Snakes and Snow
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date June 19th, 2015
Written by *Mr. Napcakes
Directed by *Mr. Napcakes
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"Snakes and Snow" is the 1st episode of the first season in The Ice Guardians, and the 1st overall episode of the series.


The Ice Guardians go on a mission to the Kelvetta River to chase down a gem monster.


Snowfall. Ice surrounds the cold, dark world, making it very difficult to see through. The whiteness in view is endless. But sounds of walking through snow are heard. Lots of them. Then suddenly, a fire being lit. A group of four can be seen, with one gem holding the fire with her left palm and her left palm covering her forehead, where her gem was located. One magenta-colored gem with a sleeveless hoodie is hugging himself to keep warm. One gem is walking a bit faster than the others due to her boots. Then, one gem falls over face first. The gem holding the fire sighs and turns around.

Sphene: Can you be a bit less clumsy, Hawk?

Hawk's Eye: Sorry.

The magenta-colored gem helps him up.

Star Ruby: You okay, Hawk?

Hawk gets closer to Ruby and farther away from Sphene. Carnelian, the gem walking faster than the others, waits for Sphene to catch up to her.

Hawk: Yeah. Hey, are you good friends with Sphene?

Ruby: Well, obviously... We're on the same team, after all.

Hawk: Can you be my wingman? Make me look good, I mean.

Ruby blushes and raises an eyebrow.

Ruby: I-I don't know if I-

Sphene: We're literally less than 6 feet away, I can hear everything you say.

Hawk blushes.

Carnelian: Next time, get some distance. Like me!

Ruby: Y-yeah...

Ruby catches up with Carnelian and Sphene. Hawk walks a bit faster.

Hawk: H-hey! Wait for me!

Hawk eventually catches up and they make it to a river, which is surprisingly not frozen. Ruby looks fascinated.

Carny: How much do you want to bet that Hawk's going to fall in it?

Hawk pushes Carnelian, blushing.

Hawk: SHUT UP!

Sphene laughs at Carnelian while Ruby snickers quietly. Carnelian stumbles over and glares at Hawk, punching the back of his head, making him fall into the river. Sphene laughs harder as Carnelian joins her, but Ruby stops snickering to run to Hawk, worried.

Ruby: God, Hawk! Are... Are you alright?..!

Hawk's Eye: Cold, mentally not okay, but physically, i'm good. 

Hawk glares at Carnelian.

Carny: You sure you were mentally okay to begin with?

Sphene: Well what are we going to do? Do you want some fire to warm ya up? 

Hawk: Isn't this the river we are going to anyways?

Ruby: Yep. This is the Kelvetta River.

Sphene: From the looks of it yes, but where is that gem monster?

Ruby: It's a giant serpent-like thing... It could be lurking anywhere.

Ruby looks to his left, then to his right. There's a damaged warp pad in view. Ruby walks towards it.

Ruby: I'll work on the warp pad here. We have some extra robonoids in store after we, er, left...

Sphene: Good thinking, Ruby.

The remaining three gems walk along the riverside, looking for signs of the corrupted gem. It's awfully cold, but that doesn't bother them by much.

Sphene: I am betting that gem monster is somewhere in the water.

Hawk: Well then who's going in?

Sphene: Not me!

Carny: I say Hawk does!

Sphene: Well that's final, Hawk, you going in?

Hawk smirks and starts stretching.

Hawk: Step aside, ladies. I got this.

He steps into the water, then immediately runs out.

Hawk: On second thought, Carnelian does it!

Carny: How manly.

Sphene: Hawk, we voted you so  YOU do it!

Hawk: But it's cold!

Hawk frowns, and so do the others. Several seconds pass, and Sphene comes up with an idea.

Sphene: I might go on a date with you if you do.

Hawk gains a huge grin and dives into the river. Sphene and Carnelian laugh at him as he swims, but little did they know that they weren't alone. Suddenly, the river starts shaking, and the gems stop laughing. Hawk slowly walks out of the river, but it was too late. Suddenly, a enormous snake erupts from the lake and looks down upon the three gems. Hawk is flung out of the river and into the hard icy floor. The creature roars as Hawk slowly gets up. It was obvious he was still dazed from the fall.The two gems run towards him.

Hawk: Do I get my date, now?

Sphene: ....You do if you help fight that gem monster!

Hawk: You lied to me!

Carnelian frowns and slaps Hawk. The snake rushes towards them.

Carny: MOVE!

Carnelian drags Hawk to a safer area and Sphene runs with them. They all summon their weapons. From the east, Ruby starts running towards them. He has a robonoid beside him.

Ruby: Guys, I fixed the w-

He notices the giant snake and his friends holding their weapons. Sphene's about to burn the snake alive. Carnelian notices Ruby.

Carny: Don't just stand there, Ruby! Do something!

Ruby: Agh, s-sorry!

Sphene: I think I got this!

Hawk: Can you do it a bit faster?

Sphene: Hawk, if you want to defeat this thing faster, then why don't you do something?!

Ruby stands back. He inhales, then as he exhales, his gem starts to glow. Suddenly, white glowing blades errupt from his gem and hover in front of him. The 10 blades spread out, stop glowing, and Ruby is in a fighting stance. He starts moving his fingers around, controlling the blades with each finger.

Ruby: Hold on!

Ruby thrusts his arms forward and his hands form a fist. The blades charge toward the snake and stab its neck, causing it to cry out in pain. Sphene summons a huge flame from her palms, forcing them towards the corrupted gem, burning it and hurting it badly.

Sphene: Score!

Hawk charges at the monster, slicing at it with his gladiator scissors. It's neck is badly damaged, and it starts to get weaker and weaker. Carnelian then runs towards the monster. She jumps up, and slices the monster's stomach. The monster pauses, and errupts into smoke. A gem falls from the sky and hits Hawk in the head, causing him to fall. Sphene runs towards the fallen gem and bubbles it quickly. The others run to Hawk to see how he was doing. Ruby gets close to him.

Ruby: Hawk, are you okay?!

Hawk glares at him.

Hawk: Of course I am! This is me you're talking to!

Ruby: Of... Of course you are. Sorry.

Ruby gets away from Hawk to let Sphene see him.

Sphene: Well of course you are ok, your skull is pretty thick!

Hawk: And that's the way I like it! So how about that date?

Sphene chuckles and pats him on the head

Sphene: Hawk, you're hilarious.

Hawk: Aw, come on! You lied again!

Everyone but Hawk laughs, and they all walk home to their temple.


It's night time at the Ice Guardian Temple, and Ruby is in his room. It's and endless magenta room with club music and neon lights. The room pulses, as if it was a heartbeat. If it weren't for the neon lights, the room would be pitch black, not like the room was dark already. The walls were filled with Ruby's sketches; some he really worked hard on and some he just drew in the span of several minutes. He's running, however. Running out of the temple. As he runs, the temple door activates in thin 6-pointed star formation as his gem glows. As he exits the temple, he looks at the beautiful scenery, but still panting. He notices the ocean below him, then turns around. There's a statue of a 10 armed fusion, and it's gigantic. The entire temple is against a mountain. There's a warp pad in front of the temple door that Ruby is standing on. He turns to his left and notices a snow covered staircase. He quickly runs up it so nobody can notice him. The staircase leads to the top of the cliff, which leads to a plateau. In the distance, he sees a very light lavender glow. He looks worried, still panting. He runs towards it as fast as he can. The screen goes black.




  • Warp Pad
  • Snake Gem Monster's Gem


  • Kelvetta River
  • Ice Guardian Temple
    • Star Ruby's Room





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