Sour Cream is a canon character in Steven Universe.


Sour Cream is a teenager with pale blonde hair styled into a point, ice blue eyes, and a long, angular face. He wears a blue-grey hoodie over a grey-blue undershirt, baggy orange track pants with fake suspenders, and bright sea-foam green tennis shoes. He is often shown with a concerned facial expression. His pants can convert to shorts.


Sour Cream is soft-spoken and "chill" in most interactions. He enjoys dancing to electronic music and DJing for his "online friends."


Jenny&Buck Dewey

  • Presumably his two best friends who complete the "cool kids" group.
  • Takes rides with and hangs out with them frequently.

Steven Universe

  • Sour Cream is on good terms with Steven and enjoys his company.


  • Though he is not incredibly close with Lars, he, with his group of friends, befriends him at the end of "Lars and the Cool Kids" and later hangs out with him in "Joking Victim."


  • Rebecca Sugar has hinted that Onion is related to Sour Cream, though the nature of this relationship remains uncertain.
  • In a Steven Universe comic, Onion was seen riding on a motorcycle with Sour Cream.


  • In "Alone Together," Sour Cream half blushes while talking with Stevonnie and inviting them to the rave.


  • In "Alone Together" Kevin is at the rave he is DJing, implying Kevin is one of his "friends of the internet."


  • Sour Cream is shown in the opening theme song hanging out on the street corner near Buck Dewey, Jenny, and Onion.
  • The equipment (Game Boy,etc.) Sour Cream uses to DJ in "Alone Together" was inspired by the composers' skill with chip tune music and was brought to life by Ian Jones-Quartey.

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