this is a song in the legend of onix series

song summery

steven as the fussion of diamond engage onix in a musical battle for the universe


Diamond/steven(rapping):this is diamond

back again

and were never going down in the dark of your evil clutch, we shall fight agean

cause i out number you one on ten

it is time for the end of your rule

so lets end it you power crazed fool

come on lets fight agean

this time its one on ten

Diamond/steven(they begin to fight):

try to fight me if you think that you are able

beacuse the powers of the light is equaly as stable

we will rise is the light and you will fall in the darkness

cause of your impulsive foolishness

we are gonna all stand strong together

we are gonna end this all forever

we will fight to the end, we will battle to the end

you will never take over us ever

so let go

oh-oh-oh-oh-oh   oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (2x

onix(attacks at steven/diamond): you think that you will win, useing all the light

but you will never stop me in the heat of the fight

in the dark i rise, when the dark will call

as the light will end, in the dark you will fall

try to fight me if you think that you are able

beacuse the powers of the dark is equaly as stable

i will true leave a final mark

as i will leave you in dark

you think that you will all stand stong together

but you will all die all together

now this will end,this will finaly end

i will conquer the world forever

so lets go

oh-oh-oh-oh-oh   oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (2x

onix (speeking): once this ends your girlfreand is next)

(onix charges his staff to attack steven/diamond)

(steven/diamond): you may take my heart, you may take me soul

but you'll never stop me loveing lapis lazuli

she is in my heart, she is in my soul

you can never see, that were truely ment to be

(steven/diamond continuse fighting)

try to fight me if you think that you are able

beacuse the powers of the light is equaly as stable

you think that you will conquer the world

but you passion and love will never be unfearld

i will take away all the pain

all the fear and the suffering

(steven/diamond creates two orbs of light and combines them

i give you the love, i give you the passion

now you will truly know

so lets go

(he fires a beam of light at onix that hits him

oh-oh-oh-oh-oh   oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (2x

(a massive flash of flight comes from onix restoring him to normal)


  • the song is based on the fight agenst garnet and jasper in the episode jailbreak
  • the melody is based on the song stronger then you in the steven universe series
  • this is the longest song in the legend of onix series

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