"Sensitive Sensors" is is the first episode of the first season of Gems of Earth, and the first overall episode of the series.

Sensitive Sensors
Season 1, Episode 1

Vital statistics

Air date June 10th, 2015
Written by Fuzzylemons
Directed by Fuzzylemons

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Little Bud of Horrors


When Eudialyte is constantly ignored by her friends, she must decide whether to be loyal, or to desert them over petty feelings.


(The date: June 6, 2015. 11:31AM. It’s awfully quiet in Lexin Town. However, that’s to be expected. Hardly anyone lives around there anymore, most of them are old people anyway, so it’s a perfect location for an alien race of space rocks to inhabit. Don’t worry, don’t worry, they aren’t aimed to take over the world, or something dumb like that. That’d be impolite. Anyway, here we have Fluorite, a yellow-green gem with a kind and slightly uneasy demeanor. Her gem dome-shaped, resting on her sternum, and she is puny, height wise. And, at the moment, energized. She had been imitating this “sleep” action for a couple of days now, and it was taking a bit of a toll on her physical form. So, she insisted on moving more when she was conscious. She, however, was prone to procrastination. Suddenly, a white door shifts open. By the baked orange “goop” that stretched to separate the doors apart, it was easy to tell that this gem was Amber, a rather lean substance who towers over most others. Her gem rested under the palm of her left hand, sporting a more ovular dome shape. Her posture is more relaxed than usual.)

Amber: Good morning, Fluorite. Fancy seeing you here.

Fluorite: (manages a chuckle as she sits up) What’s the fancy? You know my room’s pretty intimidating. I wouldn’t dare sleep in there.

Amber: (rolls her eyes playfully) Ever consider changing it, then?

Fluorite: Oh, if I ever got around to doing that, dear Diop would die of shock.

Amber: Die of happiness sounds more like it.

Fluorite: Eh, whatever. It’s my room so I can do what I want with it.

Amber: I thought you never went in there?

Fluorite: (gives Amber a look, before stifling a laugh.) This conversation just took a full circle.

Amber: That seems so. We’ll need a sudden interruption to halt this impending awkwardness.

(As Fluorite beings to say, “We do, indeed,” a sudden interruption came. Eudialyte, a moody, mahogany member of the Alpha Gems enters from outside in a hurry. She seems to have a rare look of panic on her face. As she glides in, her anti-gravitational boots build up enough friction for her to slow down in front of the others in the room.)

Amber: (chuckles) Yes, that will do.

Fluorite: (makes her way towards Eudialyte, dismissing Amber’s far too casual remark.) What’s bugging ya, Di?

Eudialyte: (very spastic) W-Well.. uh… it’s just…

Fluorite: Come on, spit it out.

Eudialyte: I-I-I was taking a morning walk, as usual, and-a-and-and-and..!

Amber: (approaches Eudialyte, gaining a much more serious tone.) Relax, Eudialyte. We’re here for you. Tell us what happened.

Eudialyte: R-Right, sorry.. it just, it spooked me. Anyway, I was walking as usual, when all the sudden I felt something.. super, super wrong.

Fluorite: You’re sensors acting up?

Eudialyte: No, no, no no... it was different. (pauses) It was.. different.

(There is a long pause between the three. Eudialyte eyed the ground without a word. It was unsafe to interrupt her now.)

Eudialyte: (with confidence) We’re going to the Warp Pad. (starts outside)

Fluorite: W-Wait! (hesitates as Eudialyte whips around to look down at her.) Are you sure it wasn’t just your sensors? You know how they can be..

Eudialyte: (sudden sharpness) Are you questioning my craft?

Fluorite: No, no, I-I wouldn’t. I just.. I don’t know if--

Eudialyte: I made my sensors, I know my sensors, and I know my gut. I know that we’re going to Pochee Island and you can’t say anything to contradict me!

(Eudialyte pads out. Amber follows behind slowly, pausing to squat down by Fluorite.)

Amber: You know she didn’t mean it that way..

Fluorite: Yeah.. I know…

(The two look at each other for a second, before Amber cracks a rare smirk and stands. Fluorite smiles back, but when Amber’s back is turned, she frowns. Amber notices.)

Amber: I’ll go get Diop. She’ll know how to handle Eudialyte.

Fluorite: Yeah, that’s a good idea..

(Eudialyte is already standing by the Warp Pad in their backyard. She seems miffed and impatient. Four gems approach: Chrome Diopside, a stout green gem taking a female form, Celestite, a relaxed white gem with a curvy and athletic form, Fluorite, the tiny lime-coloured gem, and Amber, the towering gem whose skin is like the “Toaster” filter on Instagram. All Alpha Gems are present.)

Eudialyte: (widens her eyes and hovers over to encase Chrome Diopside in a spinning hug)

Chrome Diopside: Woah-hoh! (chuckles) You’re happy.

Fluorite: (muttering) I’d say the opposite..

Celestite: What are we out here for?

Amber: Eudialyte believes she sensed something on Pochee Island.

Eudialyte: Correction. I know I sensed something on Pochee Island.

(Fluorite seems irked at this reaction.)

Celestite: Pochee? At this time of day? I’m guessing it was just your sensors going all out of whack again. It’s near the middle of the night around that area, what with the time blazing by quicker than our’s.

Eudialyte: (nearly dropping Chrome Diopside to put Celestite in her place) It was in fact not a sensor failure, and we will in fact warp over Pochee Island. Right. Now.

(Eudialyte climbs onto the Warp pad, fists seemingly locked to her side. Everyone just stands around, no one wanting to climb on first. She notices after a second.)

Eudialyte: We’re going!

(Reluctantly, everyone scrambles onto the Warp Pad behind Eudialyte. The Warp Pad sparkles a ray of light, and they ride in silence. Elevator music plays as they stand around awkwardly for comic relief. Eudialyte is crossing her arms. They arrive to an area near the shore of a beach. It’s very dark, and vague images of various beachy items are present, but completely still, despite hair and trees showing a breeze. It’s very quiet, the waves giving a soft background to dialogue. They walk out and scatter loosely around each other.)

Fluorite: (quietly) See, I told you. There’s nothing here to worry about. (crescendoing) It’s super late, and super dark, can we go now?

Eudialyte: (ignoring Fluorite and walking near the shore) Just as I suspected: the feeling is strong here.

Amber: We should spli-

Eudialyte: (dismissively) We should stay together. We’re not sure how dangerous this.. thing, is. (speaking to herself, in sort of a rhythm) No we are not..

Fluorite: (almost begging) Di, please… This place is a barren wasteland, minus the waste. (chuckles, but quickly recuperates from the joke) These umbrellas have been here for decades. Nothing would come here.

Eudialyte: (suddenly upset) Why don’t you just trust me, Fluorite? Huh? Why can’t you ever believe me? Is it so hard to just stick to my word, and not try to contradict it? I’m seriously hurt by this. Seriously. I may look like a robot, but I’m so far from it. I am a gem and I have feelings, too, Fluorite. I have feelings too. (turning away)

(There is a long pause, as no one knows what to say.)

Chrome Diopside: (soft and soothing) Dia, hun.. you know she didn’t-

Eudialyte: (interrupting) Can you stop vouching for her and think about me for once? Huh? What about me? What about my feelings? Seriously, it’s like you all don’t even care. It’s like none of you have hearts. None of you know my pain. None of you understand.

Chrome Diopside: (cautiously) Dia, you know that’s not true..

Eudialyte: (hysterically) Shut up! Don’t any of you care about your safety? I’m trying to protect this island from a predator and you all are letting it die! I’ve never seen you guys so inconsiderate!

(Chrome Diopside backs off a little, eyes wider than normal. Amber notices and steps in, abnormally upset.)

Amber: None of us appreciate your attitude, Eudialyte. (sudden change of tone) We’ll go look around the island for the interference, okay?

Eudialyte: It’s not about that! You all have doubted me, and I hate that! I hate it! Stop!

Amber: (stares at her for a second) So be it.

(Amber walks the opposite direction calmly. Fluorite and Celestite follow immediately, however, Chrome Diopside hesitates.)

Chrome Diopside: (quietly) I really thought I knew you better than this... (follows the group)

(There is a dramatic pause. Eudialyte stands in silence.)

Eudialyte: (shaky and quick) Fine. Who needs them? Not me. I’m fine on my own. I’ll just go ahead and warp on back to our house, and see how they like being ignored...

(Suddenly, there is a rumble from the ground. Eudialyte, didn’t notice at first, but paused as the ground seemed abnormal. Then, shrieks are heard from behind. Without any hesitation, Eudialyte hurries and hovers over towards the sounds. She is not worried, rather excited. A huge grin spreads across her face.)

Eudialyte: (gasps) I knew it, I knew it! Oh-ho-ho, when Fluorite hears about this, when Fluorite hears about this.. hahah!

(She continues gliding as she speaks to herself. Her tone changes often and abruptly while she talks.)

Eudialyte: I can’t believe they ever doubted me! (gloating) My robotic armor has top-notch sensors! I should know, I made it myself! (hysterically) Oh, they’ll always regret doubting me.. yes they will!

(After several minutes of Eudialyte gushing and gloating about her top-notch instincts, she tilts her feet and skids to a halt. Ahead of her, a huge monster stands on six legs. It’s slick body is as black as the surrounding night, and its steps were slow, hitting the ground like an earthquake. There’s almost no other way to describe this than Nessie meets a boar meets a goat meets a bug, and this is their offspring. Slowly, the monster began to scale a hill on the island, using its front-most limbs as arms. Eudialyte stares at it for a good amount of time. While, normally, she would be petrified, the thought of proving her correctness to her friends gave her a sense of empowerment, one of which she’d never felt before. Eudialyte took a second to watch it, before trodding along behind it at a quick pace.)

Eudialyte: You think you’re so great to scare these island dwellers? (pathetically) Well, you’re not!

(She continues up, and up, and up for quite a while.)

Eudialyte: (out of breath and exhausted) You… you think you’re so tough… and- and great… well-

(As she approaches nearer, a muffled voice calls out.)

???: DIA!

Eudialyte: (stopping quickly) Huh?

???: (calling out from a far distance) EUDIALYTE!

Eudialyte: What? Diop..?

???: (calling out) DIA, PLEASE!

Eudialyte: Di-diopside? (calling back) DIOPSIDE!

Chrome Diopside: (calling back to Eudialyte) EUDIALYTE! HELP!

Eudialyte: (calling back) I WILL! WHERE ARE YOU, DIOP?

Chrome Diopside: (calling) WE’RE IN THE MONSTER’S-- (shrieks)

Eudialyte: DIOP!

(Eudialyte hurries closer to the monster. It is at a high point on the island as it turns around to face the ocean, and Eudialyte. It roars.)

Eudialyte: (staring at it) Where are they? (suddenly noticing, gasping) Oh… oh noooooo!

(Without any hesitation, Eudialyte speeds forward. She finds herself to be out of breath again as she draws close. When she makes it close to the monster, she reaches for her gem, located where the human heart would be, and whips out her crossbow. She fondles with it for a second, staring at the hand of the monster, where four gems remain uncomfortably in its grasp. Eudialyte has spite written all over her.)

Amber, Celestite, Chrome Diopside, Fluorite: Eudialyte!

Fluorite: Ohhh my days, am I glad to see you!

Celestite: (simultaneously) Let us out!

Amber: (simultaneously) We were afraid you wouldn’t come.

Chrome Diopside: (simultaneously, pausing sentimentally) You heard!

(Throughout this, Eudialyte keeps straight face, completely and utterly covered with anger. The four’s excitement falters. They’re confused at first, but Amber sparks the realization.)

Amber: (eye widen) You wouldn’t..

Eudialyte: You all didn’t believe me..

Chrome Diopside: Dia, that doesn’t matter!

(The monster growls lowly at the noise as it lays down. Its grip is just as tight on the gems.)

Chrome Diopside: Dia, please!

(Eudialyte says nothing.)

Fluorite: Eudialyte! We’re idiots, okay? We screwed up on some calculations, pretty big time. We should have trusted you.. (entitled) but that doesn-

Amber: (shakes head quickly at Fluorite) Eudialyte! We should have heard you out! Your sensors... (looks up at the monster) they were correct.

(Eudialyte continues to stare at them.)

Chrome Diopside: (shaking her head as tears fill her eyes) Eudialyte...

(Eudialyte turns her back towards the group, and slowly begins to walk off.)

Chrome Diopside: No.. no, no, no, no, no…

(Eudialyte starts to run away. The group, now accepting their fate, hang their heads and sulk.)

Celestite: (sudden) This is your fault, Fluorite!

Fluorite: My fault? You pointed her flaws before we left!

Celestite: True, but you did it first!

Amber: Can you two keep quiet?! We don’t want the monster to get angry again!

Celestite, Fluorite: Shhh!

(The group bickers for a time, while Chrome Diopside hangs her head in loss. Suddenly, the monster’s arm jerks forward, pushing them around. Confused, they look around to see what happened.)

Chrome Diopside: (yelling, but is almost inaudible from the monster’s roars) What’s going on?

(As the monster stands, we see, between two legs, Eudialyte. The group, however, is unaware. Eudialyte leaps into the air, pulling back on her bow to summon many arrows at a time. She lets go, and each arrow goes it’s own route around the monster. It tries to swat these out of the sky as they hold in place around him. Chrome Diopside notices.)

Chrome Diopside: (almost screams) DIA! Those are Dia’s arrows!

(The group briefly cheers for themselves, then for Eudialyte as she fights. The arrows, glowing white in the near dawning sky, shoot themselves at the monster. It lets out a shrill, faltering and stumbling to the ground and gripping tighter onto the group. Eudialyte glides in front of it, aiming her arrow towards its hand.)

Eudialyte: Hey, jerk!

(The monster looks straight ahead at Eudialyte.)

Eudialyte: How about pick on someone your own size?!

(Eudialyte lets go of the bow as the anticipating arrow zips through the air. With no time to react, the monster hand is shot, making it sling the gems violently away. They fall in pain.)

Eudialyte: (briefly gliding over) Are you guys alright?

Amber, Celestite, Chrome Diopside, Fluorite: (pathetically) Yeah…

Eudialyte: (smiling) Well then, what are you waiting for! Let’s wreck this… (can’t think of a word) monster…!

Amber, Celestite, Chrome Diopside, Fluorite: (pause) Yeah!

(Together, they stand in a line in front of the monster. All at once, they summon their weapons.)

Amber: (Putting her hands together, she interlocks her fingers as she gem casts light through them. Her arms jerk back a little bit as her weapons appears in place of her hands: a drill. It’s coloured in brown and, well, amber tones, and begins to spin rapidly as she plunges towards the monster.)

Celestite: (She closes her eyes and throws her hands up into the air, crossing them at the wrists. Slowly, she brings them down whilst uncrossing them. As she passes her shoulders, light refracts behind her, and in their blinding place, there are two translucent white wings. Her hands move towards her neck, meeting each other in the middle, connecting her fingers to make a triangle around a white gem with the same shape. Celestite then collapsed her hands together, and pulled them away from her body. From her gem emerged a black-handled, white-bladed sword, with a gem, similar to her own, latched to the end of the handle. She took it with both hands, and struck a pose with it. Then, with several trusts of her wings, she pulled herself into the air and lunged towards the monster.)

Chrome Diopside: (Quickly, she reached her right hand to a kite-shaped green gem, placed on her navel. From it, she pulled out a handle with a seaweed green hue. From that, she pulled out blade, by blade, by blade, by blade, by blade, by blade, by blade; a seven-section chain, each with a green blade getting lighter and lighter in green hue. Chrome Diopside whipped the chain around, satisfied by the “whoosh” sound made by her movements, put the chain to her side, and jumped into action.)

Fluorite: (She stood a little longer than the others. Reluctantly, she reached for her lime-coloured, dome shaped gem on her sternum, slowly pulling out a translucent lime staff, with two extensions clamped close. Throughout the neck of the staff, there is a sporadic, green, thin substance running like veins. It “pools” up around the bottom of the clamped area. Fluorite cocks it back a bit, and the clamped part springs open. Green spikes, the same shade as the “veins,” pop up, running the veins between each one, on the inside and out. The pool moves all the way up the clamps, making similar veins. Her weapon: An electricity-infused mancatcher. She held it gingerly in her hands and charged towards the vulnerable monster.)

Eudialyte: I have a plan!

Fluorite: (groans)

Eudialyte: No, listen to me! (pauses to recuperate) Diop, you take its head!

Chrome Diopside: (nods)

Eudialyte: Fluo, you go around back and snatch its feet!

Fluorite: Roger that.

Eudialyte: Amber, go for the stomach!

Amber: Understood!

Eudialyte: Celest, you attack from above!

Celestite: Got it!

Eudialyte: I’ll get its sides! Now go!

(They all spread a dash for their own parts. Each has something to say to the monster.)

Chrome Diopside: (scurries towards its head, whipping her chain around before lashing it repeatedly) Take this, King Dong! This is for hurting… (manages an especially powerful lash) the Alpha Gems! (stops whipping it, then giggles) How rude of me...

Fluorite: (clamps one leg between the spikes) Oh, how unfortunate… this is uneven. Better take them both! (the clamp extends, trapping both legs instead) Ahh.. symmetry. (jolts it with electricity)

Eudialyte: I guess… I can say thanks, Monster. (pulls her bow back, creating a glowing white arrow) You saved me from hating my friends. (charges the arrow up) So, thank you. For everything. (shoots it, hitting the monster in the neck)

Amber: This is for trapping my friends! (starts up her drill, running it across its stomach) And this… (the drill revs up loudly) is for trapping ME! (the drill launches forwards, digging into its stomach deeply)

Celestite: (twirls up into the air, right above it) Don’t you know it’s sinful.. (holds her sword down and points right at its heart) … TO IMPRISON AN ANGEL! (darts downward, taking her body with her sword) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(With Celestite’s last blow, the monster roars in pain, louder than it had ever before, and disappears in a huge cloud of smoke.)

Celestite: (falls) Ahh! (coughs) Huh?

Eudialyte: What’s going on?

Amber: No.. could it be?

Fluorite: I wouldn’t believe it…

Chrome Diopside: It’s a…

Amber, Celestite, Chrome Diopside, Eudialyte, Fluorite: GEM?!

Celestite: (coughs more, her wings glaring light as they disappeared)

Fluorite: Celeste, are you okay?

Celestite: Yes… I never could stand the smoke…

(The smoke clears up slowly. It reveals a dawning sunrise.)

Amber: Well, there it goes. (walks towards the gem, black as night, carefully encasing it in a bubble of amber)

Eudialyte: (a little sheepishly) Guys… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so angry. I was just… worried. Y’know, for the safety of the… (with shame) uninhabited… island…

Chrome Diopside: We forgive you, Dia. You were just being careful. (smiles) And I do believe I speak for all of us when I say that we’re really sorry, too.

(The group nods.)

Chrome Diopside: We should have listened to you. You were right. You’ve got some pretty sensitive sensors.

Eudialyte: (chuckles) I guess so. Now let’s go… it’s sundown at home. I can sense it.

Amber, Celestite, Chrome Diopside, Eudialyte, Fluorite: Hahahahahahah! (laughing as they walk into the sunrise.)



  • Amber (Debut)
  • Celestite (Debut)
  • Chrome Diopside (Debut)
  • Eudialyte (Debut)
  • Fluorite (Debut)
  • The Monster (Debut, Main Antagonist)


  • Alpha Gem Household and Base (Debut)
  • Pouchy Island (Debut)


  • This is the first episode where all 5 Alpha Gems are present
  • This is the first episode where a weapon is shown.
    • This is the first episode where all of the Alpha Gems' weapons are shown.
  • This is the first episode where Eudialyte falls close to hysterics. 
  • This is the first episode where Eudialyte is affectionate to Chrome Diopside.
  • This is the first episode where Fluorite is shown afraid of her room.
  • This is the first episode where Celestite summons her wings and flies.
  • This is the first episode where Amber bubbles a gem.
  • This is the first episode with a Corrupted Gem present.

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