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Songs from The Legend of Sapphire Series

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These are the songs that are played so far in the Legend of Sapphire series.

Song List

  1. The Frozen Heart: This was sung by Pearl and Sapphire to open a door at the temple of sound.
  2. Within The Frozen Night: This is sung by Sapphire and Jade as they confess how although they knew their kiss was wrong, they had no regrets.
  3. Will You Be With Me: This is sung by Steven thinking about when Lapis broke up with him.
  4. Forever In Your Heart: This is sung by Steven and the three brothers at a huge concert in an atempt for Steven to get back together with Lapis.
  5. A Broken Heart: This is sung by Steven and Green Tourmoline when Steven is heart broken when she leaves because of him.

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