Sphene is one of the main characters in




Sphene is a fun loving gem that likes poking fun at her friends(Mostly Hawk's eye). However, this side of her quickly changed when her gem is in danger. She panics alot when her gem is scratched, cracked and fears of her gem being shattered. When she retreats she tries to think of ways having it not happen again.


Carnelian: Good friends, yeah TBA

Star Ruby: Good friends, yeah TBA

Hawk's eye: Sphene is completely aware that Hawk finds her "hot" and has this not-so-subtle crush on her. Sphene likes to poke fun and taunt him for messing up a lot. She also tricks him to do saying she will go on a date with him.... and that date never happens.


Sphene has the ability to control and create fire.

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