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Spinel is a Kindergarten Gem and one of the main protagonists in Ember the ember dragon's fanon (If it is ever made). Being born in a kindergarten, not much information is about him.


Spinel has stocky body and has light reddish-pink skin. He has similar clothes to a miner except that they are a darker shade of his skin and have the homeworld symbol on them (dispute being on a REBEL team). He also has miner helmet. He has large eyes with a round nose. He has a gem as his tongue and is a few inches shorter than Pearl.


Spinel is a thick skull ed gem. He does try to make friends but everyone looks down on him. When he does get a friend he will try to protect them He does not have a great knowledge of anything since, as said earlier, he is a kindergarten gem . When it comes to friends he is very protective. Spinel is willing to learn about new things. He does have a tendency to ask alot of questions and talk alot.


Like all gems, Spinel can summon a weapon, shapeshift,fuse with other gems, and retreat to his gem to heal. The weapon he summons is a shovel, as he is a miner-like gem. He is also a very hardy gem, taking large amounts of hits before retreating back into a gem.

Unique abilities

  • Ramming: Spinel can run into objects like Jasper
  • Digging: He can quickly dig away




  • Spinel was originally a joke the creator, Ember the ember dragon made in his head (Gem placement is tongue, Gem weapon is shovel) but the oc later grew on him.
  • Spinel will be the only gem Ember has that takes the form of male



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