Spinel (Season 2B)






Gender Pronoun


Professional Status

Dawn Dusk Gem (Former)


Dawn Dusk Gems (Former)

Personal Status

Active? Broken/Dead? It's complicated.

First Appearance

Lucia II: The Big Screen (Message)

Music Theme "Kiる厭KiLL" from Kill la Kill
Voice Actor

Courtnee Draper

Spinel is a mysterious gem and is a character in Dawn Dusk Gems. All we know about her is that she managed to kill Moonstone, Idocrase, Malachite, and Larimar, but they were fortunately recovered. She plans to exterminate the Dawn Dusk Gems 31 days after Lucia II: The Big Screen. She was once a part of the Dawn Dusk Gems herself, but got killed by Smoky Quartz accidentally. However, she still exists physically, for some odd reason. The reason for this is unknown as of now.


Her gem is located on left side of her chest. It's octagon-faceted. She has pale grey skin and wavy dark grey hair seperated into two pigtails that fade into red. She has a black choker with a yellow diamond in the center. Her dress is mainly black, but her corset is red on the right and white on the left. Her dress fads from black to red. She has red socks and black flats.


Psychotic and cold, Spinel doesn't seem to care for any other lifeforms. She didn't hesitate to kill Star Lemon Quartz in Lucia II: The Big Screen. She has a hatred for the Dawn Dusk Gems for some odd reason.

In flashbacks, she seems kind and caring, asking for things nicely. This is a great contrast to what she is now.


Like all gems, she has the ability to shapeshift, summon a weapon, and fuse. Her weapon is a dagger. Her other abilities remain a mystery.


Dawn Dusk Gems

When she was part of the group, it seemed like they got along well. At least with everyone but Tiger's Eye. She seemed to be treated like an equal member of the group.


She loves him as much as she cares for herself. They had a secret affair when Tiger's Eye started disapproving of the two hanging out together.

Tiger's Eye

He a stupid shoveling tool.


  • In late February, Mr. Napcakes posted a picture of her gemstone. However, nobody noticed this until he pointed it out himself.
  • She was first drawn in October 2014 and was supposed to be a non-antagonistic gemsona.



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