This is the tenth episode of my series, The Rebellion.

Saving the City
Season 1, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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The Failures Proelium Gelu


Topaz, Turquoise, and Steven must stop White Diamond, once and for all.


[Episode enters looking at a pile of Gems: A Turquoise, a Topaz, and a Rose Quartz. They're layed on the floor of the mysterious gray room. Suddenly, the gems glow and float into the air. A figure for,s around them and Topaz, Turquoise, and Steven appear on the floor, but they're not alone. It's the 4 Gems from before.]

Purple Gem: You're in some real trouble, guys, but don't worry, we'll but you out of your misery. [smirks]

Turquoise: Who are you guys?

Purple Gem: I'm Taaffeite, but call me your executioner.

Orange Gem: I'm Palladium, don't mess with me, or else. [He summons his flaming gauntlets.]

Grey Gem: I'm Platinum and don't try anything stupid.

Red Gem: Names Almandine.

Taaffeite: Now let's execute! [Pulls out her purple sword.]

Topaz: We're the executioners now! [Summons his staff and shoots a series of lightning at Almandine]

Steven: [Pulls out Rose's sword from his Gem] Yeah!

Turquoise: [Finds a silver blade on the floor and grabs it.] Gems! Attack!

[Topaz shoots more lightning at Almandine and he starts glowing. His mace drops to the floor and dissapears, suddenly, he's a human.]

Turquoise: So that's how we do it! [Ducks down dodging Taaffeite's blade.] Let's do it!

[Turquoise jabs his sword at Taaffeite and it goes right through her. He pulls it out and Taaffeite stands there in shock, then she turns back into a human. Steven uses his sword to slice Platinum's whip in half and slices him back into a human. Suddenly, Palladium punches all of them into the floor. They get back up and charge him all at once and he's soon a human again, They run away in search of White Diamond only to find a white ship in the middle of the city take off.]

Turquoise: Uuuuuurgh... Those Diamonds!

Topaz: Well, we saved the city.

Steven: Yeah, loosen up.

Turquoise: We did...

[The episode ends with them walking into the Dreamer's Forest.]

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