Shards of Broken Memories
Season 1, Episode 1
TIP Ep 1 Title Card
Air Date: September 3rd, 2015
Written by: Mr. Napcakes
Directed by: Mr. Napcakes
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"Shards of Broken Memories" is the 1st episode in Season 1 of Trouble In Paradise and is the 1st episode in the overall series.


Neon Apatite wakes from a shipwreck and has to find her way through the continent of Sentinel in the mysterious world of Donvaluanda.


What a day. It’s pitch black and she can’t see a thing. Darkness is all that she can see, an eternal void that leads to nowhere. She feels… Crushed. She’s feeling like she’s getting crushed, and when she does, she’ll die. She doesn’t want to die, and she decides that she won’t. She moves her arms upward, pushing the dark force that’s pinning her down to the rustic floor. She sees glimpses of light as she pushes the gigantic dark object off of her. Eventually, she realizes that the object is a piece of the ship. The dark object now appears to be cyan colored. She pushes it off of her quickly and stands up, coughing. Looking around, she wonders where she is. The sky is cloudy, the grass is burnt, and there are broken pieces of the ship lying around, nearly everywhere. She’s shocked.

???: …!

She runs around frantically, searching through the shipwreck. She’s worried sick; her friends were on that ship! This girl was on a peaceful ship-ride to a gem-controlled planet called Praelior, but the engines broke down and the ship crashed into what seems to be another gem-controlled planet. There’s a strange lack of gem technology, however; the area looks very natural, but the grass still burning. She digs through the ruins of the ship, only to find a cyan-colored gem and a beet-red colored gem. They’re a bit cracked, and the girl is shocked.

???: God…

She picks both of the gems up quickly and holds them tightly. She looks very distressed. She looks around herself, trying to find a spot to safely keep the gemstones, patting herself frantically. Luckily, she comes up with an idea. She touches her gem, smiling.

Neon: Nice one, Neon.

Her gem, which happens to be shaped like a star, starts to glow. A slight breeze blows near her, causing her hair and clothing to flow slowly. She places her friends’ gems inside and stores them for the time being. Her gem stops glowing and her hair and clothes are slowly put to rest. The breeze goes away. She turns to her right, only to see a gigantic piece of rubble in a somewhat big pile. Neon’s curious.

DECISION: Should Neon dig through the rubble?

CHOICES: Yes or no.

77% of readers chose for Neon to dig.

23% of readers chose for Neon not to dig.

Majority rules.



  • Neon Apatite


  • Cyan Colored Gem
  • Beet-Red Colored Gem


  • Donvaluanda
    • Sentinel
      • Ornecta Fields


Should Neon dig through the rubble?

77% of readers chose for Neon to dig.

23% of readers chose for Neon not to dig.

What Could Have Happened

Due to Choices in this Episode


Due to Choices in Previous Episodes

There were no previous episodes! :D





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