Smoke and Mirrors
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Season 1, Episode 17
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Air date April 18th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"Smoke and Mirrors" is the 17th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 17th overall episode of the series.


The Dawn Dusk Gems try to recover Moonstone and Idocrase and find Larimar.


The team just came back from a dangerous mission, and now they’re resting at Apatite’s room, where everything is pretty much made of blue tinted clouds. Malachite brought her television all the way from Rhodo’s room to Apatite’s room. They watched a television show called “Gravity Falls”. Rhodo was laying on a napping Lucia.

Rhodo: Man, this is my new favorite show!

Malachite: Oh, just WAIT until you get to Season 2!

Apatite: I don’t understand… Who’s the man with the fez?

Malachite: Grunkle Stan!

Apatite: Oh… What?

Before Apatite’s confusion stopped, Malachite’s bracelet started to ring. She checked her bracelet. It was an alarm.

Malachite: Oh, hey! It’s time to go get Larimar!

They all stood up. Lucia gets up from her nap.

Apatite: Really?

Rhodo: Aw, sick!

Malachite turned off her alarm.

Apatite: You set up an alarm for when the plant life would be less violent?

Malachite: If my timing was right, I’m pretty sure this is when it would calm down. Otherwise, we’re screwed.

Rhodo: Hopefully, we won’t be screwed!

They leave Apatite’s room and go to the Blue Burning Room. To activate the door to the room, Apatite simply activated the temple door, but also saying “Blue Burning Room” which opened the gate to the Blue Burning Room. They walked slowly on the ceramic floor. The blue glow from the blue magma in the center of the room kept gloomy room lit. Apatite looked at the ceiling of the Blue Burning Room and was amazed at all the gems they captured for so many centuries. Rhodo was a bit amazed to, but Malachite went straight to business.

Malachite: Okay, should I scan for the location of Moonstone and Idocrase’s gems?

Apatite: If I can heal them, yes…

Malachite: Okay, be careful…

Malachite scanned the entire room with a hologram she projected with her bracelet, and she got the results she needed. Lucia was attracted to the bright green lights. Malachite points to one of the walls of the circular room.

Malachite: They’re in the same place. That’s convenient!

The Dawn Dusk Gems, along with Lucia, dashed over to the spot Malachite pointed to. Rhodo patted Lucia and asked her to pop the bubbles, and she roared. The bubbles popped, and the gems flew down. Apatite caught Moonstone’s gem and Rhodo caught Idocrase’s gem. They placed them on the floor.

Rhodo: You think you can do this?

Apatite: I’ll try…

Malachite: Try your best, dude!

Apatite took a deep breath and hovered her hands over the gems of her friends. Nothing happened, but Apatite continued to stay in her position. She looked like she felt something. She felt energy. Life. Something inside those gems. It was like a maze. She had to find her way through, and that’s how she could recovered them. When she finished, she released her hands from their aching position and panted. To all of their surprises, the gems started to glow! Apatite was shocked, but in a good way, as well as the others. Even Lucia had her eyes wide open. Moonstone’s gem flew 5 feet above the ground and Idocrase’s gem flew 3 feet. Their humanoid figures took form, and appeared to be the Moonstone and Idocrase Apatite, Rhodo, Malachite, and Lucia have all known and loved. Moonstone fell to the floor, kneeling down. Idocrase tumbled over due to his anticlimactically small stature. They both struggled to get up. Apatite and Malachite helped Moon while Rhodo helped Idocrase up. Moonstone looked at Apatite’s smile and Malachite surprised face. She hugged the two of them. Idocrase got excited and jumped up and down. He high fived Rhodo, who was laughing with delight. They all group hugged. Lucia got in the middle and roared.

Moonstone: Oh, I’m SO glad to see you guys again!

Idocrase: It’s good to be me!

Moonstone glared at Idocrase.

Idocrase: Oh, yeah. Thanks!

Rhodo laughed.

Rhodo: Same old Idocase!

They went to the Rise Island sands outside of the Dawn Dusk Temple. They sat down, discussing their plans.

Moon: So how did you do it?

Apatite: Hm?

Moon: How is it that you were able to recover me when you weren’t able to before?

Apatite: I guess I really wanted to recover you this time. It took most of my energy to be able to recover you. I’m glad it worked, nevertheless.

Idocrase: Hey, let’s go on a mission!

Moon looked down at Idocrase.

Moon: Idocrase! We were just recovered! Let’s enjoy our time of peace while it lasts!

Rhodo: Hey, Moon. Sorry but we kinda do have to go on a mission?

Malachite: It’s Lari.

Apatite: I believe Larimar is still at Rose’s Temple-

Moon: As do I.

Apatite: -And I believe it would be best to go there now and search for her.

Idocrase: What about the crazy plants?

Malachite: They’re not crazy now! Yay!

Idocrase: Yeah!!

They all stood up and walked to the warp pad. Idocrase jumped up and down.

Idocrase: Oh my god, it’s been SO long since I’ve been on one of these things!

Moonstone smiled and turned to Apatite.

Moon: Let’s go.

Apatite warped all 6 of them (that includes Lucia) to Rose’s Temple. To their unfortunate surprise, the temple’s plant life wasn’t calm. There were barbed vines everywhere, including the doorway. It was a long path to the entrance of the temple, and the vines looked hostile. This wasn’t a problem for the Dawn Dusk Gems, however.

Malachite: Aw, man! I really thought my scanner was right this time!

Idocrase: This SUCKS!

Apatite: Calm down, Idocrase. We can get through the pathway as a team. All we need to do is use our abilities to the fullest.

Moon: That seems reasonable.

Rhodo: Well then. Let’s go for it! Rhodo runs towards the pathway, only to be stopped by a gust of wind. He turns behind him, only to see a disapproving Moonstone with her traditional Japanese fan extended through her right arm. She closed it and made it vanish.

Moon: Rhodo… What part of team don’t you understand?

Rhodo: Sorry, I got a bit carried away!...

The team finally got in a circle. Moonstone summoned her fan again from the gem on her forehead, doing many movements to create a wind barrier dome around them. Apatite was ready to summon her clouds when the vines tried to strike. Idocrase summoned his blade from his belly-button placed gem. Rhodo summoned his hand-claws and got into his fighting stance. Malachite summoned her scythe gracefully, twirling it around. Lucia roared to make the vines go away momentarily.

Apatite: On 3… 1…

Malachite, Rhodo, and Idocrase: THREEEEE!!

The 3 less brighter ran for it, slicing everything in their path. Rhodo was slicing the vines quickly into multiple pieces while Malachite and Idocrase were slicing any vines coming towards them. Apatite and Moonstone looked disappointed.

Moon: Are we the only ones who listen in Divisions B and C?

Apatite: I’m afraid so...

Apatite and Moonstone ran towards the 3 gems fighting for themselves to protect them even more. They ran to the entrance without a problem. They got inside safely, and Apatite sealed the door with one of her clouds so that no vines could come in and harm them. They ventured throughout the temple for quite a while. Rhodo finally noticed the holed that Jace mentioned. He pointed towards the hole with surprise.

Rhodo: Over here! Break this wall!

Malachite repelled the wall, causing it to break into bricks. The team all rushed into the secret hidden room. What they saw was a frightened Larimar, sitting on the floor with her arms around her knees. She was looking down, depressed, until she noticed her friends. She looked up with tears running down one of her eyes. She quickly stood up and ran towards Moon, hugging her tight. She was so happy, yet she continued to cry.

Larimar: I’m sorry..! S-sorry…

Moon: You don’t need to be sorry for anything, Lari… It’s okay.. It’s okay..

Moon comforted her by patting her back as Lari continued to cry. She finally released her grip and wiped her tears away. She crouched down hugged Lucia, and she purred. She stood up again.

Larimar: I-I can’t believe you’re here…!

Malachite: Took A LOT of effort to find you Lari.

Apatite: But that’s fine now! And if I could ask, why couldn’t you leave when you had the chance?

Larimar checked behind her to see if anyone was there, but there wasn’t. She turned towards her friends and hesitated nervously, but answered.

Larimar: I… W-we’re being followed! A gem.. She tried… She tried to kill me…!

Larimar broke into tears again and her voice started to crack.

Apatite comforted Larimar.

Apatite: Shh… It’s okay.. It’s okay.. Go on…

Larimar: B-but… When she… When she said that I wasn’t worth killing, a-and just left! B-but… Sometimes… Sometimes I see her.. And I’m scared to l-leave..! I was so scared that if I tried to leave, she’d come after me! I didn’t want to die, Apatite..! I didn’t…

Apatite continued to comfort Larimar until she stopped crying. She stopped hugging her so she could let Larimar wipe her tears again.

Rhodo: Lari.. Can you, uh, remember her name?

Larimar: Her name.. She said her name was Spinel..

Apatite: Spinel? I feel like I’ve heard that name before..

Moon: We should go home and think about it. It’s a bit dangerous here.

Idocrase: Yeah, let’s go, Lari!

Larimar smiled. Moonstone had her arm around Larimar to keep her not afraid while on the way home. They warped back to Rise Island, having part of the team they’ve lost part of them again.




  • Malachite's Television
  • Moonstone's Gem
  • Idocrase's Gem


  • Rise Island
    • Dawn Dusk Temple
      • Apatite's Room
      • The Blue Burning Room
  • Rose's Temple


  • This is the second appearances of Moonstone and Larimar and the first appearance of Idocrase.
  • The entire Division B is recovered and found in this episode.
  • Spinel is mentioned for the first time in the series.

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