Secret Room (Gf Ep.)
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date April 11th, 2015
Written by NeonClovers
Directed by NeonClovers
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 "Secret Room" is the 3rd episode of the first season in "Gem Fantasies", and is the 3rd episode overall.


Coral finds a secret room inside Kyanite's room,making her wonder whose room it is.


[The episode begins with Coral sitting down in the sand at the beach. She was building a san castle, due to her being bored. She was about to knock it over,when the warp pad back at the house activated. She then looks up to see the house break in half, following by a bear falling in the ocean! Melanite then jumps out of the house with Kyanite in her hands. She then throws him towards the bear, and Kyanite summons his Guanlets. He then punches the monster, and it poofs away. All that is seen is a gem in its place. Kyanite and Melanite picks up the gem,and walks over to Coral. Coral was amazed, like always, but knew somebody was missing.]

Coral: AWESOME! But, where's Moon?

Melanite: The scenary back at the location we warped to was too beautiful for him.

Coral: Oh. Well, now that you guys are back,and done with the mission, Can i go to Kyanite's room nowww?

Kyanite: Yah! It's been a long time since she visited my room.

Melanite: Yah sure. I'll go try and get Moonstone back....

Coral: YAY! THANKS!!

[Coral and Kyanite runs towards the temple,and inside. Kyanite goes into the fridge and grabs some orange juice. He then goes to his door,and activates his gem. The door then responds to this, and opens up. Kyanite and Coral then entrs his room. Inside, it's full of light blue clouds, and lakes. It has rivers,and a huge waterfall,roaring away. Kyanite then runs and jumps on a cloud.]

Kyanite: Ahhh, its good be back in my room.

Coral: It's been a long time since i been in your room.

Kyanite: Yah, i know. How come you don't go in your room?

Coral: Too bright....

Kyanite: Ah. Oh well. Hey, can you pass me my orange juice i brought in?

Coral: What orange juice?

(Kyanite thens gets up from his cloud. He looks confused.)

Kyanite: I brought it with me. Is it not here?

Coral: Doesn't look like-

(Suddenly, they hear Moonstone's voice behind Ky's door.)

Moonstone: Melanite! Is this your orange juice?

Melanite: No,keep it. Whatever, i don't care.

Moonstone: Thanks!


Coral: Wait, what do I do?

Kyanite: Uh.. just go hae fun looking around, i don't care.

(Kyanite then jumps off of the cloud,and runs o the door. He then opens it,and starts running to where Moonstone is. Coral then hears Moonstone laughing,and Kyanite's screaming. The door then closes.)

Coral: Alright. What to do now...

(Coral looks at the waterfall, and then a cloud. She then gets an idea.)

Coral: Water-sledding!

(Moments later, Coral is on a cloud,on top of the waterfall. She then moves towards the down part of the waterfall, and starts sliding down, while screaming in Excitment.)

Coral: WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

(Coral then falls don to the bottom,and falls off the cloud. She then starts rolling into the waterfall,and into a mysterious cae behind the waterfall. Coral soon gets scared,and gets up. She finds another temple door, similiar to Ky's door, only it has a note on it saying: "While this door still uses a gem to actiate it. It is very sensitive, so any slight move around it will cause it open. PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR THIS DOOR, DUE TO THE PROBLEM IT HAS!")

Coral: Wha...?

(Coral then approaches it. She then holds out her hand to touch it, and all of a suden, it activates it. The door has a highlighted blue rain drop shape,and opens up. Coral backs up,and hesitates, then enters the room.)

Coral: Whoaaaaa, what is this place?

(Coral looks around the room. It is oddly a dark blue, but Coral can see clouds floating slowly. She then looks to the left to see a lit area. She walks over to it. Coral then sees 2 candles,and in the middle, is a huge portrait of a blue girl. She has short hair,and a blue and baby blue colored blouse. She has white sheer veil sleeves, and has water wings summoned out. She has white with blue stripes skirt as well. Coral looks at the portrait, and then looks around. She was confused about this girl..)

Coral: Who is she? And why haven't I met her or seen her around here??

(Suddenly, Coral can hear Kyanite's door open,and can hear him yelling.)

Kyanite: Yo, Coral! I got my juice back,and i was able to drink it alll up! Haha!

(Coral suddenly became quiet. She then snucked out of the room and tried closing the door, but the door made a huge slam noise, causing Kyanite to look over at the waterfall.)

Kyanite: Coral?? Are you there?

(Kyanite then walks over to the aterfall, but gets introduced by Coral popping up from behind it.)

Kyanite: AGH! Coral.. what..huh..? Where were you??

Coral: Oh, i guess i fell asleep on a moving cloud,and it moved into  the waterfall.

Kyanite: Oh...ok then. Anyways, we hae to go, Moonstone is hurt real bad after i took care of my orange juice problem, we have to walk to the hospital now.

Coral: Ah, right! I'm on it!

(Kyanite starts walking towards his door,but Coral asks him a strangee question.)

Coral: Ky, did you know about the door behind the waterfall?

(Kyanite stopped walking and turned around with a blank, surprised face. He was silence for a while, but then told her the answer)

Kyanite: Yes...yes i did.

Coral: Well.. who as that girl in the picture? She looks nice,why is her room inside your room? Why haven't I seen her around the temple,or around the city inside this island? Why-

Kyanite: Look. I wish i can tell you more, but I just can't. All i can say is her name is Tanzanite,and her room is inside my room cause we both have something in common. Sorry, but that's how Carnelian wants that to be.

(Coral was surprised to hear all of the info she hasn't heard before. She then decided to let go of the millions of questions she had.)

Coral: Ok, i see. If its what our leader says, then i'll respect it.

Kyanite: Ok then. Lets go.

[Kyanite and Coral then leaes his room,as it darkens. Coral turns around and looks at the waterfall. She shivered due to frightness,and left, ending the episode.]


  • Melanite
  • Moonstone
  • Kyanite
  • Coral
  • Tanzanite (Mentioned)
  • Carnelian (Mentioned)


  • This is the first episode to show inside Kyanite's room
  • This is the first episode to show Tanzanite's room
  • This also means that this is the first episode to show a room inside a room
  • Kyanite seems to know a lot about Tanzanite
  • This episode shows that Carnelian is the Gem Fantasies leader
  • This is the first time a temple door is seen broken,and sensitive in this episode.
  • This episode shows Coral very curious
  • The way Tanzanite's room is dark, shows that she is either not active in the temple, or her gem isn't actie at all

Production Notes

  • This Episode as originally suppose to be an episode called "Kyanite's Secret Room", but the creator decided to change the name
  • This could be the shortest episode i (NeonClovers) hae written. Sorry!


  • Gem Fantasies Temple
  • Kyanite's Room
    • Tanzanite's Room

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