Hello! This is the page of a fanon made by me, AlternateParadox.

The series Shattered Gems is about three gems, Topaz, Aquamarine, and Emerald, protecting humanity from dangers unknown. I plan on updating this regularly, and adding more episodes. I hope you enjoy reading this!

Season 1

Episode Name Description Release Date Ep. Number Released?
New Places Topaz discovers a new warp. 5-17-15 1 Yes
The Beginning Pt. 1 The Shattered Gems encounter something odd. 5-19-15 2 Yes
The Beginning Pt. 2 The Team continues to search the place. 8-17-15 3 Yes
Old Places Aqua and Emerald find ruins of an old Gem construct. 8-18-15 4 Yes
Restricted Aqua finds a new friend. 8-18-15 5 Yes
Unexpected Visit The Gems go to the Kindergarten. 8-19-15 6 Yes
Rising Up The Gems find a broken gem. 8-20-15 7 Yes
Falling Down Topaz's gem cracks, while the new gem goes Rouge. 8-21-15 8 No
Tumbling Down Topaz goes missing and Aqua thinks she can find him. 8-22-15 9 No
In The Flow Of Things No Description. It's a secret. 8-23-15 10 No
Mix It Up Topaz and Aqua teach Lucas about fusion. 2015 11 No
Unexpected Two Other Gems meet with The Team. 2015 12 No
Remembered Topaz remembers the past. 2015 13 No
Friendly Fire The Team prepares for the inevitable. 2015 14 No
Break-In Gems from a Gem-Controlled Planet invade the Team's Temple. 2015 15 No
Trapped (Crossover) The Team finds other rebel gems. 2015 16 No
Endgame (Crossover) The Group of Gems are stuck on a Gem Warship, with only two little friends to help. 2015 17 No

Endgame and Trapped are, in-fact, Canon. Me and XStarRubyGemX are making it.

Season 2

Episode Name Description Release Date Ep. Number Released?
Scattered TBA TBA 18 No
Cut Off TBA TBA 19 No
Set On Repeat TBA TBA 20 No
Broken Down TBA TBA 21 No
Replacement TBA TBA 22 No
Transmission TBA TBA 23 No
Avoiding Danger TBA TBA 24 No
This Again TBA TBA 25 No
Welcome Back TBA TBA 26 No

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