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Jet Lignite

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Sodalite is a main protagonist in Outcasted to Earth.


Sodalite is a very tall, slightly muscular male Gem. He has both a dark blue goatee and spiky hair, pale blue monkey tail and skin, and two watery blue eyes. His gem, at the center of his forehead, is a similar shade of blue like his eyes. His attire is mostly casual with the dark blue sandals and cargo pants that are rolled up to his knees, but a notable article of clothing he has is his navy blue gi with a light grey trim and a belt that has a darker grey.


Sodalite is very energetic since he can usually be caught climbing around wherever he's at, but can also be collective as he meditates some of the time when not fighting. He is also very peaceful, only fighting when he thinks physical combat is truely necesary, and usually comes up with different strategies for those who do. However, this also comes into play when he's not fighting, as he usually plays the occassional pratical joke.


Just like all gems, Sodalite can summon a weapon, shapeshift, and hide in his gem to heal. His weapon is a bo staff, and usually transforms into a monkey, as he considers it his favorite creature on Earth. However, when Sodalite does transform back, he usually keeps around the tail. He is also very acrobatic, as Sodalite can be seen climbing and running around to either train or fight boredom that his meditation session couldn't fill. He's also a very nimble fighter, able to do flips and kicks with his bo staff. However, his speed comes at a disadvantage, as he isn't very resilient when compared to others.


Jet Lignite

Although being complete opposites, Jet and Sodalite rely on each other in combat withe Jet being the brawn to his brains. Outside of combat, they are extremely good friends as they arrived on Earth together from their home. However, Jet is usually a victim to Sodalite's pranks, but Jet can forgive him for it easily, although in an annoyed tone.


Before leaving for Earth, Diopside was Sodalite's mentor. Hwoever, when Sodalite learned how cruel even his own teacher could become, the two became bitter enemies.


  • The way Sodalite acts like a monkey sometimes and has the tail of one is a reference to the Faunus from RWBY.
    • To an extent, he can also be a reference to the monkey Faunus from the series, Sun Wukong.
  • His wise, yet trickster nature along with Sodalite being voiced by John de Lancie is a reference to Q from Star Trek.
  • Sodalite's peaceful mindset and practice of meditation is due to the gem's mythology, where it's said it can grant inner peace.


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