Someone Who Changed My Life
DDG Ep 29 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 9
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Air date July 4th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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My Name Is Christa Quiet Place
"Someone Who Changed My Life" is the 9th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 29th overall episode of the series.


The Dawn Dusk Gems are told about how Smoky Quartz left them.


It’s morning at Greymont, and there are only a few clouds in the sky to be seen. The sun is shining, the seagulls fly over the black sand beaches, and the children are playing. But not for long. A giant flying gem monster is attacking the town by shooting energy blasts through its mouth, and the Dawn Dusk Gems has the responsibility of taking care of it. The eagle gem monster flies over the streets as cars rush through them, trying to get out of the crossfire. Civilians scream and shout, running all over the place. Luckily, three gems warp in from the black sand beach. The run into the streets and look up at the eagle-like gem monster. A brown one glares with titanium boots, a pale blue one looks a bit unsure holding a polearm, and a pink one looks ready to fight with his hand-claws out. But the brown lady puts her arm in front of the pink one, signaling him not to do anything.

Rhodo: Smoky, I-

Smoky: I can handle this myself. You two stay here and keep an eye on the citizens.

Apatite: Are you completely sure you can handle this by yourself?

Smoky: Yes, now get moving!

Apatite and Rhodo nod, running all around Greymont, leading the citizens to the beach where it was safer. Smoky fought the gem monster with no problems. The eagle shot an energy blast at Smoky, but she had a unique ability. Smoky jumped with her titanium boots absorbed the energy blast inside them. Her boots were glowing. She jumped on top of cars and rooftops to reach the eagle, and it worked. She targeted the eagle and kicked it with all of the energy she absorbed, blasting the eagle so hard, it reverted back to its gemstone, making it fly. Luckily, Apatite caught it with her clouds and slowly brought it to herself. She bubbled it as Smoky came walking back to the beach. The citizens were cheering and Smoky smiled, waving at them. Apatite bubbled the gem monster’s gemstone and talked with Smoky and Rhodo.

Apatite: Nice work, Smoky.

Smoky: I should say the same for you two. You did splendid jobs guiding the townsfolk out of harm.

Rhodo: Heh, it was nothing.

Apatite: We should get home now.. Lucia needs to be fed.

Smoky: I’ll meet you there. I’m gonna go grab a snack.

Apatite nodded and took Rhodo to the warp. Rhodo turned his head to Smoky, shouting.


Smoky signals her hand yes, which leaves Rhodo smiling. Apatite and Rhodo warp away as Smoky walks through the empty streets, which were about to be populated once more. She walks downtown and stops by a small convenience store called “Dusk ‘til Dawn”. She walks inside, walking around on the ceramic floor. The ceiling lights flicker every once in a while. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is playing quietly throughout the store. Smoky walks to the freezers and opens it. She likes the chill. She takes out a can of Fanta for Rhodo and walks over to the snack shelf. She takes out some Twinkies for herself and a cup of Instant Ramen Noodles for Apatite. She walks over to the mahogany counter and places the items on top of it, she spotted a bell on her left, so she pounded on it, accidentally breaking it. Her eyes lit up.

Smoky: Whoops!

Smoky diverts her eyes away from the broken bell, waiting for the cashier to come over. She was tapping her left foot along the beat of the song playing. Suddenly, a man with brown hair (as well as a lighter brown streak through it) and a strong build that appears to be in his 20s barges through the door. He rushes behind the counter. Smoky watches him, a bit confused. He’s panting.

???: S-sorry ma’am! When that.. When that thing came flying about, I… *cough* I had to leave the store!

The man notices that she’s the woman who saved Greymont. He grabs a bottle of water and chugs most of it down. He places it down, cap off. He seems fine now.

???: Hey… You’re the magic lady that saved the town!

Smoky: Oh, it was nothing, really..

???: No no! It was REALLY something! Tell ya what; for doin’ that, I’m going to let you have those items for free!

Smoky: Oh, really? Well I insist payi-

???: And I insist that you take those home without having to pay for it! You deserve it!

The man places the items in a plastic bag as Smoky smiles and keeps talking.

Smoky: Why thank you, uh..

She looks for a name tab and notices the man’s strong build. She diverts her eyes from his pectoral muscles and to his face. He stares back, smiling.

Henry: Call me Henry. Smoky: Ah, okay… Thank you, Henry.

Smoky walks to the front door as Henry waves goodbye. But then he shouts at her.

Henry: W-wait! I never caught your name, ma’am!

Smoky turns around and chuckles.

Smoky: It’s Smoky. Smoky Quartz.

She turns back and walks to the black sand beach where the warp pad was located. Henry goes in the back of the store and to the kitchen. He sees his best friend, Casey, a tall woman with short, wavy auburn hair and a tattoo of an apple and a snake on her left forearm. They both smile.

Casey: Who was it?

Henry: A pretty attractive lady. She kinda saved the town from a giant eagle monster thing.

Casey: That was her?! Aw man, if only I’d have known!

Henry: She was… Pretty nice.

Casey: So.. Are you gonna make a move?

Casey smirks. Henry blushes a bit and becomes a bit hesitant.

Henry: W-what? Oh-okay she wasn’t THAT attractive but-

Casey: You like her. Admit it, dude.

There’s a brief silence as Henry blushes more. He looks Casey straight in the eye, who was still waiting for an answer.

Henry: .. Okay. I like her.


On the Rise Island sands, three gems are having a little picnic on a cute checkered blanket. Apatite was eating her ramen noodles, Rhodo was sipping some Fanta and eating some DcMonald’s Fries, and Smoky was eating her twinkies and sipping her Icelandic Tea. They all stare at the calm ocean as small waves crashed against the shore. Apatite turns to Smoky.

Apatite: You took longer.

Smoky: Hm?

Apatite: You took a bit longer than usual, Smoky… May I ask why?

Smoky: Oh, why you see, I met this really intriguing man at the store… He was nice enough to let us have these items for free!

Apatite: A human... Hm, that’s nice of the man to do that. What was his name?

Smoky: Henry, I believe.

Rhodo: I think I know him! He used to make stuff cheaper for me because I gave him relationship advice.

Apatite: Relationship advice from you? What would you know about girls?

Rhodo: I live with two of them!

Apatite: Oh. Right…

Rhodo laughs while Smoky smiles, laughing quietly. Apatite smirks as well, and starts to laugh along with them. They all continued to eat, then they went back inside the Dawn Dusk Temple to rest some more.

Henry: Alright… You can do this, Henry…

Henry Helix was in the kitchen of the convenience store, Dusk ‘’til Dawn, waiting for Smoky Quartz to come for her daily snack. He had everything written down. He knew that she came to Greymont for snacks at around 6:30 PM, but not on Wednesdays and Sundays. On Monday’s, she usually went at around 3:15 PM. It seemed pretty insane for Henry to memorize all of this, but he really wanted to get somewhere with Smoky. He held a bouquet of black and orange roses uneasily. Casey was microwaving some food for herself in the same room. She snickers.

Casey: Black and orange, huh? How romantic.

Henry: H-hey, I’m not good with this kind of stuff, okay?..!

Casey: Oh, calm down. You’ll do just fine! Just be yourself or some baloney like that.

Henry: … Oh, okay. I’ll try.

Casey: Good, now get out there and get your woman!

Henry nods and exits the back room with the bouquet being held by both hands, behind him. Smoky Quartz walks in to see Henry, smiling. She walks over to the snack aisle, grabs some Cheetos, and walks over to Henry to purchase them.

Smoky: Nice to see you again, Mr. Helix.

Henry: … Please, just call, uh… Just call me Henry.

Smoky giggles. She takes out some cash to purchase the snack.

Smoky: Henry it is, then.

As she places money on the counter, Henry pulls out the bouquet of black and orange roses. Smoky’s eyes lit up, making her slowly smile. She seems joyous. Henry is relieved that she appreciates the flowers.

Henry: I, uh… I want to give this to you!

Smoky: Oh, Henry, these roses are beautiful! Black and orange are my favorite colors, in fact!

Henry: R-really?

Smoky: Mhm! I don’t know why, but those two colors seem to have some sort of… Importance to me. At least I assume so.

Henry: Well, I-

Smoky: So what are the roses for?

Henry is hesitant, but Smoky waits patiently. She’s standing there, fixing her hair as Henry is still trying to bring himself to confess his love. Then the words come out.

Henry: Smoky… I like you!

Smoky: I like you too! You’re a really intriguing human man.

Henry: No, I mean.. LIKE YOU, like you. You know… Love.

Henry blushes. Smoky pauses, surprised by this. Her eyes sparkle and she slowly blushes. She giggles as Henry watches, afraid of her reaction. Suddenly, she pulls him in and kisses him on the lips, his eyes lighting up from surprise, but closing when he realises their love is mutual. The lights flicker as they continue to share their passionate kiss.

It’s sunset on a resort island, and Smoky and Henry are sitting on the calm beach as the tides lower and the waves calm down. They’re sitting beside each other, Smoky pregnant, and Henry looking a bit distressed. It’s about 10 years into the future. Smoky is concerned for his health. She turns to him, looking worried.

Smoky: We came here to relax, Henry.. Everything is going to be fine.

Henry: I’m just… I’m just afraid, Smoky. Afraid of the fact that you’ll leave my life for good.

Smoky: Please don’t think of things that way…

She looks down at her stomach, then back at Henry.

Smoky: You’ll have a little bundle of joy to take care of you.

She smiles, but he doesn’t smile back. Seeing this, she frowns.

Henry: Doesn’t this scare you as well?

Smoky hesitates and looks at the ocean. She starts to look distressed, and closes her eyes, trying not to think of her inevitable fate.

Smoky: I am… I’m scared as Hell…

Smoky turns to Henry and smiles.

Smoky: But it’s nothing we can’t get through. We CAN get through this. Together.

She shares a caring hug with Henry as he begins to tear up. Smoky starts to tear a bit as well.

Henry: … I love you.

Smoky: I love you too….


Christa: That’s how it went about… At least that’s what my old man told me, at least.

Apatite: So that’s the story… I see.

Apatite stands up and places her hand on Christa’s shoulder. The Dawn Dusk Gems watch them. Everything’s silent besides the ocean and the small fire in the center.

Apatite: Christa, I now pronounce you an honorary member of the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Christa smiles. Malachite, Idocrase, and Rhodo all woohoo! as Moonstone and Larimar smile. Agate is grinning, excited for a new member of the group to join him.

Christa: I won’t let you down.




  • Smoky's Twinkies
  • Rhodo's Can of Fanta
  • Apatite's Instant Ramen Noodles
  • Cute Little Checkered Blanket
  • Black and Orange Rose Bouquet


  • Greymont (Flashback)
  • Rise Island


  • Smoky is revealed to be able to absorb energy inside her boots and use that energy for her own attacks.
  • In the flashback, Henry and Casey are best friends and aren't married, nor do they show any romantic interest in each other her.
  • This flashback takes place in the 1980's.
    • This is shown when "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", a song created in 1983, played in the convenience store, Dusk 'til Dawn.
  • Apatite, Rhodo, and Smoky Quartz are the only Dawn Dusk Gems present in the flashback.
    • This means the flashback takes place after Corundum's exile, Tiger's "becoming one with Lucia", Malachite, Moon, and Idocrase's extermination, and Larimar being stuck at Rose's Temple in fear.
  • Christa becomes an honorary member of the Dawn Dusk Gems.



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