Silent Skies
DDG Ep 9 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 9
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Air date March 21st, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Frozen Hearts Provoked Skies
"Silent Skies" is the 9th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 9th overall episode of the series.


A new threat comes to Rise Island.


Jace and Octavia were on the sands of Rise Island, with Octavia showing Jace her favorite portable video game. Jace was very interested.

Octavia: So X is to jump, Y is to summon your companion, and Up Up, Down Down, Double X, B is to use your overdrive attack, but you can’t do that until your gauge is full.

Jace: Woaahhh…

Suddenly, they heard a blast in the sky. It looked like a shooting star, but at noon? It looked as if it was approaching the children! The temple door opened from Rhodo’s room, with both Apatite and Rhodo running out. They looked a bit tense.

Rhodo: What is that thing?!

Apatite: No idea.

It fell into the ocean, but approached the sands of the beach. It was a gigantic Plug Robonoid! Apatite summoned her weapon, but this time, she took out two polearms, attacking the Robonoid fiercely, as Rhodo used his claws to damage it. The Robonoid exploded, releasing a strange goo-like substance. Rhodo was covered in goo, so to bother Apatite, he hugged her really tight, getting the goo on her. She wasn’t satisfied. Apatite and Rhodo shapeshifted themselves and cleaned their clothing. The children weren’t covered in goo at all.

Jace: Tavia, are you okay?

Octavia: I love hanging out here.

Jace turned to Apatite, raising an eyebrow.

Jace: What was that big guy?

Apatite: I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter now. We destroyed it.

Jace wasn’t satisfied, but he knew he wouldn’t get the answer out of her. Then Jace had another question.

Jace: How’d you guys get out here so quick?

Apatite: You want to know?

Jace: Yes!

Apatite: We used a gem-powered device called the Fortune Teller a couple of years ago. We made note of that thing arriving here today.

Rhodo: Translation; magic gem stuff.

Apatite: … Exactly.

Jace was amazed. His eyes shone like stars.

Jace: Can I see the Fortune Teller?!

Apatite: Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

Apatite slowly moved her hands to surround the gem on the right side of her head. It started glowing, and as she slowly pulled her hands away, she summoned a triangular pyramid-shaped object that you could hold in your two hands. It was a dark purple color, with a bright green diamond in the center.

Apatite: Okay. Show us the Galaxy Warp, let’s say, 50 years from now.

Nothing happened. Apatite was frustrated.

Apatite: I said, show us the Galaxy Warp 50 years from now…!

Again, nothing happened. She gave up, leaving a sigh.

Apatite: I guess it’s finally broken. What a shame.

Jace: Can I try to fix it?

Apatite: Go ahead.

Apatite handed the Fortune Teller to Jace. Rhodo smiled.

Jace: Wanna go home, Tavia?

Octavia: Sure.

Jace used the warp whistle Apatite gave to him and warped him and Octavia back to Greymont. Octavia waved Jace goodbye, and Jace went to the black sand beach. He was still trying to get the Fortune Teller to work.

Jace: Don’t worry, lil buddy! I’ll get you to work!

Jace left the beach and walked down the street, observing the Fortune Teller. He wasn’t frustrated, but he was confused. It was technology he didn’t understand at all. He kept on staring at it until he heard the sound of a car honk, then the Fortune Teller projected a figure. The red-tinted rectangular frame showed a girl. She looked scared.

Fortune Teller: Watch where you’re going!...

Jace quickly evaded the car and ran to the sidewalk. He panted. The Fortune Teller got rid of the hologram. The driver of the car rolled down her window. It was Octavia’s mother.

Mrs. Fitz: Jace, are you okay?!

Jace: I-I’m fine!

Mrs. Fitz: Watch where you’re going next time, okay?....

Jace: Gotcha!

Mrs. Fitzgerald drove away. Jace stared at the Fortune Teller.

Jace: Oh my gosh, you work!

He did a little happy dance.

Jace: I can’t believe it!

He ran to the black sands of the beach and laid down. He tried talking to it again.

Jace: So, how is it like to be a Fortune Teller?

The Fortune Teller projected the girl again.

Fortune Teller: You… Work…

The girl’s sentence was in fragments. Was it was a side-effect of the Fortune Teller, possibly? He talked to this Fortune Teller for a long time. It was sunset, and he was still on the black sands, talking to the Fortune Teller.

Jace: Are you okay? What’s your name?

Fortune Teller: I… Ro… Jace!

Jace: I-I don’t understand…

Fortune Teller: That’s fine… Jace… Friends…

Jace: Really? Aw, sweet! We’re buddies now!

Fortune Teller: Can’t… eave… Help…

The projection was still malfunctioning. Jace, however, understood her somehow.

Jace: You can’t leave? What do you mean? Maybe the gems can help you!

Jace ran to the warp pad and got out his warp whistle. But before he could warp, the projection shouted out a “NO!”. It was a loud cry. Jace raised an eyebrow.

Jace: Uh, don’t worry! The gems are nice guys! They won’t hurt you.

Jace warped back to Rise Island and met up with Apatite and Rhodo, who were tending to Rhodo’s garden. They both noticed Jace running up to them and smiled.

Jace: Guess what? I got the Fortune Teller fixed!

Apatite: Excellent job, Jace!

Jace: You never told me it was like a person!

Apatite and Rhodo got rid of their happy expressions and looked a little shocked. They stared back at eachother, then back at Jace.

Apatite: Wh-what?

Jace: Trust me, see! Say, hi buddy!

Nothing was said from the Fortune Teller. Jace looked saddened. He stepped a bit away from the gems, and tried to talk with the Fortune Teller privately. However, the gems could still hear him.

Jace: Come on, aren’t we friends? You have so much to say, and so many secrets to share! You can trust me. I’m your buddy, right?...

The projection came up again. The girl sighed.

Fortune Teller: Yeah… Friends…!

Jace and the Fortune Teller laughed. The gems looked mortified.

Apatite: I-it shouldn’t be doing that! It should only be following orders!

Rhodo whispered in fear.

Rhodo: Apatite, do something!

Apatite crept slowly to Jace. The girl from the projection got scared and shouted “NO!” again. Her glitching stopped.

Fortune Teller: Get away from me!

Jace: D-Don’t take it away! It doesn’t want to be with you!

Apatite: It’s just a tool, Jace. It can’t want anything.

The Fortune Teller continued to shout constantly. It cried for help. When Apatite got a step too close to Jace, he slapped her across the face in defense.

Jace: It wants to be with me!

Jace looked like he regretted that. Apatite looked up at him, furious. Jace ran away, yelling sorry. Rhodo looked angry, too. They tried to search for Jace, but he hid behind a gigantic boulder. His hands shaked.

Jace: W-what do they want from you?! How can I help you?!

The projection showed an image of Jace pulling out the gem out of the base of the Fortune Teller, causing it to shine. Jace understood this. He tried to pull the gem out of it’s place, but it was stuck. He pulled with all of his might, and it was released. The Fortune Teller shattered into a million pieces. The gem got out of his grip, and flew near the ocean. A humanoid figure was projected from the gem, as if a gem has just finished regenerating, and it stopped glowing, causing the humanoid figure to fall on its knees. Her gem appeared to be on her back. It looked like the girl that talked with Jace. She stared back at Jace. Her eyes were a space-like void. Jace gasped.

???: Th-thank you…

She tried to stand up, but fell because of the pain, and Jace caught her. He helped her up.

???: Y-You Actually talked to me! You helped me!

Jace: I-it’s the least I could do...

Rosaline: I’m Rosaline. Are you a Dawn Dusk Gem, too? Jace: No, but I’m friends with them! :)

Rosaline: But, you set me free…?

Jace: W-wha?....

Jace was confused, but before he could think, Apatite and Rhodo caught up to him and summoned their weapons. They looked ready to fight. Jace stared at them, then back at Rosaline.

Rosaline: You two knew that I was in there, and you did NOTHING. Did it ever occur to you that I’m a living being?!

Suddenly, vines arose from the ocean, and they darted at Apatite. Apatite tried to fight it back with her pole arm, but the force was too strong. She was clashing with the vines and Rhodo was pushed off to the side. He stared at Jace in fear.

Rhodo: JACE! RUN!

Jace stared at Rosaline.

Jace: W-What are you doing?!

Rosaline wasn’t listening to a word he said.


Jace: Why are you doing this?!

Rosaline: Jace, let’s just go!

Jace: Wh-where?!

She somehow manipulated the water and made a pathway through the ocean. It’s like she controlled matter.

Rosaline: … Back to Homeworld.

Jace: But, I-I’m not a gem…!

Rosaline looked down in disappointment, but then turned angry. Apatite finally got rid of the vines and ran towards Jace.

Rosaline: You need to see something.

Rosaline pulled Jace’s arm and went through the ocean path. It disassembled, and the ocean was normal now. Jace and Rosaline were nowhere to be seen. Apatite and Rhodo panted.

Rhodo: S-She took Jace!

Apatite: We need to go find him!

Rhodo: She’s too strong? We can’t fight her alone!

Apatite stared back at the temple, specifically at the door. She stared at Malachite’s door gem.

Apatite: Maybe we won’t have to...




  • Octavia's 3DS
  • The Fortune Teller


  • Greymont
  • Rise Island


  • This is the first appearance of Rosaline.

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