Season 2, Episode 3
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Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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"Reunion" TBA

Shards is the 3rd episode of Season 2 in The Last Of Us, and the 8th episode overall.


The Crystal Gems search for missing Gem Shards.


[Open Ext. Gem Battlefield]

(The Gems are scavenging throughout various shrubs.)

Jet: (to himself, holding seven Gem Shards in a bubble) I know I had eight... (yells to Ivory) Ivory, have you found any yet?

Ivory: (searches through bush) No... (tosses aside stick) Seriously, though, we've been looking for days. Days! I can't take it anymore! (ruffles hair)

Mage: Do we really have to get every piece?

Citrine: Yes. We've got to take care of them... all of them.

Ivory: Ugh. I'm going home. (walks away)

Jet: (steps in front of Ivory) Hold up!

Ivory: What, Jet? I'm sleepy. (rubs eyes)

Citrine: I'm just checking, but how many have we collected so far?

Jet: Hmm... (to himself) Let's see... (to Citrine) About thirty-seven.

Ivory: Finally!

Jet: Which means we have at least... sixty-three more to find. No biggie.


Mage: (yawns)

Ivory: ...OOUUFF! (crashes into over Mage and falls on him)

Mage: (asks as if annoyed by Ivory on top of him) Hey, can we get pizzas?

Citrine: (shakes head)

Ivory: What?! C'mon, Citrine! I'm dying here!

Citrine: (pats Ivory's head) Your body can last a few more days, can it?

Jet: Wait a minute... If Csarite could uncannily sense fallen Gems, then this means-

Ivory: Good god, yes! (grabs Mage's shoulders) Mage, you can do it, right?!

Citrine: Go for it.

[Time Skip: 2 Hours]

(Mage is wandering around the battlefield. The Gems watch him from a bush.)

Ivory (whispering): You think it'll work?

Jet (whispering): Probably.

Ivory: Probably?! But you said-!

Jet (whispering): (covers her mouth) Quiet! I can't hear.

(Mage is digging and discovers a Gem Shard.)

Mage: Ah, there you are. (puts shard in vest)

Ivory (whispering): What's he doing? (yells to Mage) You're supposed to bubble it, dingus!

Jet: For once, you're right!

Citrine: Mage. (walks towards him) You should just give us back the shard. It will be safer where we can watch it.

Ivory: Yeah, bubble it!

Mage: It...? (backs away)

Citrine: Mage. Don't make me have to take it from you.

Mage: She doesn't want to go with you. Don't you hear her screaming?

Jet: It's just a shard, a tool. It can't want anything.

(Citrine reaches her hand towards the shard.)

Mage: She wants to be with me! (summons a sword and slashes Citrine across her face)

Citrine: Ugh! (cries shockingly) What's wrong with you?! (crawls towards Mage)

Ivory: (summons a whip and tethers Citrine) Whoa, mama! (struggles to speak) Jet, come help me out here! She's a lot heavier than she looks!

Jet: (fiddles with fingernails) Trust me, you've got it all under control!

(Citrine struggles against her restraints before snapping Ivory's whip.)

Mage: Leave us alone! (runs off)

Citrine: (gingerly touches a gash on the side of her face) Ah.

Ivory: (looks concerned) Citrine, here. I have something for that. (pulls out a soda from her gem and hands it to Citrine) Sorry. They're not that cold.

Citrine: (accepts the soda and presses it against her cheek, looking sad. She smiles weakly) Thanks.

Jet: Don't we have more pressing matters to attend to?

Ivory: Let's retrieve the doof!

Citrine: She used to disappear for days, collecting those obnoxious shards over and over and over. Until-

Ivory: Let's do this!

Jet: We need to be careful. You know what he's capable of.

Ivory: Ah. (winks)

Citrine: I'll stay here, and heal it up a bit.

[Trans. Ext. Hill]

Jet: I'm sensing an irregular pulse.

Ivory: Good. Now we can- (shrieks, noticing Mage)

(Mage is seen sitting on a chunk of floating earth.)

[Time Skip: 1 Hour]

(Ivory and Jet watch Mage from a bush.)

Ivory (whispering): What do you think he's doing?

Jet (whispering): Nothing. He's just sitting there.

Ivory (whispering): I gots an idea.

Jet (whispering): Let's hear it.

Ivory (whispering): Fuse it up?

Jet (whispering): Jade is formed in an emergency.

Ivory (whispering): Dudes need support from other dudes sometimes, man.

Jet (whispering): As you wish. (offers hand to Ivory)

(Jade jumps to the largest, highest chunk to get to Mage.)

Mage: (holding shard) It's been ages... hasn't it?

Jade: Hey! It's Mage with the grin! Mind if I sit down? (sits down with his legs around Mage) Haha! Look at this! You ever see someone sit like this?

Mage: So glad you could join us, Jade.

Jade: My pleasure. (giggles)

Mage: (shows shard Jade) This is Moonstone. She was drafted into war several millennia ago.

Jade: (strokes his chin carefully) I see...

Mage: Would you care to meet some others?

Jade: Nah. Gimme. (gestures)

Mage: Wha-?

Jade: Mage, give me the Gem Shard. Now.

Mage: (raises eyebrow) Why?

Jade: 'Cause I said so.

Mage: No. They don't belong to you.

Jade: (scoffs) Please.

Citrine: I'll take that. (takes Gem Shard Mage's hand, bubbles and ejects it) Mission accomplished.

(Mage tackles Citrine, punching her several times.)

Citrine: My eye! Jade, help me!

Jade: (pulls soda out from gem and sips it) Don't worry, C, you've got this!





  • Gem Shards

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