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Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date February 22nd, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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On the Rise Frozen Hearts

"Snowfall" is the 6th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 6th overall episode of the series.


The Gems try to get back to Rise Island before they run out of time.


Rhodo: Gosh darnit, did they already take it?

Apatite: It seems so. The Galaxy Warp will be destroyed soon.

Apatite, Rhodo, and Lucia were on a mission to retrieve the Shooting Star. However, someone already took it with them. Lucia got quite bored, so she laid down on the icy floor of the cavern.

Apatite: We’d better get back. I remember that there was a crack on the warp pad.

Rhodo: Really? That kinda sucks. Do you think it’ll still work?

Apatite: Mhm. All we need to do is get back to the warp pad before that crack expands. Otherwise, we go back on foot.

Rhodo: Got it.

The team ventured out of the cavern where the Shooting Star was supposed to be held. They went through various rooms, containing beautiful crystal sceneries and bright lights. However, one room was filled with fallen rocks.

Rhodo: I got this.

Rhodo summoned his weapons from his gem, closing his eyes to concentrate while his gem glowed for a second. He summoned two hand-claws, and used them to slice all the rocks. The room was still filled with minerals, but there was an opening available. Apatite rolled her eyes, as she filled the opening with her clouds. She forcefully expanded the clouds, causing the rocks to shatter and expand the room. There were cracks everywhere. She made the clouds disappear voluntarily.

Rhodo: Guess the healing elixir helped much?

Apatite: Yeah, but I still need a bit of practice before I can successfully heal a gem monster.

Rhodo: So only cracks?

Apatite: Yes, only cracks.

Apatite and Rhodo went to the next room, where Lucia laid on the floor again. Apatite and Rhodo sat down next to Lucia for a bit.

Rhodo: Hey, Apatite. Can I ask ya something?

Apatite: I suppose.

He seemed distressed a bit. Rhodo took a moment before he asked the question.

Rhodo: What do you think happened to the group?

Apatite: …

She didn’t want to think about this question. She tried to forget about the disappearance of the group, but she couldn’t hold back her sorrow.

Apatite: I.. I genuinely don’t know, Rhodo. I don’t have a clue.

Rhodo: It’s fine. I’m sorry I asked…

Rhodo and Apatite looked up at the crystal-like ceiling. Rhodo felt nostalgic.

Rhodo: Didn’t Moon use to love this place.

Apatite: Yeah… Moonstone used to visit this place whenever her group completed a mission well. They used to have picnics on top of this mountain. They didn’t eat anything, but they always asked me to make their meals.

Rhodo: I gotta admit; You make hella good chicken tenders.

Apatite: How nice of you to say that.

They then realized that they were racing the clock, so they got back up, woke up Lucia, and ventured to the next room. However, Lucia was alerted by something. The room started to shake peacefully. Then more. Then more. Then more, to the point where it felt like a serious earthquake. Apatite made a cloud shield over the group, and they ducked. Crystals from the ceiling fell and shattered. Then, a white gem fell. The crystals stopped falling, and Apatite got rid of the cloud shield. The group looked mortified.

Apatite: Oh my God. Is that-

Rhodo: It’s Moonstone?!

Apatite and Rhodo rushed to the white gem as Lucia watched. Apatite tried to heal her. She took a deep breath, and hovered her hands over the gem. To her surprise, the white gem started to glow!

Rhodo and Apatite both took a step back, with shocked expressions. The gem floated in the air, summoning an elegant white gem with her gem located on her forehead. She looked tired, and fell to the floor, kneeling down. Rhodo rushed to her, and Apatite and Lucia got closer. Moonstone opened her eyes and glanced at Rhodo.

Moon: … R-Rhodo?..

He hugged her, to her surprise. She hugged him too. They both stood up to talk formally.

Apatite: Words can not express the intense emotions I’m feeling… Welcome back, Moon!

Moon: Thank you, but I don’t think I’ll stay here for long…

Rhodo: What?!

Apatite and Rhodo were both surprised. What did she mean by this? Apatite: Pardon me?! Please explain!

Moon: I feel the energy near my gem getting weaker. I think I might have to revert back to it soon.

Rhodo: Is there anyway we can help?!...

Moon: I’m afraid not… But I can tell you some valuable information.

Apatite: Yes?

Moonstone looked down at her slippers, fixed her dress and looked Apatite in the eye.

Moon: Larimar wasn’t attacked. She’s still wandering around somewhere. I think she might be at Rose’s Temple…

Rhodo remembered that Jace saw two feet back when they were there to retrieve Comet Halley.  That was Larimar! He felt like an idiot for dismissing Jace.

Rhodo: Jace saw her there! He saw two feet through a small hole in the wall. That had to be her!

Apatite: Really? That’s sensational! We have to get over there now!

Rhodo: Wait, didn’t you say something about not being attacked? Who attacked you? Why?...!

Moon: I-I-

Before she could answer them, and tell them the whereabouts of Idocrase, she reverted back to her gem. Apatite was disappointed, but she bubbled her gem. The room was silent.

Rhodo: We should get back now, before the warp pad breaks…

Apatite: Yeah...




  • Shooting Star (Artifact) (Mentioned)
  • Comet Halley (Artifact) (Mentioned)
  • Moonstone's Gem (Mostly Inactive)


  • The Mountain
  • Rose's Temple (Mentioned)


  • This marks the first episode Apatite uses her healing abilities.
  • This is the first appearance of Moonstone.

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