weapons!

Jade summons his double sided scythe

Topaz summons her bow and arrows

And B. Zircon summons His gauntlet

They all leap at the giant fusion

Jade Slashed it several times ,

while Topaz is shooting fire arrows at it

B. Zircon ran up on the fusion's back to the head and smashed his 2 gems!

Topaz Shot an arrow through his right chest and


The fusion split in to 2 gems

and the 2 gems regenerated

One of them was Amazonite and the other one was Axinite

(Axinite had 2 gems one on his forehead and one on his right palm)

Amazonite: so you were able to beat us as a fusion? well now you're gonna need to beat us


Zircon: Jade , Topaz you go kill Amazonite , ill try to kill Axinite!

Topaz and Jade: Ok!

Amazonite leaped to Topaz and Jade

Jade was slashing Amazonite ,

Topaz jumped high up in the air and shot 10 arrows at Amazonite!

Amazonite summoned his Blade and slashed Jade a lot of times ,

Poof Jade returned into his gem!

Topaz: NO!

B. Zircon was punching Axinite , he hit him in the chest and then his head

Axinite hit B. Zircon a few times but B. Zircon was still alive

B. Zircon hit him several times with his gauntlet and


Axinite Split into 2 gems

(back to Topaz)

Topaz shot 10 fire arrows at Amazonite !

He got weak and warped back to his base

Jade regenerated

Jade: Good Job Everyone!!!

Zircon picked up the 2 gems that fell to the ground

one of them was Spinel and the 2nd one was Hiddenite

Zircon: Guys Spinel was fused with Amazonite and Hiddenite his gem is here!!!!!

Jade and Topaz : What?!?!?

To Be Continued

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